Greetings from the President Claudio Riedi
A Word From The President

It is June 2020, and the economy in South Florida is coming back to life. While business is different, and while many rituals we took for granted in Miami (…shaking hands, un fuerte abrazo…) are gone for good, it is undeniable that the economy is roaring back to life. We do not know how long it will take, and what set-backs we can expect, but things will get better for all our members.
But reopening the economy is much harder than shutting it down. While it took the stroke of a pen to end international air travel, it takes many agreements by many governments to bring international travel back to Miami. We will be working harder for less for a long time. But we will be back in the same room with you in the near future. In the meantime, your Board has doubled its efforts and now meets every two weeks to keep the GABC moving.
In this issue of the newsletter we continue to salute our members who have worked with us through this difficult time. We list contributors to gave money to the GABC from the goodness of their hearts. We all felt that this organization is worth preserving and offers something to everyone, and the contributions we received on our Go-Fund-Me page prove that.
Until we meet and I can thank all of you in person, the GABC will forge ahead with many virtual events and Webinars. Some are advertised in this newsletter, but many more are in the works. Stay tuned, and check back often.

Claudio Riedi

Video Messages from our GABC President
Claudio Riedi sent you regular video messages with motivational words, tips and ideas on how to get through this time.
We are in this together!
The GABC in the News
Miami Today Newspaper interviewed us on our point of view of the impact of Covid-19 on businesses and the economy.
In the picture: one of our informative breakfast seminars about Digital Strategy by Alexander Rauser, founder of Prototype .
Bosch S ervice Solutions, Miele USA and the Florida Sun Magazine were among the seminar attendees.
Meet the GABC Board South Florida German Business Leaders in Covid-19 Times. ​

Webinar, June 9th, 10am EST

Together with the Florida Sun Magazine, Claudio Riedi, Alexandra Peters, Ellen von Geyso and Timo Becker, Board Directors of the GABC as well as longtime business leaders covering different branches will speak about Real Estate, Immigration and Investment and share their experience and expertise through the times of Covid-19 via a Q&A.
Free Admission
Yoga Immunity through Breath, Nutrition and Wisdom

Join Sri Sudarshan and the GABC for a
free 60 minute online session for the major insights into Yoga & Health.

Listen to mentally inspiring teachings about
nutrition, immunity, meditation and many more!

Webinar, June 12th, 12pm (noon) EST

Free Admission

Stay tuned for our Webinar Series:
Back to the new "Normal"
Date: to be announced

We will host a discussion between GABC Board Members as well as other members about how they think the new "normal" will look like in the future.

The discussion will be led by your questions.
Covid19 from a Landlord perspective
Date: to be announced

Nickel Goeseke , Director of Cervera Real Estate will speak about his perspective about the current situation.
Date: to be announced

Rolando Aedo, Chief Operating Officer from the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau as well as Immigration Lawyer Ellen von Geyso P.A. get together to discuss tourism and travel restrictions.
You want to be a Speaker at one of our Webinars? No problem!

Just reach out to us and we can work on a joint Webinar!
Lets Cyber-Network!

Dear All,

due to current circumstances, we can't offer any Networking Events. HOWEVER, we still want to enable you to hear of each other through the GABC E-Networking Opportunity!

You might have seen our first E-Networking campaign already, where we re-introduced various businesses.

We have received great feedback for this so we will put together a second round!

If you haven't been listed yet and would like to get re-introduced, just send us any of the following information :

  • A descriptive text about your business
  • A video about your business
  • A photo of yourself
  • A logo
Anything that describes your business, describes what you do or what you are focussing on.
We want to share your information with our members and friends:

We will collate this and share with our 6,000+ contacts as an e-mail campaign and on social media.

That means you will still hear of each other and learn more about our always growing GABC community.

You are not a member but still interested? Send us your business information for a flat fee of $50 and we will include your information too.

Members: $0
Non-Members: $50 (includes e-mail campaign to 5,500+ contacts and social media to 1,200+ contacts)

Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay connected throughout this challenging time.

E-mail your information or any questions to  [email protected] 
 or call us on  (305) 371-4282  by  June 30th .

We are in this together!
Award of Excellence
GABC Fundraising Event

As you may know, the GABC relies on your memberships and contributions through fundraising events in order to go on. Unfortunately we had to postpone our planned fundraising event but would like to keep the opportunity open to donate in order to keep the GABC active.

