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This is the 2012 Sun n' Fun Update Edition of the Guidance Aviation Newsletter.  If you have aSun n' Fun 2012 story you would like to share with us for the next newsletter, feel free to email it to us with your contact info to 
Guidance Aviation
Tel: 928.443.9370

Student BBQ, May 18th & Info for New Students


On Friday, May 18th, prospective, current and new students are invited to the Guidance Aviation BBQ. As usual, we will be welcoming new students, recognizing the accomplishments of our current students as well as announcing new staff members and company developments.


For incoming students:
  • If you are seeking resources for Aero-medical exams, Non-DOT drug testing or resources for housing and regional information, please contact Robert Short, Manager, Student Services at, or, Toll Free: 877-235-9444.
  • Additional resources for incoming students can be viewed at:
Guidance Aviation Group 2011  
2012 Fall Enrollment


We are accepting applications now for Fall 2012 enrollment.  The application deadline for eligible U.S. Veterans is July 01, 2012.  For U.S. Veterans and non-Veterans interested in enrolling at Guidance Aviation, please contact Robert Short, Student Services Manager at, or, Toll Free 877-235-9444.
Interested in applying and want to know more?  You can download a brochure at:
Guidance Aviation Region Page
Round-the-World Flight Team Chooses First Student Command Center

On March 22, 2012, Guidance Aviation flew to the annual Sun n' Fun Airshow at Lakeland, Florida to help launch Think Global Flight ( ), an Around-The-World flight to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education.
"We were exceptionally pleased to find a group of people who were so willing, so quickly, to offer support.  Moreover, to lend us an aircraft to make this adventure for the students possible was even more astounding. We can't say enough about Guidance Aviation," stated Captain Judy Rice of Think Global Flight.
The Sun n' Fun Airshow and Fly-in is the country's second largest event of its kind in the United
AOPA interview with Judy Rice of Think Global Flight
AOPA's Alton Marsh interviewing
Capt Judy RIce, Think Global Flight
States, second only to AirVenture held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin each year.  On Tuesday, March 27th during the event's press opening,   Captain Judy Rice announced that Guidance Aviation has donated the Cirrus SR20 for the flight and that Guidance  will be the Sponsor for the flight taking place in the Fall of 2013.
"We are beginning to set up the Student Command Centers (SCC's) around the world.  These SCC's will be managed by the students themselves.  Each SCC will have four teams:  Air Traffic Control (ATC) Team, Meterology Team, Green Component (Environmental) Team, and an International Relations Team, " explained Rice.
"Best yet, we will be interacting with each team via the web, in-flight, via satellite phone as well as
streaming video published to our YouTube and
Savannah Edfors, Director Student Command Centers
Facebook pages.  Our goal is to have our students conducting problem solving exercises while also interacting with other students internationally," continues Rice. "Of course, beside promoting STEM, we'll be sharing the promises of aviation and aerospace to students worldwide--we are very excited.  
In addition to our new website 
the first Student Command Center is already being developed  with the Central Florida Aerospace Academy students".
The first Student Command Center will be located at the Central Florida Aerospace Academy in Lakeland, Florida.  Sophmores Savannah Edfors and
Cody Fussel will be directing the development of the
academy's student command center.  "We were
Cody Cirrus
Cody Fussell, Co-Director, Student Command Centers
absolutely impressed by the intellect of these students as well as by their passion for aviation and aerospace.  Our hats go off to the people that made the Central Florida Aerospace Academy happen, especially people like Rick Garcia of
Gulf Coast Avionics and Mr. James Ray of Florida.  This is a first class facility and a fantastic group of educators and students," stated Dave Roy, Dir. of Flight Operations, Guidance Aviation.
Dave Roy, Dir Flight Ops, Guidance Aviation
Dave Roy, Guidance Aviation, speaking to student body of Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Central Florida Aerospace Academy Students surround Cirrus SR20
Central Florida Aerospace Academy check out the Guidance Aviation SR20 at the Sun n' Fun Airshow
Norway Student Command Center
High School representatives from Norway discuss opening Student Command Centers in Europe
Central Florida Aerospace Academy SCC
Left to right: Student Command Center (SCC) International Co-Director, Cody Fussell;
SCC International Lead-Teacher, Ms. Bradner; Capt Judy Rice;
SCC International Director, Savannah Edfors
2012 Highlights Video of Think Global Flight Launch
Think Global Flight Launch 2012
Think Global Flight Launch 2012

