Greetings from the President Claudio Riedi
A Word From The President

And so, 2020 is coming to a merciful end.

This has been a year of change for many of us. A year of hope. A year of survival.

While some of our members in the hospitality industry are struggling to survive, most of our members have weathered this storm well so far. Most of our members have reinvented themselves, and have adjusted surprisingly well. I hear that some of our members thrive, as most American consumers have changed their consumption habits. Home improvement is going strong. Real Estate and services catering to home ownership are booming.

But this is the season where we have to remember those less fortunate. What can each of us do to help? In downtown, there are more homeless than ever before. Many, many more. No doubt most lost their jobs or means of sustenance during the pandemia. We cannot look the other way, particularly if we are doing well. It is called “corporate responsibility,” and it pertains to all of us.

I challenge you this year to find a way to relieve the suffering of those who lost everything this past year. Donate! Feed! Help! Never look the other way. The homeless are decent, good folks. Become involved and contribute to alleviate the misery. Because there, for the grace of God, go we.

I wish you all well for an even better 2021.

The GABC is Happy for Contributions
In the past months, we have been working on a lot of campaigns and alternatives to events in order to represent and promote your business as much as possible and we keep working on new ideas in order to keep your membership beneficial and valuable.

We also offer social online events and an educational webinar series to keep you all updated on travel restrictions, real estate, and covid-19 learnings.

We want to continue suport you and we hope to be able to lean on those of you who can continue to help keep the GABC active. All your contributions will support to cover the essentials and keep the GABC running. Any amount is appreciated and your donations may be anonymous. 

You can donate here:
In return, we are more than happy to acknowledge your generosity publicly and offer some valuable PR for you and your business.
What have we done in the last six months?
As mentioned, we at the GABC worked on a lot of campaigns to provide you with alternatives to our usual networking events and business seminars.
During current times, brand awareness for your company is crucial and where would be a better place for this if not as a member of the GABC and the world of online marketing?

Our members are our focus and the following examples were some of our actions to support them as much as possible:

Personal Video Messages from our President:
Claudio Riedi, GABC President, recorded regular video messages for you with motivational tips and tricks on how to make most use of your time during the lock-down and how to stay strong during these challenging times.

Cyber Networking Campaign:
If you can't meet to get to know each other, we share your information for you: We collected information from our members and created a little "Cyber Networking Mailing" in which you could read about our members, their businesses, their main focus areas and even watch some videos about them

"Today's Featured Member":
As we have received a lot of information from our members, we wanted to make sure that none of them gets overseen. Hence, we created the weekly "Today's Featured Member" on Social Media, which introduced one member each week.

Status Quo of our Members:
In order to still keep our readers in the know about our members, we again collected member information which focused on their current main focus, updating our readers about projects and new developtments.

Social Media:
We became very active on sharing our member's posts and updates on our own social media. This was another way of creating awareness for our members and their business. In fact, we have increased our social media activity by 43% (and we will keep doing this).

Members for Members Promotions:
Under the Motto "we are in this together" many of our members offered special promotions and discounts of their services especially for our other members.

"Connecting People":
The GABC was in high demand referring certain members and requested services to other members. The GABC is here to help you find the needed contact and this is what we have done during the past months.

Facebook Communication Zone:
Not only did we try to stay very closely in touch with our members during the past months, we also created the weekly communication zone on facebook, which should enable our facebook connections to get in touch with each other. If anyone needs a good doctor recommendation, has a question about certain events or just wants to introduce themselves - the communication zone is here to make this exchange possible.
The communication zone is being posted weekly. Just use the comment box on each post to reach out to the fellow facebook connections.

Webinar Series:
"Zoom is the new Seminar Location" and who hasn't created a zoom account in the past months? We held many interesting and educational webinars on all different types of subjects. Sharing knowledge of our experts is key and you can be one of them. If you are a member, just reach out to us if you would like to be the next speaker at our webinars.
In order to spice things up, we did not only focus on educational webinars but also focus on inspiring, motivational and cultural online events.

Social Events - Our Biweekly Happy Hour:
As we can't offer in-person networking events, we offer a biweekly Zoom Happy Hour where everyone (if member or no member) can simply join. Everyone is welcome and by this we try to connect more and more people. The Happy Hours are hosted by the Executive Director, Leonie Vallerius, or one of the GABC Board of Director members.
In order to keep a better conversation flow, we keep the groups smaller and "more personal", so that everyone gets a chance to speak.

