Greetings from the President Claudio Riedi
A Word From The President

What a difference a quarter makes!
Our last Newsletter was published in a different world, a different Universe. Imagine, a mere three months ago, all of our lives were completely different.
And imagine further, that our lives will again be completely different in three months, when our next Newsletter will appear. Completely different, in a good way.
The GABC is working hard to make your imagination a reality: We are using all of our resources – working remotely – to help raise and maintain the profile of our member companies. In this Newsletter, you will see several features where existing members reintroduce themselves. You could be them. For free.
This is the time to take advantage of the membership in the GABC you nurtured all these years: The GABC can be your platform to show the 5,500 contacts on our mailing list why your business is relevant. Such stories can be further shared on social media, and potentially reach tens of thousands of conytacts domestically and abroad. They can help to position your business in the mind of many, as the go-to back to work when we all wake up from our self-induced Dornröschenschlaf.
And the best part of it: You do not need to wait until we publish our next newsletter in three months. As a valued member, you can submit a company profile – as detailed or as simple as you choose – and we will broadcast it to all our contacts for free. For non-members, a fee will apply.
We also recommend that you visit our site, where we will place regular videos we have produced with ideas on how to use this down-time effectively to be sure that you have a fantastic start when things return to normal.

Click at and copy the links to see the videos.

And for now: stay healthy, stay positive, and stay separate.

Claudio Riedi

Video Messages from our GABC President
Events - Postponed
Dear All,

due to current circumstances, we can't offer any Networking Events. HOWEVER, we still want to enable you to hear of each other through the GABC E-Networking Opportunity!

We want to share your information with our members and friends:

Lets Cyber-Network!

We would like to collect  any type of information  about your business, such as:

  • A descriptive text about your business
  • An introcution text about your business
  • A video about your business
  • A photo
  • A video
  • A logo
Anything that describes your business, describes what you do or what you are focussing on.

We will collate this and share with our 5,500+ contacts as an e-mail campaign and on social media.

That means you will still hear of each other and learn more about our always growing GABC community.

You are not a member but still interested? Send us your business information for a flat fee of $50 and we will include your information too.

Members: $0
Non-Members: $50 (includes e-mail campaign to 5,500+ contacts and social media to 1,200+ contacts)

Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay connected throughout this challenging time.

E-mail your information or any questions to 
 or call us on  (305) 371-4282  by  April 9th .

We are in this together!
European Chambers
Networking Event
Award of Excellence
GABC Fundraising Event

As you may know, the GABC relies on your memberships and contributions through fundraising events in order to go on. Unfortunately we had to postpone our planned fundraising event due to the current situation and we realize that some of you may not be able to continue your memberships and we want you to know we understand and we are here for you.

However, we do hope to be able to lean on those of you who can continue to help keep the GABC active. We are in the process of creating a GoFundMe to which we invite you to contribute. 

All your contributions will go directly to our lovely staff and to cover the essentials to help keep the GABC running. Any amount is appreciated and your donations may be anonymous, however, we are more then happy to acknowledge your generosity publicly and offer some valuable PR for you and/or your business in return.

More information on the GoFundMe Link will follow.
What to do in times of
Home Office and Self-Quarantine:
From Members to Members
Do you feel like redecorating your apartment?
Do you need changes? Do you want to make use of all the time spending at home right now?

Interior Designer  Sogol Décor  offers to all GABC members a
30 minute  free  virtual consultation! I
A message from our Partner Florida Sun :

"Although Covid-19 has disrupted everyone’s life, we will continue to serve the communities and deliver desired editorial to our readers. For your convenience, the digital edition of the Florida Sun Magazine is now available FREE of charge."

Please click the link to view and enjoy:
For 20+ years, Florida Sun Magazine provides outstanding editorial on travel, lifestyle, immigration, real estate and more serving visitors, investors, immigrants , and expats.

To learn more, visit  
or contact Kirsten Larrain at
A message from our dear member, Kiki Kuhnert:

"Dear friends of the GABC,

Only days ago we all lived quite "normal"lives and no one could have imagined how it looks today.

Basically, nothing is how it has been before, and I assume many changes will be here to stay.

