APRIL 2022
We frequently convey our weekly "Report to the Community" via words. This week we are going to rely on photography to convey the sense of purpose, the working partnerships, and the satisfaction that most of us derive most of the time when we do all the things that must be done to run our community.

As you can see (and, as you probably imagined), we prepare food; we enter data into the computer, we sell beautiful clothing, we answer phones, we collect statistics, we offer tours to the community and potential members, we maintain our beautiful, historically significant building, we run a lending library and an art gallery.

We participate in unit meetings; menu planning meetings, house meetings, colleague training meetings, employment support meetings, and informal, totally spontaneous discussions about both weighty and whimsical Clubhouse matters! We do art on Wednesday evenings and these days the colleagues in our Art Collective are busily at work on our Grand Event 2022 invitation and other publicity.

So here you have it: a "Report to the Community" with fewer words but some wonderful examples of photo journalism that, we are hoping, will make you smile!

Right: (l-r) Kayla Bockhop, Paul Holmes, Michael Anderson and Jenna Houillon preparing a healthy breakfast for their Grand Avenue Club colleagues.
Above: GAC colleagues working throughout the Clubhouse to do what is necessary to sustain our community.
Left: Paul Holmes creating a very delicious and attractively prepared lunch to be served at 12:30 p.m. to his hungry colleagues at Grand Avenue Club.

Right: Barbara Davis processing merchandise for GAC's own Water St. Boutique, a fashionable upscale resale shop in downtown Milwaukee, WI.
Above: Rachel Washington taking a break from check reconciliation to share a smile.
Above: Shawndie Dauden working reception in GAC's Membership, Education & Employment Unit.
Above: GAC's active Art Collective planning the next community art event on Wednesday evening of this week.

Right: Many GAC colleagues take a daily walk during the lunch hour to meet their own wellness and exercise goals while enjoying each others' company. This happens every weekday during the lunch hour in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. Pictured here is today's group.
Above: Breck Ticknor enjoying a magazine in GAC's spacious lending library.
Above: In our Culinary Unit Ricardo Hernandez receiving a certificate of completion for his 6 month Transitional Employment Position at Café Benelux, a popular Milwaukee restaurant.in the Third Ward.

The Colleagues of Grand Avenue Club