"One Minute of Fame":
Each online Happy Hour session, one of our members gets the chance to briefly introduce themself and their business to the other event participants. We use every opportunity to promote our members and create visibility for them, be the next one to speak about your business!

Of course we will keep offering all of the above, hence whenever you have anything you would like us to share - tell us and we will spread the word for you!
The GABC Virtual Annual Holiday Celebration!
Past Events
with Immigration Lawyer Ellen von Geyso
Date: Thursday, October 8th 2020

This was a follow up on our last webinar. The travel restrictions are still in place. However, there are additional exceptions to the various travel bans.
  • Which travel bans are still in effect ?
  • Who can apply for an exemption ?
  • What are the requirements for a national interest exception ?
Ellen von Geyso explained the requirements and focus on how business travelers can find help to go to the United States.

Due to the sensitive topic, we can not upload a recording of the webinar.

Biweekly Zoom Happy Hours

A virtual meet to have a good talk together!
Just prepare your own drink and snacks.

!!!NEW!!! The One Minute of Fame!

Each happy hour, we will have a 5 minutes "Open Mic" for one designated member to introduce themself and the business.


Tell us about yourself, your business or show us a little presentation!
Just e-mail us and we explain how it works!

Requirements: You need to be a member with the GABC!
Discussionround on the "New Normal - Learning from Covid-19"
Date: Thursday, October 22nd 2020

Michael Schluetter, owner and lead designer at
Alexandra Peters, Realtor and founding member of THE TEAM
Tommaso Morelato, owner of the Toscana Divino Hospitality Group
Britta Salecker, Vice Consul of the Consulate General of Germany in Miami

Coming from different industries, they spoke about how they had to adjust their businesses during and post lock-down times, applying all necessary precautions.
The European Chambers of Miami represent: Meet Jonathan Ward, Executive Director of the ITC - International Trade Consortium and Mario Sacasa, Senior Vice President of the Beacon Council
Date: Thursday, November 5th 2020

We had the pleasure to invite Jonathan Ward from the ITC (Miami-Dade County International Trade Consortium) and Mario J. Sacasa from the Miami-Dade Beacon Council for a joint webinar together with the European Chambers, yesterday on Thursday November 5th.

Jon and Mario gave us insights into their highly interesting currect projects and focus areas.
If you want to watch any of our webinars again, just click this link and find all the recordings!
You want to be a Speaker at one of our Webinars? No problem!

Just reach out to us and we can work on a joint Webinar!

The GABC is also focussing on supporting local artists.
We are committed to bring you closer to more virtual cultural events, as long as 'stay home' is still in place and crucial in order to win the fight against the spread of Covid-19.
Welcome Our New Members!
Welcome Our New Trustee Member!
Marketing Support
The Company will offer support services related to marketing. LM Realtor Service LLC will take over both online marketing features and public relations strategy or print material handling. 
The Company will learn the client’s specific goals, brand, background, needs, and set goals. Upon gaining access to marketing channels, the Company will manage the client’s social media channels, maintain and update website information, manage online reviewing platforms, and prepare and distribute newsletters through platforms such as Mailchimp. Additionally, LM Realtor Service LLC will also organize promotional photoshoots and print and distribute flyers, brochures, and related material.

Administrative Support
LM Realtor Service LLC will perform a variety of administrative tasks for clients, mostly administrative support such as assisting with paperwork, answering the telephone, and scheduling appointments. The Company’s Administrative Assistants will take over the clients’ administrative load and perform a large number of tasks such as preparing listings for clients, establishing communication with international clients, arranging repairs and services for properties, and inquiring about legal regulations and licenses necessary in the client’s area.

Multilingual Services
In addition to English, The LM Realtor Service Team is fluent in German and Portuguese. They will encourage a multicultural approach and add multilingual services to the Company’s offering. By showing a distinct cultural understanding and sensibility, the Company will reach multicultural markets within the U.S. in a more efficient way. Additionally, the Company will help U.S. clients expand their reach to German, Portuguese, and Brazilian clients, including selling their services in the region.

Welcome Our New Standard Member!
David Kolan, CPA and Director with Berkowitz Pollack Brant

David Kolan is a CPA and Director with Berkowitz Pollack Brant, a regional accounting, audit, tax, forensic, business advisory and wealth management firm headquartered in Miami. Berkowitz Pollack Brant serves companies, business owners, investment groups, family offices and individuals operating on a domestic and international basis. Berkowitz Pollack Brant is a member of PKF International, a global network of accounting firms with offices located in all major cities across the world. Through our PKF affiliate offices, we can serve clients in the U.S. and all areas of the world.

