Greetings from the President Claudio Riedi
A Word From The President

Those of us who contend with daily rush hour traffic have noticed: traffic is light for Summer. The annual Miami Summer exodus is happening -- and just in time for brutal Summer heat in South Florida.

But where to go to escape the heat? Arizona? Carolinas? New York? Spain? Greece? Germany? It seems like there is no escaping the heat. It is everywhere. Even die-hard climate-change-deniers have to face it: The world is heating up.

So what are we to do? At the GABC, we are slowing the pace of events this Summer, after having almost bi-weekly events during the first part of the year. The GABC has never been this busy before. But for the next few weeks, we are staying cool indoors.

See who was seen at the last few events of the GABC. And see, in our calendar of upcoming events, when you and your company can be seen in this Fall. The GABC offers exposure to your company -- not only exposure to our own members, but to all the members of other European Chambers and beyond. Many of our events have drawn hundreds of attendants, such as the business-card exchange with the European Chambers of Commerce at the Citadel on July20, 2023. Make your company known. Connect, and build your brand. The GABC is here to help.

Where are they now?
Our Board of Directors
Michael Claus
former President of the GABC
"After 21 years in Miami, my wife Sara, our 3 little pooches and myself moved up North to Dover, New Hampshire approx 50 miles north of Boston.
It is not that South Florida did let us go easy. On August 30, 2017 we got our 'parting gift', nameley Hurricane "Irma" and whilst we, like tens of thousands of Floridians, drove north to escape its wrath, it took my beloved sailboat, a Moody 41' and threw her on the rocks of the Seaquarium. A total loss and the end of our Florida days...
A few weeks later we moved 'up I-95' and are now almost 6 years here in New England, in Nu Hamsha as the locals say..
For a little more than 1 year I still worked from home, which I never liked, before retiring officially from Hellmann Worldwide Logistics on Jan 1, 2019.
January 1 because it made it 30 years with the company during which I helped building a global structure as CEO of Global Partner Network.
The GABC was always dear to my heart, and when I joined in 1997 I was welcomed by then President, our good friend, the late Walter Loy and when I eventually took over as President it were big, very big shoes to fill. The GABC had some ups and downs but the vision was always there and I am glad to see, even from a distance, that my successor Claudio Riedi and the entire Board, are doing an excellent job and the GABC is thriving.
The GABC was instrumental for me personally to get established in South Florida and helped me feeling at home, and I will always cherish that.
Of course it is never easy to leave a place you liked and leaving behind a lot of friends, but the New Englanders are special in their own way, pretty close to the people of my native northern Germany. And other than in Miami, there is not a single German or European here amongst my friends (I don't even know any..), but only Americans born in the US, but mostly with European heritage, mainly Irish. Many are well travelled and many love Europe and Germany in particular.
New Hampshire is beautiful. I love the 4 seasons and yes it gets cold, very cold, and we have lots of snow, and the ocean hardly gets any warmer than 60ies, but hey, nur die Harten kommen in den Garten.. as we say in Germany. We have the ocean, lakes, forests and mountains, scenic and romantic and 'wild'.
For us the Atlantic is 20 minutes away and the White Mountains with Mount Washington barely 1 hour up North.
I enjoy in summer, ie April to end September, cycling and the cycling here is different from South Florida as there is hardly a ride with less than 1.500' of ascents, but it is a lot of fun.
End August to approx mid March is my hiking season in the White Mountains, I am a so called 'winter hiker'. The advantage is less bugs, less mud and less tourists. But the backpack is very heavy, because with the threat of very fast changing weather patterns in the so called Alpine Zone above 4.000'
one has to be prepared for all eventualities and that also means carrying always spikes and snow shoes and in January/February getting through high amounts of snow which would be impassable without snow shoes. It is fun though, although hard to believe for South Floridians! Obviously a summit whiskey is a must and later, back in the valleys, also the post-hike beers in one of the many local craft breweries we have here.
Sara is neither a hiker, nor a biker, but she is in her own happy place when she goes out for hours shrooming in the woods, because mushrooms grow everywhere here, particularly during rainy summers like so far this year. And her winter treat is birding. Whilst Herons, Geese, Orioles, Hummingbirds etc all go south to Florida and Mexico, we have the 'Northerners' visiting us, namely the white Snowy Owls who come from the Arctic and stay here at the coast over winter, as are many Bald Eagles and Sara is out and about watching them and taking photos.
For both of us there is a lot of work to grow and maintain our vegetable garden and entire backyard. Our house is right at the edge of a forest and looking out from our 4season-sunroom it feels at times like a National Geography scene and we see the occasional black bear trying to get to our bird feeders. We have 7 trail cameras in the woods and the wildlife we see is stunning. Not only the deer or turkeys, squirrels, chipmonks, but also black bears, coyotes, foxes, skunks, bob cats.