In return, we are more than happy to acknowledge your generosity publicly and offer some valuable PR for you and your business.

In the past weeks, we have been working on a lot of alternative ideas to represent and promote your business as much as possible and we keep working on new ideas in order to keep your membership beneficial and valuable.

We want to continue suport you and we hope to be able to lean on those of you who can continue to help keep the GABC active. All your contributions will support to cover the essentials and keep the GABC running. Any amount is appreciated and your donations may be anonymous. 

We would also like to share a comment made by one of the donors from the LifeCann MD team .
This comment was very touching for us:


What does it tell us when an unpaid intern, young and in college, is one of the first in giving a donation to keep the GABC alive?

He is not seeking economic compensation, does not do it because of culture or ethnicity, I am sure of that.
He does it because in the few months he worked as a volunteer he was impressed by the people he met, enjoyed the pre-covid socialization that the GABC brought about. He laughed with the jokes of the president, learned from the experience of the executive director and got immersed in the concept of people coming together for a cause, a celebration, an exchange of information that this organization is able to do in a majestic way.

He is not German, neither am I, neither is our flamboyant president (Claudio that is, no Trump) but this is not about been born in the Fatherland, is about what Germany and Germans represent.

It is about the solidarity of all of us, the mere fact of being together in adversity and the celebration of success. It is about accomplishment, is about memories of the past and projection into the future. It is about those who fell but were the founders of the organization, the Walters and Thomases, the others who are still with us, the Peters, the Christas…

Do not let the GABC disappear into the fog of failure just because hard times are here. We do not have a Solidaritaetszuschlag but we have the experiences of similar past times and we know after the storm a rainbow will appear, not with a pot of gold in its end. The gold is within its members.

What does it tell us when Brian the intern comes to save the GABC? It tells us about an accomplished young man and a remarkable organization.

Please give a donation.
Thank you."

On this Note, we would like to thank all our previous donors:
Thank you for supporting us. We are looking forward to thanking you in person, hopefully soon again.
We would also like to thank our anonymous/private donors!

Welcome Our New Members!
Welcome Our New Corporate Member!
Bosch Service Solutions

"Bosch Service Solutions is a leading provider for Business Process Outsourcing. Based out of Fort Lauderdale (FL), we help our clients to implement a digitization strategy, new services and interaction channel design to be ready for tomorrow’s expectations.
Our expertise is centered on service offering in these four key areas: Customer Experience Services, Mobility Services, Monitoring Services, and Business/Financial Services.
We are looking to engage with Florida based companies that are ready to re-launch or optimize their business .

Bosch Service Solutions is part of Bosch Group, the German company that besides operating in many verticals (IoT, consumer goods, industrial and building technologies) is more commonly known for the auto parts supply and its mobility solutions. As our company’s service’s division, we are proud in assisting many mobility players (market leaders and premium brands such as BMW, Volkswagen, FCA, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini among many others) to enhance the perceived value of their customers by offering a comprehensive list of solutions that makes user’s journey much more pleasant and worry free.
With worldwide presence operating in more than 15 countries, speaking 35 languages and assisting more than 15 million vehicles globally, we support our partners since general  points of contact with their customers  (e.g.:  contact center for commercial or product inquiries ) until more elaborated services in sensitive and critical situations (e.g.:  technical level support/remote diagnosis  and/or  on spot support and towing for breakdowns  or even  emergency assistance  in case of accidents) or convenience offerings (e.g.:  concierge services  or  charging station location )."

Watch the videos to get a better understanding of Bosch Service Solutions
Video in English
Video in German
Welcome Our New Standard Member!
WeyBorn Glass Technologies

WeyBorn Glass Technologies established itself as a leader in the specialty glass industry. Since 1983 through its subsidiaries WeyBorn is a worldwide leader in providing research and implementing the needs for the design and architectural industry with the unusual glass needs.


