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USDA Reminds Dairy Producers of Dec. 11 Deadline for 2021 Safety-Net Enrollment

the U.S. Department of Agriculture reminds dairy producers that the deadline to enroll in Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) for calendar year 2021 is Friday, Dec. 11, 2020. USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) opened DMC signup in October to help producers manage economic risk brought on by milk price and feed cost disparities.

“2020 has been a challenging year for agricultural producers, and we don't know yet what the next year will bring,” FSA Administrator Richard Fordyce. “Dairy producers should definitely consider coverage for 2021 as even the slightest drop in the margin can trigger payments.”

The DMC program, created by the 2018 Farm Bill, offers reasonably priced protection to dairy producers when the difference between the all-milk price and the average feed cost (the margin) falls below a certain dollar amount selected by the producer. Read more here>>>
U.S. Milk Production Update
From Dairy Farmers of America

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Milk Production report for October, U.S. milk production reached nearly 18.6 billion pounds, up 425 million pounds (2.3%) from the prior year.
The U.S. dairy herd size was reported at nearly 9.4 million head, up 43,000 cows (0.5%) from the prior year, and up 14,000 cows (0.1%) from the prior month. October milk production per cow was reported at 1,977 pounds, an increase of 37 pounds (1.9%) from the prior year.
U.S. milk production year to date for 2020 reached 186 billion pounds, up 3.5 billion pounds (1.6%*) from 2019. *Leap-year adjusted
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Make plans to join us in-person this January for the 2021 GA Dairy Conference. Our staff is working hard to ensure that safety protocols are in place to minimize the spread of germs during our event. We look forward to seeing you in Savannah, Jan 18-20!! For hotel reservation information, visit our website: https://www.gadairyconference.com/accommodations
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NMPF Offers Webinar on 2021 Dairy Economy as DMC Deadline Approaches
From National Milk Producers Federation

With deadlines for the Dairy Margin Coverage program and Coronavirus Food Assistance Program signups approaching on Dec. 11, the National Milk Producers Federation is offering dairy farmers, cooperative members and state dairy associations a free webinar Dec. 2 to help them develop effective risk management plans that can protect them in what’s predicted to be a volatile year in 2021. 

NMPF Chief Economist Peter Vitaliano, creator of the monthly Dairy Market Report released earlier today, will be discussing the dairy price outlook for next year, and the value of risk management tools including Dairy Margin Coverage, in a webinar moderated by Chris Galen, NMPF’s Senior Vice President for Member Services, at 1:30 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Dec. 2. Participants will be able to ask questions about the year ahead and learn more about how farmers can manage their risk through expected turbulence. The webinar will examine the milk and feed price forecast, forecast margins, and analyze how the Dairy Margin Coverage program will offer farmers protection against price volatility.

Current USDA calculations predict that the DMC, adopted with NMPF’s leadership in the 2018 farm bill, will offer payments averaging $1.05 per cwt in the first eight months of next year for those at the maximum $9.50 coverage level. That vastly outstrips program premiums, making coverage for a farm’s first 5 million pounds of milk production a no-brainer, Vitaliano said. The DMC also offers affordable protection to all producers against price catastrophes and can be used in tandem with other risk management tools, such as the Dairy-Revenue Protection and the Livestock Gross Margin programs. 

To determine the appropriate level of DMC coverage for a specific dairy operation, producers can use the recently updated online dairy decision tool offered through the USDA’s DMC informational page. Dairy producers can also visit NMPF’s page on risk management to learn more about DMC, CFAP and other tools to promote financial security for dairy operations. Click here to register>>>
By Dario Arezzo for Progressive Dairy

Between USDA assistance such as the Commodity Food Assistance Program (CFAP) payments, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and everything in-between, it will be critical for dairy farmers to stay up-to-date on projected year-end numbers to avoid unpleasant tax surprises. The first place to start is with accurate records.Read more here>>>
November 2020 Dairy Market Report
Government #dairy donation purchases, along with the differing dynamics of retail vs. food-service sales, continue to be the main movers of domestic demand and prices for dairy products as the end of 2020 draws near.
Climate change is bringing back long-lost forms of food poisoning
By Emma Penrod, The Counter

Karen Jordan, a North Carolina dairy farmer and practicing veterinarian, knew she had trouble the minute her cows’ hair began to stand up on end.

When a cow is healthy, she explains, their hair lays tight and sleek against their skin. But one by one, her cows began to poof up like agitated cats. A few days later, she found out
why—the corn she had fed her cattle contained an invisible, harmful compound called T2.

Then she “got unlucky” a second season when she picked up another bad batch of feed, this time a load of cotton seed. That year, she figures, the rash of hurricanes had dumped so much water on southeastern farms that mold, and associated toxic compounds called mycotoxins, had spoiled whole swaths of cropland.  Read more here>>>
It’s farm groups vs. lawmakers in rivalry for House Agriculture gavel
Outgoing Chairman Collin C. Peterson endorses David Scott
By Ellyn Ferguson, Roll Call

Two Democrats vying for the chairmanship of the House Agriculture Committee are collecting endorsements to cement their bids, with one of them so far receiving backing from agriculture groups while the other is supported by committee colleagues. 

Georgia Rep. David Scott, who has the endorsement of a dozen colleagues, would become the first African American to lead the committee if he wins. Rep. Jim Costa of California, supported by dozens of farm groups, would become the first chairman from his state since Republican John Bidwell served from 1865 to 1867. Read more here>>>
Dairy Foods Innovation: Two thoughts to fuel product development and marketing in 2021 
By Donna Berry, Berry on Dairy

For the majority of us, this year has been unlike any other. All aspects of life were disrupted and continue to evolve. Our agile nature enabled most of us to pivot and adapt, as best as possible. 

Last night while judging the virtual semi-finals of the Real California Milk Snackcelerator, I concluded that while the dairy industry is already amazing, the two areas where we excel can be summed up with two terms: clean and relationships. 

What we all learned in 2020 is that clean hands and surfaces have never been more important. We also learned the power of strong relationships with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Clean and relationships are not something to take for granted. There’s no price tag to put on either. 

For the dairy world, clean and relationships have additional meanings. Communicating these concepts through product innovation and marketing will keep dairy thriving in 2021.  
Biden to enlist Agriculture, Transportation agencies in climate fight
By Rebecca Beitsch, The Hill

President-elect Joe Biden is eyeing the departments of Agriculture and Transportation as key partners for achieving his climate goals, exciting progressives by broadening efforts beyond traditional environmental agencies.

Biden’s climate plan calls for harnessing the power of agriculture to capture and store carbon while innovating to reduce its own footprint. In the transportation sector, he’s called for a massive investment in transit and electric vehicle infrastructure to reduce reliance on gas-powered vehicles.

But some of Biden’s potential picks are already generating concern from left-leaning interest groups, particularly those that want the incoming administration to surpass former President Obama’s accomplishments by using the full force of the federal government to tackle climate change. Read more here>>>
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UPDATED 11/2/20

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Farmer to Farmer Support Program Available for SE dairy farmers
Farmers across the Southeast are experiencing uncertain times like never before. All aspects of agriculture have been hit by market losses due to COVID-19, but dairy has reached a level of uncertainty that many have never experienced.

As we navigate through these next few months, dairy producers across the Southeast have come together to introduce the "Farmer to Farmer Support Program." If you find that you need support or would like to talk to a fellow farmer or industry friend, they have several volunteers that are willing and able to help. Georgia Milk Producers has also put together a packet on the program that you can access by clicking here. 

For more information on the program, please reach out to Farrah Newberry at gamilkproducers@gmail.com