Greetings from the President Claudio Riedi
A Word From The President


As the crazy throngs of spring-breakers remind us, it is that time of the year. One full revolution of our globe around the sun, and new life is bursting everywhere. Business is thriving in Miami, and the youngyuns are misbehaving in Miami Beach. Spring is here.

Every one of our members is dismayed about the lack of care, bad conduct, and simple lack of taste by some out-of-town visitors in Miami Beach. Most of us would never set foot on Ocean Drive, and definitely not during Spring Break. But let’s not forget that our beaches, restaurants, night clubs and colors make this City what it is. I am not excusing twerking in the streets, gunslingers, and dine-and-dashers, but I believe we have to take the good with the bad.

Our members in the hospitality and food industry have waited a long time for a sense of normalcy. Now, that vaccines are more and more widely available, it has to be expected that some celebrate a little to much. Let’s rein them in, but let’s not think of Miami as sin city. This great city on Biscayne Bay has come of age, with more culture, arts, music, spoken word, tropical foods and agriculture, religious tolerance and acceptance of minorities than any other place in the US. And an enormous amount of international business.

Let’s continue to welcome guests to Miami. By the end of May, there will be enough vaccine available to vaccinate every one who wants to be vaccinated in Florida. But even now, at 25% vaccination rate, the virus has an uphill battle against the Spring-crazies. At 80% vaccination, it is game over.

So, let’s keep order and prevent crime in the streets, but let’s never think of Miami as of parties and debauchery. Instead, Miami is business, North to South and East to West. Before we know it, the maniacs will filter out of Miami Beach, and we get our city back. And soon enough, travel restrictions with Europe will be lifted and Lufthansa resumes its full schedule to Miami.

Spring is here.
365 Days Later
March 13th 2021, 365 days after the lock down came into effect.

Back then, Claudio Riedi sent us regular video messages to talk us through this time.
Now, one year later, the time is right for another personal message from Claudio Riedi.

What has happened in the meantime? What has changed? What are our learnings? How will this continue? We know one thing for sure: we remain in this together and we will make it!

Thank you, Claudio, for your (as always) positive and motivational video message!
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Does the purchase of a holiday home in the USA qualify you for an Investment Visa?

What alternative visa types are an option?
What are the legal steps to purchase a house?

Join our discussion round together with Immigration Lawyer, Ellen von Geyso, Business Plan Consultant, Marco Scano from Visa Business Plans, and Attorney at Law Timo Becker, specialised in legal and tax questions.
Hosted together with Kirsten Larrain from the Florida Sun Magazine

Date: Tuesday, April 20th, 10am EDT
A year after the Shut Down. What is going on in the Tourism Sector of Miami?

Rolando Aedo from the
Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau will tell you more on our Webinar!

Date: Tuesday, April 27th, 10am EDT
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Did you know?
Updates from the German Consulate General in Miami:

Das Generalkonsulat arbeitet pandemiebedingt nach wie vor im Krisenmodus und bietet Termine für die Beantragung von deutschen Reisepässen, Visa und für ausgewählte konsularische Dienstleistungen an.
Es ist derzeit noch nicht absehbar, wann der reguläre Betrieb wieder aufgenommen wird.
Weitere Informationen über das Servicespektrum und die Buchungsmodalitäten finden Sie auf der Website des Generalkonsulats und im Terminvergabesystem.
Anträge für familienrechtliche und staatsangehörigkeitsrechtliche Angelegenheiten werden zur Zeit ausschließlich postalisch angenommen. Dafür erforderliche Beglaubigungen können bei lokalen Notaren eingeholt werden.
Broker Associate and GABC Member Marion Ott wrote an interesting article about the Waldorf Astoria and Residences in Miami: Click here for the Article

How is Miami developing?
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Date: Thursday, March 4th 2021, 10am EST

Visa Business Plans spoke to you about tips and tricks on how to successfully renew your E2 Investment Visa:

Marco Scanu from Visa Business Plans is specialised on the E2 visa and shared his knowledge with you for a successful E2 renewal.
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The GABC is also focussing on supporting local artists.
We are committed to bring you closer to more virtual cultural events, as long as 'stay home' is still in place and crucial in order to win the fight against the spread of Covid-19.
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Welcome Our New Trustee Member!
Mr. Scanu received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (cum laude) from the University of Florida and an MBA in Management from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Mr. Scanu was also a Visiting Scholar at Michigan State University under the prestigious H. Humphrey Fellowship with a focus on entrepreneurship, venture capital, and high-growth enterprises. Mr. Scanu is a certified coach from the University of Miami.

In 2009, Mr. Scanu founded Visa Business Plans. Since then, his company has written more than 6,000 customized and effective business plans used for raising capital and for immigration purposes. Drawing from his own experience as an immigrant and recipient of an O-1 visa in entrepreneurship and management of entrepreneurial ventures, Mr. Scanu has established himself as a successful consultant and business plan writer with international experience assisting clients across Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the United States.

Welcome Our New Standard Member!
Arcadia, FL 34266

LAT: 27.22317010754626
+ Sea Level 59ft/18m
34.260 acres = 1.492 million square feet.
The site is suitable for manufacturing or agricultural.
There are no environmental issues with the site.
The entire site is not located in any mandatory evacuation zone.

This site was previously owned and operating by the DESOTO COUNTY GENERATING CO LLC. The activity was the generating of electricity utilizing GE 60 Hz Gas Turbines. The electricity was supplied to a transmission company (FPL) which did not renew its seven year purchase contract. The GE Turbines were removed and the plant purchased by DESOTO COUNTY PLANT LLC. There are no commercial activities currently at the site.

Plant has three mutually exclusive energy sources:
1. The onsite natural gas hook up flows at 50 pounds per second at base load. Power for three GE 60Hz Gas Turbines (The world’s most powerful). Gas preheating facility on site along with a 1.3 million gallon demineralized water storage tank.

2. 1.5 M Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank with Unloading Station.

3. Three phase electric power on site. Site adjacent to substation.

Plant contains:
Two 600 feet deep producing water wells. 11,562 Square Foot Office/Warehouse building.

Martin F. Klingenberg,
U.S. Cell 239-404-3546
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MHTUS is looking for an administrative Assistant in Miami Beach that can grow with them.
At the beginning you would work about 3 days/week (aprox. 12 hours) as part time, later they would need you full time.
They offer you flexible terms.

Some of the tasks would be social media, marketing, and business negotiation with partners.

Language: English and Spanish would be ideal, but not a must have.

Please E-Mail:
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Run ad for 3 Newsletters – receive 15% discount on second and third ad 
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The GABC is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded by local business men and women in Miami. For over 30 years, the organization has promoted business and trade between Germany and the US, particularly in South Florida. The objective of the GABC is to support commercial and personal relations between its members and to promote economic, social and cultural relations between the USA and Germany.

The GABC promotes communication between companies, individuals, organizations and associations that share the same interests.
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