"Immigrating from Germany the Born family set roots in the United States over a half a century ago,
I moved to Florida at the end of the 70’s where I set up business and traveled the country extensively. I was able to restore my citizenship to Germany and I feel it is an important part of my heritage to keep intact. My most recent trip to Germany I felt inspired to connect with other businesses from Germany and to help with any economic and development here in the United States.
One of my strongest assets has always been is finding solutions and help develop a forecast of business development and economic growth.
Bernd H Born"

The path of a virus can be seen with scientific instruments, while the path of a human soul can be seen only in the light of spiritual wisdom. Yoga, the most ancient tradition of the world, awakens the practitioner to their ever-present, ever-conscious and ever-blissful reality. Timeless instructions are received through Satsang, direct association with the truth. SKYLIGHT YOGA and founder, Sri Sudarshan, provide an advanced understanding of the physical, mental and spiritual practices of Yoga, and their out-comes; leading us through an intelligent and precise sequence of Hatha Yoga exercises and proper breathing, or developing intuitive knowledge of how the art and science of Yoga is applied in daily life.

Through the discourse of Satsang, Yoga’s most profound and impactful teachings come to life.

Leader Sri Sudarshan teaches Yoga by the divine grace and blessing of his beloved Guru, enlightened Sage and living Master of Yoga, Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda at the Yoga Research Foundation in Miami, FL, who is the highly revered and last direct disciple of one of the world's preeminent spiritual masters, Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati. In the Brahma Vidya Guru lineage he received the name, Sri Sudarshan, meaning “The remover of blindness and ignorance and bestower of true vision by the power of divine grace through self-effort,” and has committed his life to disseminating the authentic teachings of Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality. Having received the profound blessing of initiation in many lifetimes, Sri Su-darshan reminds all students to ask three essential questions: "Who Am I? What is my Purpose? What is my Goal?” Joining philosophy with action is the way of improving oneself, serving the world and gradu-ally attaining Self-realization.

Based at the SKYLIGHT YOGA Ashram in Miami Beach, Sri Sudarshan provides the powerful, practical and profound insights into physical health, mental stability and spiritual grace. Light up the sky at

What else does SKILIGHT YOGA offer?
Keynote Speaking: SKYLIGHT YOGA helps businesses to achieve maximum flow and output by inspiring employees.

Corporate Program: SKYLIGHT YOGA offers a comprehensive Health Program that is customized to your organization's specific needs and schedules.

Real Health, Real Success: SKYLIGHT YOGA is trusted by high-performing multinational companies, corporate exectuives and business professionals to increase mental power, reduce stress and maximize health.

(All-Levels) 75-min Fundamentals of Hatha Yoga on Tuesdays @ 6:00 PM ET 
(All-Levels) 60-min Insights into Yoga & Spirituality on Thursdays @ 8:00 PM ET

Individual classes and class descriptions are listed here  with a new focus in each class, every week!

All Memberships can be found at:  with unlimited classes and infinite blessings!
SKYLIGHT YOGA Memberships have removed the financial barrier to Yoga!
"Businesses that invest in the health of their employees see their employees invest in the health of their business". -Sri Sudarshan, Founder at SKYLIGHT YOGA.

From Members to Members
Sogol Décor helps you create and design your ergonomic, cozy and functional Office or Learning space as we are all adapting to a new lifestyle.  
For a limited time we offers to all GABC members a 30 minute free virtual design consultation.  

                Finally WE make YOU feel home again! I [email protected]
A message from our dear member, Kiki Kuhnert:

Especially in these difficult times, many people are insecure, sad, lonely, tend to be depressed, feel overwhelmed as parents,
are afraid of the future, partnership problems can no longer be ignored, and issues that lie in the past come to light (again).

And to contribute here, Kiki Kuhnert from  Kuhnert Coaching  decided to offer to all GABC Members a free session online for those with the greatest concerns.

Read her Message below:

"Dear friends of the GABC,

Only days ago we all lived quite "normal"lives and no one could have imagined how it looks today.

Basically, nothing is how it has been before, and I assume many changes will be here to stay.

The circumstances have different impacts on different people.
I, for example, am in Frankfurt, from where I had planned to return home some time ago (and I only packed for a week...:-))

So today I am greeting you from the motherland, hoping that you are all healthy and at home.

As a member of the GABC for almost two decades, you all know me for my charitable work, the consulting firm, and perhaps my books. However, likely very few you know me as a coach.
I have been coaching individuals and groups for over 15 years, from different backgrounds, age groups, and for different reasons.

Due to my own history, a state of crisis is very familiar to me and it is usually the time when people turn to me for counselling and support.
COVID-19 ist putting the world to a test and placing nearly everyone into unknown economic positions.
The quarantine is adding to possible hardship and the lack of social interaction may lead to sadness.
My vision of the togetherness of our members is to support each other wherever we can, and therefor I am offering a coaching session free of charge to all members of the GABC .

