2020 | September 11 GMP E Newsletter
Georgia Milk Producers Weekly Enews
Fall District Meetings Begin September 11th
Dairy producers across Georgia are invited to attend the annual Fall District meetings for Georgia Milk Producers and The Dairy Alliance next month. The meetings will be held in five locations across the state. Our organizations will hold elections; report on industry issues and promotional efforts; and announce upcoming events. Dinner or lunch will be served at each location depending on the time the meeting is set to begin.
Due to current Covid-19 restrictions for gatherings, no more than 50 people are allowed to attend each meeting. For the Waynesboro meeting, please limit those attending from your farm to 2 or 3 people. Masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing will be utilized for each meeting. The meetings will be held on:
  • Sept. 11 Friday Hillcrest Farm, Dearing at NOON
  • Sept. 14 Monday BriarPatch Farm, Eatonton at 7 PM
  • Sept. 17 Thursday Burke Co. Extension Office, Waynesboro at 7 PM 
  • Sept. 21 Monday Oasis Coffee House, Montezuma at 7 PM
  • Oct. 1 Thursday The Barnstormer’s Grill, Williamson at 7 PM
To preregister for the district meeting of your choice, please contact the Georgia Milk office at 706-310-0020. We look forward to seeing you soon and value the input you share at our meetings!!
First District Meeting Held Today at Hillcrest Farms

Special thanks to Hillcrest Farms for hosting our first district meeting today! Hillcrest is the first robotic dairy farm in GA and hosts tours for the public each week! Check out their Facebook page and schedule an educational tour for your family!!. Click here for their Facebook page>>>

Enjoy A Tractor-Trolley Tour Through This Charming Dairy Farm In Georgia
By Marisa Roman, Only in Your State

Georgia is known for having a booming agricultural business, oftentimes sharing crops and products with many other states across the country. And while sometimes it’s as easy as picking up a pack of pecans with “Georgia Grown” on it, there are some instances where you can actually go straight to the source for a tour. Take Hillcrest Farms in Georgia, for instance. This family-owned dairy farm has been making huge strides in the dairy industry and you can get a front-row seat on this tractor trolley tour.
CFAP Part Two Announcement Coming This Week
From Southeast Agnet

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said USDA is finished writing the rules for the second round of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. Late last week at a stop in Iowa, the secretary said the rules have been written and they’ll be announced this week.

The Bismarck Tribune says the first $16 billion in funding during the first round of the program was geared to the first quarter of 2020. The idea was to just get the aid out the door as quickly as possible to whoever needed it. Round two of the program will factor in more producer feedback to make it a program that works best for the people who truly need it.

Farm Journal’s Ag Web Dot Com says payments in the second round will compensate producers for any losses they had from April 15 through the end of 2020. The deadline for applying during the first round of CFAP is this Friday, Sept. 11. He says round two payments will go to the same commodities they did in the first round. There won’t be any money for ethanol producers and other agricultural commodities seeking aid because of COVID-19. Perdue says he doesn’t have the necessary authority from Congress to make those particular payments. Read more here>>>
Nick T. Place named dean and director of UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
By Sam Fahmy for CAES News

Nick T. Place, an academic leader with a record of applying research-based expertise to the needs of agricultural producers and communities, has been named dean of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and director of the UGA Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Experiment Stations.

Place is currently dean for extension, director of the Florida Cooperative Extension Service and a professor in the department of agricultural education and communication at the University of Florida. His appointment at UGA is effective Jan. 1, 2021.

“I am delighted that Dr. Place will serve as the next dean and director of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,” said President Jere W. Morehead. “With his far-reaching experience as a scholar, practitioner, educator and administrator, he will provide outstanding leadership to the college in the years to come. Read more here>>>
September 2020 Dixie Dairy Report

In this issue:
Dairy Product Prices
Milk Production
Total dairy demand
Fluid milk sales
Southeastern fluid milk sales

Farming Rises, Sports Tumbles in U.S. Industry Ratings

For the first time in Gallup's 20 years of tracking Americans' views of various business and industry sectors, farming and agriculture is the clear leader. The former top-ranking industries -- restaurants and computers -- remain in the top four, with the grocery industry rounding out the group. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry's image has improved modestly since last year, and it has yielded the "worst rated" distinction back to the federal government.

This year's rankings reflect significant changes in the ratings of six industries, three of which are delivering vital goods and services to Americans during the pandemic. These three -- healthcare, farming and pharmaceuticals -- are all rated more positively this year than in 2019, although where they rank on the list differs.
Farming and agriculture was already among the top-rated industries before 2020, but it has now moved to No. 1 with a 69% positive rating -- an 11-percentage-point increase.

With a 13-point increase to 51%, the healthcare industry has advanced from the third-lowest-ranked industry to near the middle of the pack. This is the first time in the 20 years of Gallup measurement that a majority of Americans have rated healthcare positively. The latest reading mirrors the increase in Americans' confidence in the medical system that Gallup found earlier this year.