Offices in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and New York City

Welcome Our New Individual Member!
Christian F. Schoepp, PhD., JD., MPA, ESQ.,

is a licensed Florida attorney, who focuses his practice on catastrophic personal injury, accidents, and wrongful death cases. He also uses his extensive experience in international relations and diplomacy to the benefit of the firm’s business clients.  
He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Master of Public Administration, a Doctor of Philosophy in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and a Juris Doctor with a specialty in alternative dispute resolution. He also holds graduate certificates in Negotiations, Human Resource Policy and Management and Health Law. 
Prior to practicing law in Florida, Christian worked with Global Affairs Canada. As a Senior Consular Officer, he was often called upon to operate intelligence activities and handle high profile cases with foreign governments and international affiliates.  
He participated in both national and international crisis operations as part of emergency management response teams and built relationships with senior stakeholders and law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada and around the world. 
Christian is a published author and has extensively written on the topic of conflict resolution. He has taught at both the undergraduate and doctoral levels for more than 15 years. 
As a member of the German American Chamber of Commerce in Miami, Christian looks forward to getting involved with both its members and the German public at large.

Welcome Our New Student Members!
Tim Neusesser

Tim Neusesser is a Young Professional with a wide range of international experience. Born and raised in Germany, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the renowned University of Cologne. Simultaneously, he was working as a General Manager for a German mid-size company that operates in the furniture industry.

In 2018, Tim chose to adjust his path into an international direction. He joined the London-based, worldwide leading procurement consultancy Efficio Ltd. as a Business Analyst, before he eventually moved to the USA to pursue his MBA at Clayton State University in Atlanta. For this venture Tim received a full soccer scholarship. He served two years as a captain and earned Academic All-American honors as the first student-athlete in Clayton State’s history.

Recently, Tim moved to Miami to start his own IT-side-business and to strive forward his international career. Therefore, he is looking forward to join a company which would benefit from his entrepreneurial mindset, his dedication and leadership, and his broad international expertise. Feel free to reach out to Tim via or (678) 301-8021.

Katharina Bader

Dear GABC Members, I am an attorney from Germany and admitted to the german bar. In May this year I completed my Master of Laws degree in Miami. Now I am looking for a job opportunity in the Miami area. During my master studies in the US I focused on international sales, corporate and immigration law and I am planning to take the New York Bar exam in 2021/2022 (an US work permit is available as well). I am happy for any help or tips!

GABC Trustee Members
Why Becoming a Member Now?!
Why becoming a member during Covid-19 times?

In-person events are a "No Go" right now. However, it doesn't mean we still should lose touch with the world. Here at the GABC, we continue to be an important platform to our members, now more than ever. As you probably know, in the past few weeks we have been spending a lot of time online, and this is where we create visibility for your business and for yourself.

How do we do that?

  • Visibility on Social Media (450 views per post)
  • Special Promotion through E-Campaigns (5,500+ readers)
  • Shout out's in our Newsletter

Just send us the information you would like us to share and we will publish it for you!

What else do we offer?

  • Social Online Events
  • Educational Webinars

As a member, you always have the chance to also be a speaker at our webinars! Share your knowledge with our community. Whether you share your business expertise, or some interesting Covid-19 best-practices, we all want to hear about it!

Just reach out to us and we explain to you how it works!

We promise to continue to bring you even more creative alternatives to staying in touch with the German-American community in South Florida, and promoting your business. 
Member Updates
Mahin's Skincare moved to South of Fifth (410 Meridian Avenue).

Treat yourself with a relaxing Deep Cleansing European Facial or an Anti Aging Oxygenating TRIO Treatment! Both at the price of $120 for a 60 minute treatment.

First time clients receive the European Deep Cleanse treatment for a
welcome price of $70.

Just check it out yourself:
You can also find her treatment and much more at our online auction!

GABC President Claudio Riedi and the lawfirm Lehtinen Schultz, PLLC moved offices:
Current Travel Restrictions leave a lot of unclarity to the Germans residing in the USA.

Ellen von Geyso, Immigration Lawyer, created two websites focusing on the Dual Citizenship:

LifeCann MD launched an Online Shop.
You can now order their CBD products online from home!