Please accept this "Big Hug" from a distance,
and if you feel like it, contact me via WhatsApp on my German Mobile
and we can schedule a talk via Zoom or Skype.

Warm regards

Kirsten Kuhnert
Our Members during the Lock Down
"We are OPEN at Coldwell Banker Realty and business continues as usual, except for abiding by social distancing guidelines and some of the showings happening virtually. Our tools and technology allow me to supply you with vital market reports so you can be well-informed, including date on homes for sale, homes sold and your home's current value."

"Due to the stay-home policy in the US and Germany, the offices of Rosa-Alscher Group had to shut down and will open again within a few days. However, during the last weeks, we worked remotely from our homes on current projects. The management was rethinking the business strategy to anticipate predicted market changes for our future products. Hence we will be able to come out stronger than before."

"Our mission for Dolphin Aid America, to support all those in need of help to realise rehabilitation through animal facilitaded therapy with the aid of dolphins, remains the same during the shut down. We are focussing with undivided attention on our mission and rely on your continued support. Please continue to donate. Thank You" 

Ellen von Geyso, PA is an immigration law practice based in Miami, Florida. Despite the disruptions brought by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we remain fully operational. However, we are presently scheduling all consultations via telephone, facetime, or Zoom calls. 
During this unprecedented time, immigration laws and administrative procedures have changed dramatically and on an almost weekly basis. Consequently, we are busy assisting clients with their often-urgent legal needs. We also publish frequent updates and blog posts about current immigration law matters. In order to address our increased case load, Ms. Elise Genzmer has joined our team as a paralegal. Further, due to the increase in inquiries from people desiring to move to Europe, we will soon launch new webpages solely devoted to German citizenship law. Stay tuned! 
If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly via Email, WhatsApp, SMS or phone. For the time being, in most cases, we have waived our consultation fee. We hope to continue serving as a resource for members and friends of the GABC and the German American community at large.

"Our Team of Kuhnert Coaching is active in home office. We are keeping busy with various consultation calls. We opened a new task force, still offering an emergency consultation free of charge to all members of the GABC, and for those in distress thereafter offering counselling for a discounted price. For more information just send an email [email protected]"

"LifeCann MD is a medical marijuana evaluation clinic headquartered in Miami and serving all of South Florida, Orlando and Sarasota. While remaining open during Covid-19, added services such as curbside pick-up and online shopping to accommodate the patients’ needs by maintaining safe CDC guidelines. The clinic gets cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis and the staff wears protective masks and gloves as a precaution. The safety and health of our patients has been and will always be our priority."

Madhu Mehta - INDIA SILK USA Inc.
"I am enjoying using the "luxury of time" designing my new collection of decorating fabrics.

If anyone is interested in beautiful sophisticated embroideries on silk and linens,please feel free to call me 305-343-7826. I am selling stock at very low prices!

By the way, in case you want to make masks, I will be happy to give you small pieces of beautiful silk!"

"Hi, I am Christel Silver with Silver International Realty in Delray Beach. I am selling residential real estate on the Southeast Coast of Florida, and I like to share with you how business is done during this time:
We will meet via zoom to better understand your real estate needs, and yes, I will take time to answer all your questions. Any homes coming on the market that matches your needs, will be send to you for review, if you are interested in one home, I will visit the home and send you a virtual tour. All documents will be signed in the comfort of your home. Lenders, Home Inspectors, Title companies: they are all equipped to help you virtually. The inspection report will come with many pictures and the mobile notary can notarize all closing documents. Yes, you can buy your new home virtually, but as the businesses are opening up again, we can also meet in person while complying with the CDC requirements.

If you have any questions, please call me at 5619295799 or visit my website:"

"Sogol Décor's COVID-19 Diaries. We looked back and realized how we stayed busy and creative during this crisis with some current interior design projects and have gotten to meet new clients in their homes via video call consultations. We implemented our years of knowledge, experience and resources in the Interior Design industry and explored different technologies to connect best with clients who needed our assistance during their new "Stay at Home" life.

Sogol Décor helps you create and design your ergonomic, cozy and functional Office or Learning space as we are all adapting to a new lifestyle.  
For a limited time we offer a 30 minute free virtual design consultation.  

                Finally WE make YOU feel home again!"