The rural world is different from a big city like Miami, or Hamburg for that matter, but we both love it here and will not go anywhere anymore.
There are no large cities in New Hampshire, or Maine, or Vermont but mostly quaint little villages which makes it so charming and relaxing.
And why did we move here?
It is only a 5 hours drive to Sara's hometown Montreal, where also our daughter and her family lives, plus more of Sara's relatives. Most importantly though is that our son and the grandkids, who are now 12 and 14, live around the corner and we see them almost daily and it is great to see them growing up and be proud grand parents.
If you want to know more about New England, or stay in touch, let me know
Michael Claus"

Upcoming Events!
During the summer month of August, the GABC will only offer a variety of different webinars (more information will follow) that can also be followed by our members and friends that are currently in Europe or travelling.

Webinar on: Stand out with outstanding IP
When: August 3rd, 12pm EST

Dr. Michael Plevan will talk about how to strengthen your brand identity and create company value through Intellectual Property (IP).

The webinar will have a focus on

how to
  • Identify,
  • Protect, and
  • Leverage
Intellectual Property for your business.
Past Events

Webinar with Lennart Hector from BL Consulting Group:
ERP Empowerment - Navigating Digital Transformation for Business Success

When? July 13th, 12pm EST

Understanding ERP Evolution in Digital Transformation:

  • Challenges and Opportunities of ERP-driven Digital Transformation
  • Strategies for Successful ERP Implementation and Digitalization
  • Leveraging ERP for Sustainable Business Growth
  • Overcoming Digitalization Challenges with ERP
  • Future Trends and Innovations in ERP and Digitalization
When? Thursday, June 8th6-8pm
Where? aicomp's office

aicomp | group invited our members and friends to their office for a networking Happy Hour with an assortment of German food and drinks.

The aicomp group is an expert in ERP solutions for the packaging industry, specializing in complex SAP variant configuration and SAP cloud solutions. With offices in Germany, the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and North America, our group of over 80 professionals brings more than 20 years of project experience to packaging manufacturers. Aicomp provides expert-level consulting and development services that enhance their customers' software systems by installing, setting up, and streamlining their business processes, enabling them to respond quickly to their customers' needs. Aicomp continuously develops upgrades for its software solutions with the goal of long-term customer satisfaction.

aicomp is currenlty hiring
When? June 20th, 6:30 - 8:30pm
Where? Moxy Miami Beach

Lufthansa Industry Solutions and the GABC co-hosted a sunset Happy Hour to welcome Lufthansa Industry Solutions into our community and explain more about the services they offer. The event was joined by their office mascot, Pepper.

About Lufthansa Industry Solutions:

The Lufthansa Group subsidiary is based in Norderstedt and employs more than 2,300 members of staff at several branch offices in Germany, Albania, Switzerland, and the USA.
Lufthansa Industry Solutions helps companies to digitize and automate their business processes – from medium-sized to Fortune 500 listed companies. In doing so, they do not just focus on the IT needed, but on their customer’s business as a whole, including its internal and external challenges. This is because digital transformation affects a company’s entire structure and culture, and reaches beyond company borders to collaboration with partners, customers, and suppliers.
If it is a matter of company digitalization, Lufthansa Industry Solutions is the right partner to talk to.

