2019 | August 23 GMP E Newsletter
Georgia Milk Producers Weekly Enews
Hurricane Dorian Response Center - GA Dept. of AG
Governor Kemp has declared a State of Emergency for the following counties: Brantley, Bryan, Camden, Charlton, Chatham, Effingham, Glynn, Liberty, Long, McIntosh, Pierce, and Wayne.

The Department of Agriculture is working with with state, federal and industry partners to support the safety and comfort of Georgia citizens, evacuees, and all livestock and companion animals.
USDA Encourages Ag Producers, Residents to Prepare for Hurricane Dorian
By Southeast AgNet
The  U.S. Department of Agriculture  (USDA) reminds communities, farmers and ranchers, families and small businesses in the path of Hurricane Dorian that USDA has programs that provide assistance in the wake of disasters. USDA staff in regional, state and county offices stand ready and are eager to help.

In a continuing effort to serve the public, USDA partnered with FEMA and other disaster assistance organizations and created the Disaster Resource Center website, located at  www.usda.gov/topics/disaster . This central source of information utilizes a searchable knowledgebase of disaster-related resources powered by agents with subject matter expertise. The Disaster Resource Center website and web tool provide an easy way to access USDA disaster information and assistance.

USDA also developed a disaster assistance discovery tool specifically targeted to rural and agricultural issues, at  www.farmers.gov/recover/disaster-assistance-tool#step-1 . The tool walks users through five questions that generate personalized results identifying which USDA disaster assistance programs can help them recover from a natural disaster. Read more here>>>
GMP Fall District Meetings Begin September 9th
Dairy producers across Georgia are invited to take part in the annual Fall District meetings for Georgia Milk Producers and The Dairy Alliance. The meetings will be held in seven locations across the state.
These organizations will hold elections; report on industry issues and promotional efforts; and announce upcoming events. Dinner or lunch will be served at each location depending on the time the meeting is set to begin. The meetings will be held on:
  • Sept. 9, Monday Maguire’s at 7 PM, 42 Main St, Senoia, GA
  • Sept. 10, Tuesday The Plaza Restaurant at NOON, 217 S Broad St, Thomasville
  • Sept. 10, Tuesday Oasis Coffee House at 7 PM, 310 Spaulding Rd, Montezuma

  • Sept. 12, Thursday Burke Co. Extension Office at 7 PM, 715 West 6th St., Waynesboro
  • Sept. 13, Friday McGill Ag Bldg. at Noon, 136 N by Pass, Washington
  • Sept. 16, Monday Bonner's Restaurant at 7 PM, 1500 Bonner Ln, Buckhead
  • Sept. 17, Tuesday Western Sizzlin' at NOON, 501 Legion Dr., Dalton

To preregister for the district meeting of your choice, please contact The Dairy Alliance at   1-800-343-4693. Meetings are open to dairy producers, family members, farm managers and industry partners. We look forward to seeing you soon and value the input you share at our meetings!!

Georgia Milk Producers will present a Grand Prize of $500 at the conclusion of all meetings to one lucky Georgia dairy farm family attending their district meeting. Additional door prizes and promotional items will be provided by The Dairy Alliance at each district meeting. Producers will elect Georgia ADA directors in odd numbered districts.
August GA Milk Review
This month's issue covers:

  • Florida Production
  • Conference
  • Fall District Meetings Begin in September
  • Meet GMP President, Jason Martin
  • Dean Names New CEO
  • U.S. Milk Production Stays Down
  • Dixie Dairy Report

Animal Waste Operator and Planner Certification Training in November
A waste planner/operator certification training will be offered in Athens at the UGA Livestock Arena classroom on November 13 & 14, 2019. All permitted livestock operations (other than dry poultry operations) must have a certified animal waste systems operator and an implemented nutrient management plan written by a certified planner. In previous years this has been held as separate trainings, one to certify farm owners/employees to properly manage animal waste systems and the other to certify people to write nutrient management plans.

This training has been combined into one training with break-out sessions on day 2 for topics specific to each group. Both certifications require completion of this course and passing of the exam. This is the final operator/planner certification course this year. The next training will be in March 2020. Click here for registration form and information>>>
By Progressive Dairy Editor Dave Natzke
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is advising farmers and other employers to continue using the current  Form I-9  until further notice. Employers must complete Form I-9 for all newly hired employees to verify their identity and authorization to work in the U.S.

The current Form I-9 is scheduled to expire on Aug. 31. However, a new version is not yet available. For more information, visit  I-9 Central . Read more here>>>
Sweet Grass Dairy building a new facility
By Erik Yabor, Times-Enterprise
Sweet Grass Dairy broke ground on a new production facility Thursday afternoon.