The pharmaceutical industry's positive rating has increased seven points to 34%. The industry is now the second-lowest-rated on a net (positive minus negative rating) basis. Read more here>>>
Fluid milk sales fall for 10 straight years
By Corey Geiger, Managing Editor, Hoard's Dairyman

The 2019 fluid milk sales data has been tabulated by USDA and its doesn’t bode well for dairy. Fluid milk sales fell another -1.75% when comparing 2019 to 2018. However, that 1.75% figure is the smallest reduction in three years.

Over the past decade, annual sales have dropped between -0.6% and -3%. The decade began with 54.9 billion pounds of fluid milk being sold throughout the United States and that number slid to 46.4 billion pounds in 2019. That’s a loss of 8.5 billion pounds in 10 years.

Two bright spots
Flavored whole milk was among the products going against the sales’ headwinds as sales grew 10.1% over the past year. Adding to its luster, the flavored whole milk category has averaged 7.2% annual gains since 2012.

The largest winner, though, was whole milk. It climbed 1.4% during the past year. That 1.4% may not be a big number. But bear in mind that the full-fat milk category is almost 21 times larger in total sales than the flavored milk category. Whole milk has posted seven straight years of positive growth.

All other fluid milk categories lost sales in the past year:
  • Skim milk, dropped 10.7%
  • Buttermilk, down 7%
  • Low-fat milk (1% milkfat), off 5.8%
  • Reduced-fat milk (2% milkfat), slipped 2.5%
  • Flavored milk, other than whole milk, down 2.2%
  • Eggnog, fell 2.1%
Decline in school lunch milk consumption may affect future health
From Feedstuffs in Focus

Fluid milk consumption among children is vital, as adequate consumption of dairy products, especially during childhood, has beneficial health outcomes later in life. These benefits include reduced risk of osteoporosis, hypertension, obesity and cancer in adulthood.

Milk consumption among children has been declining for decades, so understanding and fulfilling the needs of children is crucial to reverse the decline. In an article appearing in the Journal of Dairy Science, scientists from North Carolina State University and Cornell University studied key contributors to increasing milk consumption among children. Factors evaluated in the study included food trends, nutritional and school meal program requirements, children’s perceptions and preferences, and environmental influences. Among these influences, flavor and habit were the primary drivers for long-term milk consumption. Read more here>>>
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Fall District Meetings:
  • Sept. 11 Friday Hillcrest Farm, Dearing at NOON
  • Sept. 14 Monday BriarPatch Farm, Eatonton at 7 PM
  • Sept. 17 Thursday Burke Co. Extension Office, Waynesboro at 7 PM 
  • Sept. 21 Monday Oasis Coffee House, Montezuma at 7 PM
  • Oct. 1 Thursday The Barnstormer’s Grill, Williamson at 7 PM
GA Dairy Classifieds

UPDATED 8/28/20

Will Raise Heifers for GA Dairy Farms: Hello we are located in Southern Illinois and have an abundance of pasture and cheap feed available looking to contract with a dairy to grow heifers for them, out location offers mild climate and we are just 558 miles from Montezuma Ga. Please contact 817-528-6645 very reasonable daily rates.

For Sale - Productive 360 Cow Holstein Herd For Sale, Parlor/Freestall/AI Sired/Lots of Young Cows/2X 70# 4%F SCC-160K More information at www.kreegerdairy.com or call Chad at 517-294-3484

For Sale- DeLaval 84 Vacuum Pump on Stand, Oil Reclaimer, 10 HP- 3 Phase Electric Motor. New Bearings, New Oil Seal, New Belts. $2000
For more Information Call Tony Strickland , 229-254-6871; deepsouthai@gmail.com

For sale - Please contact John Felder for more information at 803-682-3425:
  • Dairy Tech Bay Pasturizer - $4,000
  • Tidenberg Hydraulic Hoof Table (like new) - $5,000
  • Mench Sand Trailor - $14,000
  • Hall Stall Sand Leveler (new) - $1,000
  • Claas Silage Choppers - 960 1875 cutterhead hours, 4WD, 600 orbis, HD300 PU - $190,000
  • Fans Cool Aire
  • 18 54" $225.00
  • 20 48" $125.00
  • 20 35" 100.00
WANTED: Peter's Cattle Co. will buy any dairy, beef, and cross, bottle or weaned, bulls, heifers or free martins. Pick up weekly 7 days a week. Chris- 470-255-8515
Bull Calves WANTED:  Competitive pricing with 6 day a week pickup. Brandon Mason Cattle Company 912-632-4490

FOR SALE :  We have a continuous selection of fresh and springing heifers.   Call William at   (706) 768-2857  or visit our website at   crumpdairyreplacements.org  
Farmer to Farmer Support Program Available for SE dairy farmers
Farmers across the Southeast are experiencing uncertain times like never before. All aspects of agriculture have been hit by market losses due to COVID-19, but dairy has reached a level of uncertainty that many have never experienced.

As we navigate through these next few months, dairy producers across the Southeast have come together to introduce the "Farmer to Farmer Support Program." If you find that you need support or would like to talk to a fellow farmer or industry friend, they have several volunteers that are willing and able to help. Georgia Milk Producers has also put together a packet on the program that you can access by clicking here. 

For more information on the program, please reach out to Farrah Newberry at gamilkproducers@gmail.com