Thanks to the experts from Lufthansa Industry Solutions Melissa Körber-LivingstoneDidem UzunStanislaw Schmal, PhDRan GolaniJonas Limniatis, and Mauro Garcia for walking us through all the latest IT innovations in our path to digitalization!
Fondue Night at Platform by Sogol Decor
When? Thursday, July 6th, 6:30 - 9:30pm
Where? Platform at Sogol Decor

Our lovely Member and Interior Designer Sogol Decor sponsored her gallery Platform by Sogol Decor as a venue for a joint event together with us and the Swiss US Chamber of Commerce.

It was a wonderful networking in her wonderful garden.
European Business Networking Cocktail

When? Thursday, July 20th, 6-8pm
Where? The Citadel Rooftop

The European Chambers (Spanish, Italian, French, British, Irish, and German) hosted a great networking event at the beautiful Citadel Rooftop Bar. Our guests had the opportunity to meet many interesting new people and potential new business partners. We thank everyone for coming!

Our member Anne Schneider from Currencies Exchange was a sponsor of the event.

Thank you so much, Anne, for your continuous support.
Welcome Our New Members!
Welcome Our New Corporate Member!
The German American Business Chamber of South Florida and their members are now a member of the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club. 

Now members of the GABC will be able to enjoy the benefits that Turkish Airlines provides when purchasing airline tickets originating from the USA or GERMANY, to any of their more than 340 destinations around the world. 

Reservations and ticketing must be done through the selected ticketing agency:
Four Seasons Travel - Contact: Maria Luis Varela Phone: 305-604-9800 Email: [email protected] - Agency Address: 605 Lincoln Road, Suite 410 Miami Beach FL 33139

The benefits you get when your tickets are issued with the GABC’s corporate code are:
  • Exclusive discounts on fares
  • Extra baggage allowance on international flights
  • Flexibility to change flight routes and dates depending on your booking class with no penalty
  • Access to Fast Track lines in Istanbul
  • Check-in at the Business class ticket counters
For more information about fares and benefits, please contact Maria Luisa from Four Seasons Travel.

Welcome Our New Business Members!
Lennart Hector from BL Consulting Group

"Welcome to BLCG and H2W, your ERP and digitalization consulting partner. We specialize in customized ERP and cloud solutions, leveraging digital technologies to prioritize customer needs and enhance business operations.

Our team of consultants utilizes best practices in ERP, AI, automation, and hybrid cloud technologies to drive data-driven decision-making and ensure reliable business operations. With expertise in industries such as aerospace, automotive, machine construction, and discrete manufacturing, we offer end-to-end solutions, change management, and technology consulting to help our clients achieve sustainable growth and profitability through digital transformation."

Asime Albota with
Albota Furniture & Reupholstery

"I moved to US from Germany in 2015. 
While in Germany, I was involved for over 17 years in family owned construction

I discovered that my passion was interior design. I like talking with clients, and help them achieve their dreams when it comes to interior design.

While I was working for a well established local Miami reupholster and furniture manufacturing company, I decided to craft my own path and open my own furniture and reupholster company the “Albota Furniture & Reupholstery LLC”.

Although the company is new, my business partner and our employees have over 30 years experience. We carefully select and hire the most experienced and skilled persons. We are taking pride in our craft and we ensure that our products are of best quality with an easy concept: 
Find the best experienced and skilled workers that deliver the best quality and products to our clients and use the best available materials and fabrics (mainly imported from Europe).

There is no project too small or too big for us, we focus on quality and customer satisfaction."

The Maxhaust Active Sound System simulates and reproduces amazingly realistic sounding engines and futuristic e-sounds via the vehicle's characteristics, such as engine speed and load. Diesel, gasoline engine or electric car? With our system, you will experience a sonorous, rich exhaust sound that can be retrofitted to your vehicle!

Welcome Our New Private Individual Members!

Zeno is currently looking for a job in the positions of Financial Controller, Assistant Controller, Senior Accountant, Finance.
You can also find his resume attached.

