General Assembly  Meeting 


  Dear Friends,
The Board of Directors of the General Assembly Corporation (CPC) met T hursday, April 30 and decided to reschedule this year's General Assembly due to health concerns and the many travel and public gathering restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The rescheduled concurrent meeting for the 190th General Assembly (CPC) and 145th General Assembly (CPCA) will be held June 27 - July 2, 2021 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY.  

The General Assembly (GA) leadership for both denominations discussed several meeting options ranging from holding an abbreviated meeting in the fall to a virtual meeting.   However, due to the international composition of commissioners and the nature of GA as a deliberative body, with work being done in committees and as a full group, as well as meeting concurrently with the CPCA, meant that a virtual meeting was not a viable option.

The bulk of this year's business will be held for action until the General Assembly meeting in 2021.  Any items of business that need action before then (e.g. OUO allocations for 2021, board membership on denominational entities, Church Calendar Dates), will be addressed by the GA Corporate Board in June.

If you made guest room reservations at the Galt House Hotel using the group code, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.  As soon as  the Galt House Hotel opens reservations for the 2021 GA meeting, that information will be made available  on the GA meeting website: (

It appears that this is the first time that the General Assembly (CPC) has been rescheduled in its 190-year meeting history.  While this is disappointing news and joins with other losses that we grieve in the wake of COVID-19, we remember and celebrate the ongoing ministries of the CPC and that God's kingdom work continues.
We look forward to seeing many of  you in Louisville next year.  In the meantime stay well and stay safe!
Prayers and Blessings,

Mike Sharpe
Stated Clerk