MAY 2016
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GPB Education is excited to announce the launch of the Georgia Studies digital textbook teacher edition for iPad and web! Since the launch of our student edition in 2012, we have received over 2,700 online registrations. The new edition, designed specifically with teachers in mind, provides additional depth to this state-of-the-art, interactive approach to experiencing Georgia history. Using cutting-edge technology, our digital media team created a unique layout where the teacher content is presented alongside the student content. Click to learn more and to register for a user name and password.

Activities and events 
to  celebrate  all things STEM

TAG-Ed, Technology Association of Georgia's education initiative, is partnering with Georgia institutions and STEM-based companies to promote STEM Day participation across the state. Georgia STEM Day is a day for schools, educators, students, and companies to celebrate, raise awareness, and engage in activities involving science, technology, engineering, and math. Last year's event attracted over 600,000 students from 50 different school districts in the state! This year, Georgia STEM Day will be held on Friday, May 6. Click here to register your class, school, or organization to participate in Georgia Stem Day and then click here for some engaging ways to bring STEM to life in your classroom! 
Register for the panel discussion on May 11 at Oglethorpe University

On Wednesday, May 11, the Southeast Regional Office of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF's Speaker Series Committee will host "Food Fears: Navigating Nutrition at Home and Abroad," an informative panel discussion moderated by Dr. Sanjay Gupta that addresses pediatric nutrition, fitness and children's health. Along with the success of the Kid Power program, topics for discussion include the links between fitness and nutrition; actionable steps parents can take to address undernourishment, hunger, food safety and exercise; and strengths and weaknesses of U.S. food and nutrition recommendations for children. Click for more information and to register for the event. 
Deadline to enter is May 15

Calling all Georgia students in grades pre-K through 8th! Nature Cat is heading on an eco-adventure ... but to where? And to do what? This isn't just any adventure, but one of your own making! GPB Education, Zoo Atlanta, and OnAir Schools are challenging you to show us your creativity with the Nature Cat Eco-Adventure Video Competition. Submissions must be entered by May 15, 2016. Winners will be announced on May 20! 
Stories that motivate students to contemplate their futures

The reality is that dreams are as unique as the individuals who have them. For some, purchasing a house is top priority. Others prefer to live out of their suitcases and travel the world. As educators, it is our job to help students define their own American dream and determine what success means to them. Re:Dream is a national project from KCPT in partnership with WETA, PBS SoCal, DPTV, and GPB about changing opportunities in the 21st century. 

T he series is an immersive, digital-first project that covers people living in America as they navigate opportunity, meet obstacles, and pursue happiness. GPB has contributed to this important venture by producing eight of forty videos that highlight various citizens working towards their goals.  Click to meet the "Dreamers" and access classroom resources, including a discussion guide.
New courses start June 15 and July 13

PBS TeacherLine is the premier, award-winning research and standards-based resource for PreK-12 educator online professional development! PBS TeacherLine offers more than 80 facilitated courses that include PLUs and graduate credits, and more than 40 self-paced courses, just right for anytime learning. GPB is your partner for local course support, along with SCETV in South Carolina and UNC-TV in North Carolina, together known as TeacherLine Southeast. Click to read more about the new professional development courses for math and reading along with many more course options in science, technology, social studies, and instructional strategies. Summer facilitated courses start June 15 and July 13.