Here are some words from Zeno:

"My name is Zeno Weidenthaler, and I am an experienced finance and accounting professional. I relocated to the United States in 2006 from Munich, Germany,to pursue my studies at East Carolina University. Since then, I have built a successful career in finance, with a strong focus on accounting and financial controlling.

Following the completion of my master’s degree in accounting, I began my professional journey as an auditor at Langford de Kock (Rödl & Partner), a reputable public accounting firm based in Charlotte, NC. I subsequently obtained my CPA license and transitioned to various positions, including Financial Controller and VP of Finance & HR.

After relocating to South Florida with my wife, I started my tenure at SIMTEC Silicone Parts where I managed all aspects of accounting and finance while also overseeing the Human Resources Department. This experience allowed me to expand my skill set and gain valuable insights into the multifaceted aspects of running a business.

In 2021, I made the decision to prioritize my family and temporarily stepped away from my professional role to help take care of my twin daughters. I am now eager to reenter the finance and accounting field and contribute my expertise to a new organization. Currently, I am actively seeking job opportunities in the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

In terms of hobbies, I find great pleasure in engaging in running, particularly when it comes to tackling longer distances such as half marathons and marathons. Additionally, I take delight in cruising on my road bike along the scenic A1A route. Occasionally, when circumstances align and I have the luxury of time, you might find me on the golf course. I used to be a scratch golfer before I made the move to the United States back in 2006"

Click here for his resume:
Yovita Ivanova

Yovita Ivanova is a Senior Manager at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT - an UN-affiliated organization). She is a Bulgarian-born economist and researcher with an extensive professional background in areas related to climate change, biodiversity, and green economy.

She has spent various years working on sustainable business and investment models providing environmental impact services to companies and impact investors working in the Amazon rainforest. YOVITA graduated from the University of Economics in Sofia, Bulgaria with a Masters degree in Economics and has a second Masters Degree in International Relations from University of Miami.

Prior to her work at CIAT, she has held various high level government positions in Peru (e.g., Adviser to the Vice Minister of Agriculture in Peru), but also worked in Europe and Latin America for several United Nations agencies.

Yovita is also an Adjunct Professor at the School of Global Affairs at the New York University (NYU) and a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) teaching courses on economic growth, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

She is fluent in German and 4 other languages. She has a passion for music (piano), tango, healthy life style and traveling.

You are already a member and would like to get re-introduced or share your business updates? Send us your information to [email protected] and we will publish you in our next newsletter.
GABC Trustee Members
General Updates
The German American Business Chamber, in cooperation with the Netzwerk Deutsch (a loose affiliation of private, educational and consular organizations focused on German language education), is conducting a brief survey of its members concerning German-speaking interns.

We would like to find out who of you would consider hiring a German speaking intern.

Please fill out the survey, it only takes one minute.

Thank you, for your co-operation.

The information collected will possibly be shared by the German American Business Chamber, with Schools, Universities, Students, and the German International Parents Association (GIPA) for the purpose of enabling students to contact businesses interested in hiring interns.
Farewell, und auf Wiedersehen, Consul General Siegel.

The ritual of change of posting for the Consul General of Germany in Miami is upon us once again, and it seems particularly bittersweet this time.

Consul General Andreas Siegel is leaving his post in Miami, and is retiring from foreign service. He and his lovely partner Mme Agnes Meyberger, have become good friends of the German American Business Chamber over the past four years, and we will miss them dearly as they return to Europe in the coming weeks. I personally feel a loss of two wonderful Freunde, or Amis, as Mme Agnes would say.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Consul General Siegel for the great support he extended to our organization, and for the many initiatives he pushed to bring German interests into public view in Miami. He had the misfortune of coming to Miami right before a historic pandemic, where most Consular activities were drastically curtailed, yet he still left his mark on this city and on this organization. The relationships he built in the community are sure to endure, and we are looking forward to seeing him again soon in Miami in an unofficial capacity. Dankeschön, Herr und Frau Generalkonsul.

We are looking forward to meeting Consul General Siegel‘s successor in Miami when he takes office around August. His name is Christofer Burger, and he currently is Sprecher des Auswärtigen Amtes in Germany.
The GABC moved back to Brickell!

