2020 | March 13 GMP E Newsletter
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Beef & Milk Served Under the Gold Dome This Week

Georgia Milk Producers would like to thank the Georgia Cattlemen's Association for the invitation to attend their annual steak biscuit breakfast at the State Capitol this week.  

Steak biscuits and milk from Mountain Fresh Creamery was served to close to 600 elected officials, staffers and industry affiliates. We appreciate GCA for including us in this event and always welcome the opportunity to educate the public on the livestock industry.  
Thank you to Georgia Farm Bureau, Georgia Agribusiness Council and Georgia Cattlemen's Association for their hard work under the dome this session. Your efforts play a key role in the success of our industry!  

With its heavy dependence on the fluid milk market, no part of the country is a bigger cauldron of emotion than the Southeast.

Ask about producer mood, and responses range from lost patience and frustration to uncertainty with an ever-present dash of optimism.

“It’s been arguably the most challenging five-year stretch I can remember,” said Travis Senn, market research communications specialist with Southeast Milk Inc. (SMI). The co-op has members in six states, mostly in Florida and Georgia, and extending into Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Influenced by the weather, wide fluctuations in regional milk production create economic challenges for co-ops, especially balancing costs. During the flush periods, there are significant costs in surplus disposal; during short months, SMI purchases large volumes of supplemental milk from long distances. Read more here>>>
SIGN-UP for Block Grant Funds for Farmers Impacted by Hurricane Michael Will Open on March 18th

The  Georgia Department of Agriculture  will begin accepting online applications for the $347 million in block grant funds on March 18, 2020. Georgia farmers and forest landowners in 95 eligible counties who suffered losses to beef, dairy, fruit and vegetable, pecan, poultry, timber, and uninsured infrastructure can seek to help recover losses not covered under existing USDA Farm Service Agency programs. Learn more about applying for the Georgia Farm Recovery Block Grant here:  http://agr.georgia.gov/farm-recovery.aspx
59th Annual Convention & Beef Expo
From GA Cattlemen's Association

We are less than a month away from the 59th Annual Georgia Cattlemen's Association Convention & Trade Show and the 22nd Annual Georgia Beef Expo scheduled for April 2-4, 2020 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, GA. We hope you are making plans to join us now! There is something for everyone! We are so excited to have a great group of speakers lined up for you as well as a FULL Trade Show!  Click here to learn more>>>
Contributed by Richard Stup, Progressive Dairy
The U.S. is confronting an outbreak of a novel coronavirus that causes serious respiratory disease and may be deadly for older people and those with weakened immune systems. The World Health Organization is now calling the outbreak a global pandemic because it is affecting countries all over the world.

People and organizations can still fight coronavirus by taking steps to prevent transmission of the disease. The whole point of widespread cancellation of events is to create “social distancing” to lower the infection rate and prevent health care systems from being overwhelmed. The New York State Department of Health also has a  coronavirus website  with  English  and  Spanish  posters for preventing coronavirus infection.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides clear guidance about preventing infection in both  English  and  Spanish . They also provide a number of  printable factsheets  and posters in English and Spanish suitable for use in the workplace.

Employer actions steps
Your farm workforce is not immune to coronavirus; please begin taking steps to protect yourself and your employees.
1. Talk with your employees about coronavirus, how it spreads and how to prevent getting infected.
2. Print the CDC factsheets and posters, post in your workplace and employee housing facilities. Read more here>>>
American consumers are stocking up on food and other items in response to the coronavirus. CNBC reports that same-day and next-day services such as Amazon, Instacart and Walmart are experiencing delays in some regions due to increasing consumer orders.

Amazon Prime Now and Instacart shoppers say the normally speedy services have limited delivery availability or inform users that they won’t be able to place an order until the following day, according to the CNBC report.