Guidance Aviation Welcomes John O'Neill
John O'neill
John O'Neill


He's been flying 25 yrs+ with 8500+ flight hours to date.  Starting his training in Scottsdale at AZWing and Rotor in the late 80's, O'neill was hired on as instructor in '89.  In 1994 O'neill moved on to Rotorway International as Instructor pilot where his duties also included maintenance and working airshows ( Oskosh, Sun-in-Fun and HAI ).  By 1996, O'neill was promoted to Chief pilot and flight school manager and soon after O'neill then took on DPE duties. He was transferred to the R/D dept where he helped create, install and test fly new systems and components in 1994. March, 2012, 
John O'neill was offered a position at Guidance Aviation and we are happy to say, 
Yavapai College Program has Big Impact on Prescott Economy
Prescott, Arizona, March, 2012 - John Morgan, Yavapai College Dean of the Technical Division, Yavpai College Life Explored has been a key figure in the development of one of the most successful and fastest growing collegiate helicopter programs in the United States. The Yavapai College Professional Helicopter Pilot Program has an enrollment of almost 100 students. Approximately 80% of these students are U.S. Military Veterans utilizing their GI Bill veteran benefits.

Safety Management  - Spring 2012 Updates


Safety Awards

The customized Traser H3 Code Blue Watch is given each semester as the Safety Excellence Award to the employee who most exemplifies the safety culture at Guidance Aviation.  The recipient displays consistent integrity, professionalism, and dedication to enhancing and improving safety.


Billy Ringer and Mark Galvin received personalized Cross

pens during the March 20th SafetyDispatch Board, Guidance Aviation Meetings for their contributions to the safety program.  Their accurate and insightful Safety Reports were integral in maintaining safety and training in the Spring Semester.

Congratulations Billy and Mark!


Safety Board

Mark Galvin, Ben Lewis, and Jason Kidd have been appointed to the Guidance Aviation Safety Board for 2012.  The Safety Board assists in a wide range of safety matters from policy change to recommending candidates for Safety Awards.  The Board meets monthly and welcomes suggestions, nomination, and concerns from students and staff.  Contact Mark Galvin at


Survival Kits

Special thanks to Brad Blucher, Former Naval Special Warfare Combat Crewman and current instructor pilot Guidance Aviation, for developing and maintaining the Emergency Survival Kit.  These kits provide assistance to pilots in the event they are stranded by aiding in first aid, shelter, and rescue.  Thanks again Brad!


Safety Stand Down Day - Summer 2012

The second of three Safety Stand Down Days in 2012 will be held on May 15th in the airport administration building.  We will review the Safety Program, introduce new employees to the Safety Management System and discuss relevant safety topics.  This semester, Guidance has invited Mr. David Huntzinger with PRISM to speak about Flight Risk Assessment Tools and Procedural (intentional) Non-Compliance. 


The Big Five

  1. Cover the Controls
  2. Take the Controls if the Maneuver is in Doubt
  3. Follow  the Rules
  4. Head on a Swivel
  5. The Fundamental Purpose of a Flight Instructor is to Protect
Last month's newsletter and info on the Guidance Safety Management System:
2012 Highlights Video of Sun n' Fun


Dave Roy, Director of Safety and Flight Operations and Guy Roginson, Marketing, flew to Lakeland Florida in the Cirrus SR20 to help launch . 

During the trip, a lot of photos were taken at the air show.

Here's a video compilation of those photos:


2012 Sun n' Fun Highlights
2012 Sun n' Fun Highlights
2012's Second Search and Rescue (SAR)


April 1, 2012 brought another SAR as YCSO pilot Ben Lewis, also a Guidance Aviation Instructor
Ben Lewis, YCSO SAR Pilot
Ben Lewis, YCSO SAR Pilot
Pilot, helped bring a happy ending to the latest SAR. 
Way to go Yavapai County Sheriff's Office and
Ben Lewis!


Links to 2011 SAR stories:
Guidance Aviation Student Photos


A collection of recent flight student accomplishments!


Guidance Aviation Students 
Guidance Aviation Students  


 Guidance Aviation Students
































Guidance Aviation Students
Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Students
Guidance Aviation Helicopter flight students
Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight students
Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Students
Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Students
Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Students
Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Students
Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Students
Congrats Andrew Park on your solo!
Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Training Students
Congrats Tony Alleman on your solo!
Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Training Students
Congrats Jake Larson on your solo!
Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Training Students
Lee McKay, congrats on your solo!
Guidance Aviation helicopter flight students

Additional student pictures can be viewed on our Facebook page at:
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Regional Events - 2012

Red Bird Motion Flight Simulator at Guidance Aviation

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