After expanding our community and business contacts in the Miami Beach area, the GABC moved back to the Business District - Brickell.
Our mail address is 1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 507, 33131 Miami Florida.

Member Updates
The Immobilien Verband Deutschland (IVD) Federal Association of Real Estate is a large German business association in the housing and real estate industry in the legal form of a registered association. The approximately 6,000 member companies include real estate agents, property managers, and appraisers, as well as financing and financial service providers, project developers, facility managers, property developers, and other professional groups in the real estate industry.
The annual Immobilientag 2023 happened in June in Berlin, which included the membership meeting, speakers, a trade show and networking events. I was able to attend as I am an international member of the IVD. The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) has a bilateral agreement with the IVD for many years. The concerns are similar to our real estate concerns in the US: like affordability, interest rates, AI, professionalism, energy regulations, and education.
President for the past 8 years Jürgen Michael Schick received his laudatio from Christian Lindner, Federal Minister of Finance.
The members voted in Dirk Wohltorf from Berlin to be the new president for a 4 year term.
Some information:
New is basically the obligation of the seller or landlord to obtain an energy certificate before sale or rental, unless a valid certificate is already available. Properties with low energy ratings are very difficult to sell. 
Another noteworthy regulation is the prohibition of certain heating boilers (§ 72 GEG), From 2026 onwards, oil heating systems may only be installed in existing and new buildings if a portion of the heat supply is also ensured through renewable energy sources (hybrid system) or if a connection to the gas or district heating network is not possible. Existing oil or gas heating systems may continue to operate. However, if they were installed or set up before January 1, 1991, they generally may not be operated anymore.
In the first half of 2023, real estate worth around 118 billion euros was sold in Germany. This corresponds to a decrease of over 35 percent compared to the previous year (1st half of 2022: 182 billion euros). This is the result of an estimate by the IVD based on data from the Federal Ministry of Finance on real estate transfer tax revenue.
Dirk Wohltorf, President of the IVD commented: "As a result of rising interest rates, affordability has decreased significantly. However, the uncertainty of potential buyers has an even more toxic effect: What renovation obligations are associated with the Building Energy Act and the European Building Directive for property owners? What kind of funding can be expected, when will it be available, and will these funding programs be sufficient and reliable? As long as these and many other questions are not answered by the government, countless potential homebuyers are blocked in their investment decisions. The uncertainty caused by high interest rates and increased material and labor costs must now be countered with the reliability of political action. Otherwise, the gap that has been created in the asset formation of the generation starting families for a year now will be difficult to close."
We are excited to announce that Heinemann America's newly built-out office space in Coral Gables is available for sublease! This means you have the opportunity to move into brand new suites that are sure to impress your clients and employees.

There are two spaces available for sublease, which are conveniently located right next to each other, and both have amazing terraces. The first is Suite 730, which boasts a spacious 5,021 RSF. The second is Suite 740, which has 2,813 RSF. You have the option of leasing them separately or combining them to create a larger space with 7,834 RSF.
Please see linked here a 3D tour of the space to give you a better idea of the layout and design:

Matterport 3D Showcase.

If you are interested in these stunning suites, please feel free to contact any of the following individuals to arrange a viewing:
Have you heard of Air Europa's Business Class yet?
With a little over 1/2 way in to 2023, I thought it was time for a Miami-Dade Real Estate Update. At least that seems to be the question everyone likes to ask me these days: "Alex, so how's the Miami real estate market? Is it still a good time to sell?"

The EESP-Miami-Florida Jean Monnet Center of Excellence Newsletter is out. Click on below link to find highlights of the many events that they organized in Fall 2022-Spring 2023.  
International Work Group, has several brands located all around the world! Spaces and Regus are two of the brands they have in South Florida. They have over 40 locations in South Florida, just from Boca down to Miami; so where ever you are, there is a workspace close by!

International Work Group would love to offer all our members a free trial of any of their locations for the day, to see if their services might be something you could benefit from. They would allow you to either work in an office or in the Coworking area, in the location of your choosing from 8:30- 5:00, any day Monday to Friday, no obligation necessary. 

