Above: Starting her day in the Culinary Unit, Kate Klug enjoys preparing breakfast for her colleagues before her 9:30 a.m. morning meeting in the Retail & Business Management Unit.
Above: (l-r) Michael Anderson, Kayla Bockhop, and Ricardo Hernandez putting out a breakfast of eggs, roasted veggies, and fresh squeezed orange juice for their GAC colleagues.
Above: Shawndee Dauden, has made an effort to come to GAC earlier than usual in order to prepare breakfast. Here he is cleaning raspberries for one of GAC's many varieties of fruit juice.
Above: Chatisha (we call her "ChaCha") Jackson fixing herself a plate full of eggs, vegetables, oatmeal and a special treat of bacon at the beginning of her day in Culinary.
Above: Walter Heard and Michael Anderson have teamed up to become pros at making and serving the perfect fried egg.
Above: At GAC we have discovered that the only thing better than pancakes at breakfast is blueberry pancakes at breakfast! Blueberry pancakes, fresh pineapple, sauteed kale, and a small side of organic rolled oats.
Above: Paul Holmes serving himself a breakfast of eggs, roasted carrots and cauliflower with spinach and home grown chive blossoms. Paul helped prepare the breakfast on his day off from Colectivo's Troubadour Bakery where he works 4 days a week. The chive blossoms were planted by Tim Voss' grandfather Denis J. Regan in 1956 in the backyard of the home in which Tim lives now.

The Colleagues of Grand Avenue Club