The circumstances have different impacts on different people.
I, for example, am in Frankfurt, from where I had planned to return home some time ago (and I only packed for a week...:-))

So today I am greeting you from the motherland, hoping that you are all healthy and at home.

As a member of the GABC for almost two decades, you all know me for my charitable work, the consulting firm, and perhaps my books. However, likely very few you know me as a coach.
I have been coaching individuals and groups for over 15 years, from different backgrounds, age groups, and for different reasons.

Due to my own history, a state of crisis is very familiar to me and it is usually the time when people turn to me for counselling and support.
COVID-19 ist putting the world to a test and placing nearly everyone into unknown economic positions.
The quarantine is adding to possible hardship and the lack of social interaction may lead to sadness.
My vision of the togetherness of our members is to support each other wherever we can, and therefor I am offering a 30 minute coaching session free of charge to all members of the GABC.

Please accept this "Big Hug" from a distance,
and if you feel like it, contact me via WhatsApp on my German Mobile
and we can schedule a talk via Zoom or Skype.

Warm regards

Kirsten Kuhnert
Covid-19 Support
Updates from our Members
Interesting to Read..
Article submitted by Monika Böhm-Fandiño
GABC Board Director and Owner of LifeCann MD
Article submitted by  T imo Becker
GABC Board Director and Lawyer at
Article submitted by Ameriworld Fulfillment  
Need Kitchen Supplies?

Miele can provide you with a wide range of tools!

Nobilia can provide you with kitchen furniture and accessories!
Welcome Our New Members!
Welcome Our New Standard Member!
Kuhnert Coaching

"Our times are fast, diverse, and ever-changing. But our minds, psyche, and bodies are not made for that kind of speed. We therefore face new challenges every day."

Just as not every dispute requires the consolation of a lawyer, not every situation in life demands psychotherapy. What Kuhnert Coaching seeks to achieve is to give each client the ability to independently adjust to situations, other individuals, challenges and to bethink oneself of their own abilities. 
"Sometimes you just need to change your perspective by a few degrees in order to see clearly"

Why Kirsten Kuhnert?

  • Her own path of life covers almost every facet of human tragedy, giving Kirsten Kuhnert a uniquely empathetic viewpoint.
  • Kirsten Kuhnert’s program has been built from her life experiences. Its core concept focuses on channeling negative, even tragic, experiences to create positive energy.
  • Because of this, she is a more than valuable coach to clients from all walks of life: from building up powerful managers to family counseling.
  • Kirsten Kuhnert is neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. She would always, however, should the need arise, consult one or advise her client to seek one if necessary.

"Who strives for the impossible has little competition"
Kirsten Kuhnert

Dr. Berhard S. B., PhD Psychologist, Professor at UM
"I have known Kirsten Kuhnert for many years in the capacity of both mother of a patient and a colleague...She has become a professional in the field, dedicated to improving the quality of life of people.

Faye D, Psychotherapist, Willemstad
"I value her candid and honest advice. Her downright strong sensitivity to her surroundings allows her to uniquely perceive situations and emotions very quickly. During her interventions she is direct as well as empathetic."

Member of the Month!
Kelley Kronenberg is a diverse, business law firm that provides litigation and other legal services to established corporations, insurance companies, entrepreneurs and individuals in Florida and other regions of the U.S. More than 160 lawyers strong, the firm offers more than 35 distinct practice areas throughout its network of eleven offices in Florida and Illinois. Founded in 1980, Kelley Kronenberg was built on relationships and continues to grow and excel because of its strength, offering sound legal counsel and exceptional client service. Known primarily as a Defense law firm, Kelley Kronenberg has broken the mold by welcoming Justice for Kids, a leading Child Advocacy Plaintiff group.

Kelley Kronenberg has been named to Best Places to Work 2020 by  South Florida Business Journal,  is one of America’s Top Corporate Law Firms in 2019 by  Forbes , ranked in the top 20 largest law firms in Florida by  Florida Trend and the Daily Business Review , has been recognized as a Top Law Firm in Florida by the  South Florida Legal Guide  and  LexisNexis  ®  Martindale-Hubbell ®, and is ranked in the top 10 in the  NLJ  500 Women’s Scorecard. More information on practice areas and office locations is available at .
Born in Heidelberg, Germany Lydia Harley is a Partner in the firm’s Fort Lauderdale office, managing the International Practice Group at Kelley Kronenberg. Lydia focuses her practice on the defense of General Liability, Construction law, and Family Immigration. In her free-time, Lydia is a passionate triathlete, training and competing in international IRONMAN 70.3 races. For more information on Lydia Harley, please click  here .