They look forward to connecting with our members, and showing you what IWG has to offer to help your business grow!

For more information, please reach out to Jaime Fernandez from IWG:
Tel 305.326.3021 I Email [email protected] I IWGPLC.COM
You are already a member and would like to get re-introduced or share your business updates? Send us your information to [email protected] and we will publish you in our next newsletter.
Deutschsprachige Teilzeit Assistent/in - 33139
Älterer internationaler Attorney, auf Hibiscus Island, braucht Hilfe um seinen Nachlass zu ordnen. Er sucht jemanden mit Büroerfahrung zur Erstellung eines nachvollziehbaren Aktensystems. D. h., Dokumente, Korrespondenzen, Fotos, und was sonst in einem Lebenslauf anfällt, sollte zur späteren Verwendung sortiert, uebersetzt, gescanned, ansonsten geshredded werden.

Je 2 Stunden, vormittags, an drei Arbeitstagen, flexibel nach gegenseitiger Convenienz.

Roland Langen[email protected], 305-776-0020
Why Should You Become a Member?!
Did you know your GABC Membership offers you...

  • Regular Networking Events (avg. 50 attendees)
  • Business connections
  • Special promotion in our Newsletter (reaches 6.000+ contacts)
  • Visibility through our Social Media channels (average 650 views per post)
  • Awareness for your Brand and Product/Service (through newsletter and social media)
  • Numerous educational Webinars
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Make use of our platform that reaches 6.000+ contacts.

As a GABC Member, one of your main benefits is that we promote your business.

As you probably know, more time is spent online these days, this is where we create awareness for yourself and your business!

Why not make use of that?

Just send us the information you would like us to share and we will publish it for you!

Networking Events: 
We regularly host in-Person Networking Events which provide you with the perfect opportunity to connect with people within your industry. Whether you are interested in meeting new business partners or simply make new friends, the GABC and its versatile members can't wait to get to know you and have a great time together!

Showcase your business and create brand awareness:
Whether you have any online events planned, great business updates or news, interesting articles to share or simply just want to provide some background information about your business, we got you covered!

Business Connections:
If you are in need of any certain service, just reach out to us and we will introduce you to an according company. Our services and members vary from investment and tax law, over real estate experts, to immigration law.

Webinar Speaker:
As a member, you always have the chance to be a speaker at our webinars! Share your knowledge or expertise with our community, we all want to hear about it!

Starting a Business:
You are starting a new business or move here to South Florida? The GABC offers packages of specialists that help you with everything from finding the right visa type, starting the business, or finding commercial real estate for the office/warehouse

We provide immediate support without long administrative channels
Career Opportunities
The GABC offers job postings and internship assistance.

Companies and employers can publish their vacancies on our Facebook page, as well as in our upcoming newsletters.

For more information please contact the GABC by email: [email protected] or telephone 305-371-4282.
Members: free
Job Seekers - $50 per post
Companies and Employers - $100 per post
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Non-Members Price list:

$ 125 for business card size (approx. 5x9 cm / 2x3.5 inch)

$ 150 for third page ad (approx. 10x18 cm / 4x7 inch)

$ 175 for half page ad (approx. 14x21 cm / 5.5x8 inch)

$ 215 for 1 full page ad

Run ad for 2 Newsletters – receive 10% discount on second ad

Run ad for 3 Newsletters – receive 15% discount on second and third ad 
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With over 10 years of experience in the business management, marketing, and event management, Leonie Vallerius is managing each department of the GABC, being responsible for setting up and launching marketing projects, events and campaigns for both the GABC's members and the organization’s growth and success.

Leonie is your main contact for any membership related matters.
The GABC is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded by local business men and women in Miami. For over 30 years, the organization has promoted business and trade between Germany and the US, particularly in South Florida. The objective of the GABC is to support commercial and personal relations between its members and to promote economic, social and cultural relations between the USA and Germany.

The GABC promotes communication between companies, individuals, organizations and associations that share the same interests.
German American Business Chamber of South Florida
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