As stated last month, t
he GA Environmental Protection Division (EPD) is providing a waiver for any Georgia farm that has more than 100 scrap tires and/or needs scrap tires for storage and use on the farm. Georgia law prohibits the storage or use of such tires without a waiver as they can present several potential threats to human health and the environment. Proper storage of scrap tires can substantially reduce these threats. Along with the waiver, EPD provides a guidance document for tire storage and best management practices.

Tire sidewalls are not considered scrap tires and therefore do not require a waiver. 

If you use scrap tires on your farm, you need to complete the waiver and submit it to EPD as soon as possible. EPD has expressed their support for such scrap tire uses for Georgia agriculture. There is no fee for the waiver. but you need to submit the completed document in order to be in compliance. Click here to access the waiver. The EPD Land Protection Branch can be contacted at 404-362-2566 or 404-463-8509 if you have any specific questions on scrap tire use.