Once completed, the 12,000-square foot structure, located on Roseway Drive, will feature customized environmental controls to maintain temperature, humidity and air flow in cheese aging rooms.

With six core cheeses in their lineup, Sweet Grass is hoping the new facility will provide an opportunity to improve cheese consistency and quality.

“Continuous improvement is something we focus on every day as a team,” said Jeremy Little, co-owner with his wife Jessica. “This new facility provides an incredible opportunity for us to improve all of our products, and most importantly, work on developing new ones.”

Construction is expected to be completed by next spring. Read more here>>>
Fluid Milk Sales Trends for First Half of 2019
By John Geuss, MilkPrice Blog
Previously, in the  June 5, 2019 post to this blog , fluid milk sales trends were reviewed through the first quarter of 2019. Data is now available to review milk sales in the second quarter of 2019. Many of the same patterns seen in the earlier post linked above are continuing.  
  1. Milk consumption is continuing to decrease. The rate of decrease is slightly over 2 percent annually.
  2. Sales of all reduced fat milks are declining. The declines, which will be reviewed in detail below, range from 2 percent to over 10 percent per item compared with the prior year.
  3. Whole milk is holding its own with a very slight increase in sales.
  4. Organic milk sales are continuing to decrease at a faster rate than conventional milk.
Per capita consumption of milk has been falling for decades. However, with significant population growth, total consumption was fairly constant. In recent years population growth has slowed and per capita consumption has increasingly declined.
By Beth Newhart, Dairyreporter.com
The a2MC has posted record numbers through the first half of 2019.

Americans love soda, fancy water and fake milk. Can the dairy industry keep up?
By Daniel Higgins and  Rick Barrett , Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The advertising slogan first appeared in 1993, followed two years later by creamy white mustaches on celebrities’ upper lips. For the next two decades, “Got Milk?” commercials were a staple of pop culture.

The campaign captured multiple awards, branched out with Spanish and chocolate milk versions and ultimately featured about 300 big names in entertainment, media and sports. At one point, it was recognized by nine out of 10 Americans.

So, did more people actually get milk? No.

Other than a short-lived turnaround in a few markets, such as California, overall consumption of milk as a beverage failed to rise during a single year of the national campaign, which came to a close in 2014.

In fact, it's barely risen once since 1985, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data.  Read more here >>>
Concerns Are Growing Around PFAS In Groundwater
By Mike Opperman , MilkBusiness.com
There is growing concern within the dairy industry about a class of chemicals known as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), and concern is leading to future regulations that could impact dairy producers.

The issues with PFAS are significant.
First, the presence of PFAS humans can have an effect on health. This can include an effect on the growth and learning of children, the ability of a woman to get pregnant, possibly an impact on cholesterol levels and immunity, and there have been some links to cancer. 

“The risk of PFAS still isn’t understood. We’re still in the early stages of understanding potential implications,” says Matthew Schroeder, senior environmental engineer with Dragun Corporation. “PFAS may have some health effects at really low levels, like parts per trillion levels.”

That leads to the second issue with PFAS, that it has an impact at really, really small levels. To put it in perspective, a part per trillion is equal to a grain of sand in a full Olympic-sized swimming pool. 

The fact that it’s present at such low levels is one of the reasons why concern over PFAS hasn’t risen to prominence until recently. Until a few years ago technology wasn’t available to test at the part per trillion level. Now it is. Read more here >>>
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Register Today for the Florida Dairy Production Conference
From Southeast AGNet
Producers are invited to attend the 2019 Florida Dairy Production Conference, Wednesday September 18, 2019 at the Straughn IFAS Extension Center (UF Campus), Gainesville, Florida. The program starts at 9 AM and some of the topics discussed include dairy calf and heifer management, selecting replacement heifers critical aspects for improving reproductive success, nutritional manipulations to improve health and fertility, along with addressing animal welfare concerns in dairy farming and engaging and educating the public about dairy practices. They also will have a session talking about dairy farming and social media. For registration and further details,  click here .
Upcoming Events >>>
GA Dairy Classifieds

Registered Brown Swiss dairy cows(6) and heifers(3) for sale. 7 X 24 2004 Featherlight trailer with tack area and 2 cuts $12,000.00 and an Artic 22 semen tank (has a few straws of beef semen inside) $450. Please contact Beth Gearhart, Waynesboro, GA, 352-603-2629 text or call

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Young Stock Supervisor wanted -  Hart Agriculture Waynesboro GA
Grazing 500-1000 animals,   Must be familiar with rotational grazing and breeding. Please contact Maggie 352-507-2042 or   maggie@hartagriculture.com
Dairy Manager wanted -  Hart Agriculture Waynesboro GA
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