Together with the GABC, Kelley Kronenberg has offered a variety of breakfast seminars including brisant topics such as "the me too movement", "principled leadership" and many more. They also provided our members with a business luncheon with Michael Finney from the Beacon Council.

We have many more events planned in the future.

Join the GABC Family!
Dear GABC members, 

We are happy to announce our new and updated GABC Benefits for members !

What GABC Benefits? 
All registered GABC members receive special discounts or promotions from our member/partner companies. With discounts for legal consultations to your restaurant bill, make sure you take advantage of these exclusive offers!

Who participates in the program? 

How can I participate?
If you would like to promote your product/service and have a benefit you can provide our members, please contact us at to be included in the program.

Should you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out back to us. 

Kind regards, 
The GABC Team 
Our Past Events!

February 12th, 2020

On February 12th, we had our bi-monthly stammtisch at Platform by Sogol Decor, the gallery of two interior designers , who hosted our Stammtisch with delicious home made Persian food.

It was a great opportuity to network, while enjoyoying the Persian snacks and drinks.
The Grand Opening of Rhenus Logistics
Tuesday, March 10th

On Tuesday Night,  we celebrated the Grand Opening Reception of  Rhenus Logistics  new America’s Regional Headquarter. We enjoyed such an amazing evening with them!

They have a gigantic warehouse in best location right next to the airport!
Thank you for arranging this!
On the Left: Schmersahl
On the right: Bartz
On the middle: Godoy
Career Opportunities
The GABC offers job postings and internship assistance.

Companies and employers can publish their vacancies on our Facebook page, as well as in our upcoming newsletters.

For more information please contact the GABC by email: or telephone 305-371-4282.
Members: free
Job Seekers - $50 per post
Companies and Employers - $100 per post
Publish Your Advertisement in our Newsletter
If you are interested in publishing an advertising in the next GABC newsletter, please contact us at or call us at 305-371-4282.


Price per section is:

$ 75 for business card size (approx. 5x9 cm / 2x3.5 inch)

$ 125 for third page ad (approx. 10x18 cm / 4x7 inch)

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$ 175 for 1 full page ad

Run ad for 2 Newsletters – receive 10% discount on second ads

Run ad for 3 Newsletters – receive 15% discount on second and third ads 

Price per section is:

$ 125 for business card size (approx. 5x9 cm / 2x3.5 inch)

$ 150 for third page ad (approx. 10x18 cm / 4x7 inch)

$ 175 for half page ad (approx. 14x21 cm / 5.5x8 inch)

$ 215 for 1 full page ad

Run ad for 2 Newsletters – receive 10% discount on second ad

Run ad for 3 Newsletters – receive 15% discount on second and third ad 
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Dear GABC members and friends, 
We are excited to announce we are increasing our presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We will come back with more stories and events for your joy!
We would love to connect with you and get your feedback.

Board of Directors 2020
Claudio Riedi

Lydia Harley
Vice- President

Timo A. Becker, J.D.

Dr. Volker Anding

Monika Böhm-Fandiño

Nickel Goeseke

Svenja Hammerstein

Madhu Mehta

India Silk USA,
Vice President
Ellen von Geyso

Miriam Moser

Christian Riehl

Antje Zgrzebski

Jan Heck

Miele USA
Michael Claus

Founding Member of the GABC President Emeritus and Honorary Director of the Board
Peter Jacobs

Founding Member of the GABC and Honorary Director of the Board
Christa Green
GABC President Emeritus
and Honorary Director of the Board
The GABC is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded by local business men and women in Miami. For over 30 years, the organization has promoted business and trade between Germany and the US, particularly in South Florida. The objective of the GABC is to support commercial and personal relations between its members and to promote economic, social and cultural relations between the USA and Germany.

The GABC promotes communication between companies, individuals, organizations and associations that share the same interests.
Leonie Vallerius

Executive Director
Nicole Jara


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