"The Team of Toscana Divino is excited to announce it reopened it's doors on May 27th with new rules but the same exceptional Italian food.
Come and celebrate with us!"

Updates from our Members
LifeCann MD launched an Online Shop.
You can now order their CBD products online from home!
Interesting to Read..
Finally, some good news from USCIS
On May 28th, 2020 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it is preparing for some domestic offices to reopen and resume nonemergency public services on or after June 4, 2020. Offices will reduce the number of appointments and interviews to ensure social distancing. USCIS also provided guidelines for entering its facilities. Visit the USCIS office closures page for the latest information on the status of individual offices.

This information was provided by immigration attorney Ellen von Geyso. Her law office, Ellen von Geyso, PA, is located in Miami, Florida.
Join the GABC Family!
Dear GABC members, 

We are happy to announce our new and updated GABC Benefits for members !

What GABC Benefits? 
All registered GABC members receive special discounts or promotions from our member/partner companies. With discounts for legal consultations to your restaurant bill, make sure you take advantage of these exclusive offers!

Who participates in the program? 

How can I participate?
If you would like to promote your product/service and have a benefit you can provide our members, please contact us at [email protected] to be included in the program.

Should you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out back to us. 

Kind regards, 
The GABC Team 
Our Past Events!

February 12th, 2020

On February 12th, we had our bi-monthly stammtisch at Platform by Sogol Decor, the gallery of two interior designers , who hosted our Stammtisch with delicious home made Persian food.

It was a great opportuity to network, while enjoyoying the Persian snacks and drinks.
The Grand Opening of Rhenus Logistics
Tuesday, March 10th

On Tuesday Night,  we celebrated the Grand Opening Reception of  Rhenus Logistics  new America’s Regional Headquarter. We enjoyed such an amazing evening with them and are happy to welcome them as new members!

They have a gigantic warehouse in best location right next to the airport!

Thank you for arranging this!
On the Left: Schmersahl
On the right: Bartz
On the middle: Godoy
Career Opportunities
The GABC offers job postings and internship assistance.

Companies and employers can publish their vacancies on our Facebook page, as well as in our upcoming newsletters.

For more information please contact the GABC by email: [email protected] or telephone 305-371-4282.
Members: free
Job Seekers - $50 per post
Companies and Employers - $100 per post
Publish Your Advertisement in our Newsletter
If you are interested in publishing an advertising in the next GABC newsletter, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 305-371-4282.


Price per section is:

$ 75 for business card size (approx. 5x9 cm / 2x3.5 inch)

$ 125 for third page ad (approx. 10x18 cm / 4x7 inch)

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Run ad for 2 Newsletters – receive 10% discount on second ads

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Price per section is:

$ 125 for business card size (approx. 5x9 cm / 2x3.5 inch)

$ 150 for third page ad (approx. 10x18 cm / 4x7 inch)

$ 175 for half page ad (approx. 14x21 cm / 5.5x8 inch)

$ 215 for 1 full page ad

Run ad for 2 Newsletters – receive 10% discount on second ad

Run ad for 3 Newsletters – receive 15% discount on second and third ad 
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Dear GABC members and friends, 
We are excited to announce we are increasing our presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We will come back with more stories and events for your joy!
We would love to connect with you and get your feedback.

Board of Directors 2020
Claudio Riedi

Lydia Harley
Vice- President

Timo A. Becker, J.D.

Dr. Volker Anding

Monika Böhm-Fandiño

Nickel Goeseke

Svenja Hammerstein

Madhu Mehta

India Silk USA,
Vice President
Ellen von Geyso

Miriam Moser

Christian Riehl

Antje Zgrzebski

Jan Heck

Miele USA
Michael Claus

Founding Member of the GABC President Emeritus and Honorary Director of the Board
Peter Jacobs

Founding Member of the GABC and Honorary Director of the Board
Christa Green
GABC President Emeritus
and Honorary Director of the Board
The GABC is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded by local business men and women in Miami. For over 30 years, the organization has promoted business and trade between Germany and the US, particularly in South Florida. The objective of the GABC is to support commercial and personal relations between its members and to promote economic, social and cultural relations between the USA and Germany.

The GABC promotes communication between companies, individuals, organizations and associations that share the same interests.
Leonie Vallerius

Executive Director
Nicole Jara


German American Business Chamber of South Florida
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