Read more in their Newsletter:
Member Events

Roundtable discussion held at the University of Miami, October 2020
Join this expert-led discussion about how the Germany, the European Union, and the United States have responded to COVID-19. How have these countries been impacted by the disease, medically, politically, and economically? What is the current state of Transatlantic relations and what does the future hold?
Speakers include Dr. Louise K. Davidson-Schmich (Professor of Political Science, University of Miami), Mr. Andreas T. Siegel (Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands), Dr. Zinzi Bailey (Assistant Scientist, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Jay Weiss Institute for Health Equity at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center), Dr. Markus Thiel (Associate Professor, Florida International University Department of Politics & International Relations), Mr. David Kramer (Senior Fellow in the Václav Havel Program for Human Rights and Diplomacy, Florida International University) and Dr. Brian Blankenship (Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Miami).  
0:00 – Dr. Louise K. Davidson-Schmich “Introduction and Acknowledgements”
9:22 – Mr. Andreas Siegel "The German Response"
24:51 – Dr. Zinzi Bailey "The United States’ Response"
40:00 - Dr. Markus Thiel "The European Union’s Response"
1:00:43 – Mr. David Kramer "Democracy and Human Rights during the Pandemic"
1:13:40 – Dr. Brian Blankenship “Transatlantic Relations in a Time of Pandemic”
1:30:24 - Questions from Students at the University of Miami and Florida International University
This Roundtable was financed by a generous grant from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Washington, DC’s Campus Weeks Building Tomorrow program. The video was produced by 5801 Productions. Link:
Join the GABC Family!
Dear GABC members, 

We are happy to announce our new and updated GABC Benefits for members!

What GABC Benefits? 
All registered GABC members receive special discounts or promotions from our member/partner companies. With discounts for legal consultations to your restaurant bill, make sure you take advantage of these exclusive offers!

Who participates in the program? 

How can I participate?
If you would like to promote your product/service and have a benefit you can provide our members, please contact us at to be included in the program.

Should you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out back to us. 

Kind regards, 
The GABC Team 
Career Opportunities
The GABC offers job postings and internship assistance.

Companies and employers can publish their vacancies on our Facebook page, as well as in our upcoming newsletters.

For more information please contact the GABC by email: or telephone 305-371-4282.
Members: free
Job Seekers - $50 per post
Companies and Employers - $100 per post
Publish Your Advertisement in our Newsletter
If you are interested in publishing an advertising in the next GABC newsletter, please contact us at or call us at 305-371-4282.


Price per section is:

$ 75 for business card size (approx. 5x9 cm / 2x3.5 inch)

$ 125 for third page ad (approx. 10x18 cm / 4x7 inch)

$ 135 for half page ad (approx. 14x21 cm / 5.5x8 inch)

$ 175 for 1 full page ad

Run ad for 2 Newsletters – receive 10% discount on second ads

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Price per section is:

$ 125 for business card size (approx. 5x9 cm / 2x3.5 inch)

$ 150 for third page ad (approx. 10x18 cm / 4x7 inch)

$ 175 for half page ad (approx. 14x21 cm / 5.5x8 inch)

$ 215 for 1 full page ad

Run ad for 2 Newsletters – receive 10% discount on second ad

Run ad for 3 Newsletters – receive 15% discount on second and third ad 
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The Beacon Council

Enterprise Florida
German International Parents Association
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Dear GABC members and friends, 
We are excited to announce we are increasing our presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We will come back with more stories and events for your joy!
We would love to connect with you and get your feedback.

Board of Directors 2020
Claudio Riedi

Lydia Harley
Vice- President

Timo A. Becker, J.D.

Dr. Volker Anding

Monika Böhm-Fandiño

Nickel Goeseke

Svenja Hammerstein

Madhu Mehta

India Silk USA,
Vice President
Ellen von Geyso

Miriam Moser

Christian Riehl

Jan Heck

Michael Claus

Founding Member of the GABC President Emeritus and Honorary Director of the Board
Peter Jacobs

Founding Member of the GABC and Honorary Director of the Board
Christa Green
GABC President Emeritus
and Honorary Director of the Board
The GABC is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded by local business men and women in Miami. For over 30 years, the organization has promoted business and trade between Germany and the US, particularly in South Florida. The objective of the GABC is to support commercial and personal relations between its members and to promote economic, social and cultural relations between the USA and Germany.

The GABC promotes communication between companies, individuals, organizations and associations that share the same interests.
Leonie Vallerius

Executive Director
Brian Nascimento

German American Business Chamber of South Florida
141 NE 3rd Avenue | Suite 1000 | Miami, FL 33132