The research firm Nielsen said in a report this week that sales of shelf-stable food items such as fruit snacks, dried beans and energy drinks jumped in the week ended Feb. 22 as the virus began to spread. “We expect the rush to stock up to have an almost immediate impact on supply chains for manufacturers of the most sought-after goods,” Nielsen said in the report. Read more here>>>
Economic fallout from coronavirus is also hitting farmers
By  Adam Belz  Star Tribune
The beef cattle market has collapsed in the past two months. Milk demand is threatened by school closures. Pork prices remain stubbornly low.

The coronavirus pandemic is, unsurprisingly, hurting farmers too.

“You know what’s happened to the stock market. Cattle market’s the same,” said Tom Revier of Revier Cattle Co. near Olivia. “It’s like catching falling knives.”

Beef prices had rallied thanks to surging demand in China after swine fever devastated that country’s hog population, but the rally ended with the coronavirus outbreak. Prices are down 21% over the past two months. Read more here>>>
Certified Nutrient Planner/ Waste Operator Training on March 25-26
The Georgia Department of Agriculture and the University of Georgia will hold their annual planner/operator certification training in Athens at the UGA Livestock Arena classroom on March 25-26, 2020. Anyone interested in becoming a Certified Nutrient Management Planner or Certified Waste Operator in Georgia must attend this training. This training is only available once a year. Also, those seeking continuing education credit hours are welcome to attend. For more information and to register for the training click here>>>
Join us on March 27th as a sponsor or player at the 2020 GDYF Golf Tournament!! All proceeds support our 4-H and FFA dairy programs! For more information click here>>>
What's your beef? How bacteria could save dairies
By Jonathan A. Finch, Food Dive
Last year I did something I thought I’d never need to do — I had my gut microbiome mapped in a nationwide trial. Without going into too many details, I’m one of the millions of unfortunate people who have a gut condition. The science isn’t that advanced on the subject at the moment and my gastroenterologist had advised me to have my gut flora and fauna mapped to see what it revealed. 

While my bacteria were being quietly interrogated by the men in white coats, with results expected shortly, elsewhere an explosion was happening — passions were igniting over climate awareness. People glued themselves to buildings and started to observe ‘Veganuary’ not just in January but all year round. They were angry that successive governments and some of their fellow citizens weren’t taking things like global warming, plastic waste, lack of equal distribution of food and many others, seriously enough. All we had were warm words and little action. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking; what does a microbe in my large intestine have to do with the global climate emergency? And what do cows have to do with it? Allow me to explain. Read more here>>>
Lactose-free milk sales outpacing plant-based beverage sales
From Dairy Foods
In 2019, lactose-free milk sales grew twice as fast as sales of plant-based beverages, with lactose-free poised to surpass almond-beverage sales this year, according to the Arlington, Va.-based National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), citing data from Chicago-based market research firm IRI.

Contrary to some portrayals, the dairy sector is full of innovation, and lactose-free is a prime example of how dairy is addressing per-capita drops in fluid-milk consumption, NMPF said. Dairy categories on the rise, including whole milk (now more than two-fifths of consumer sales), lactose-free milk and flavored varieties, are giving plenty of reason for optimism about the future of milk. Read more here>>>
UGA Spring Dairy Show in April
From Dr. Jillian Bohlen, UGA
The 57th Annual UGA Spring Dairy Show is scheduled for April 4th, 2020. Again this year, we offer a three breed show of Brown Swiss, Holstein, and Jersey. Animals at this event are what allow us to put on a high quality state 4-H Dairy Judging Contest.

I am continuously impressed at the quality of animals our exhibitors bring and the caliber of contest that allows us to put on. I am forever thankful that each of you continues to come out and support this event. As a gratitude of thanks, I am offering $250 to this year’s Supreme Grand Champion. I hope to see a lot of you out this year (entries postmarked by March 24th)!

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Call for 2021 GA Dairy Conference Presenters
The planning committee for the 2021 Georgia Dairy Conference is seeking relevant, innovative and valuable topics/speakers.  Individuals, companies, universities, organizations and government agencies may submit proposals for consideration by March 27, 2020. Click Here to Download Submission Form and Instructions
Upcoming Events >>>
GA Dairy Classifieds

UPDATED 3/6/20

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