Regina Gadow has been working at MOD Pizza,at 4151 N. Oakland Avenue, Shorewood since March, 2021. She does a variety of things, including pressing dough, constructing the pizzas, and being the recipient of the compliments of satisfied customers.
"Hello. My name is Regina Gadow, I've been a member of Grand Avenue Club since 2000. I first heard about GAC from my doctor who told me, 'At GAC they have a variety of opportunities to offer members. They are not about one thing.'

I came for a tour and immediately thought to myself that the building was beautiful. I loved the location because it was easy for me to get downtown on the bus. It was also so home-like, unlike a hospital or doctor’s office.

After taking the tour, I realized that there were many options available to get involved with GAC and to integrate back into work or school. I already knew I wanted to better myself and not give up on having dreams and goals.

I worked in all 3 units: Culinary; Retail & Business Management; and Membership, Education, & Employment. I also did 3 Transitional Employment positions: Foley & Lardner LLP. Outpost Natural Foods in Bayview, and the First Baptist Church of West Allis. At my TEs, I learned how to communicate more effectively and regained my confidence in my ability to work.

Now I am working at MOD Pizza in Shorewood. My general manager Heather is very helpful and accommodating and my co-workers are great people to work with. I continue to rely on good work advice from my GAC colleagues. On my days off, I still have a place to go---GAC!"

Do you like good pizza? On Thursday, November 18 you can enjoy great pizza while supporting GAC, a “community that works.”
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Above: Regina,(on the left), on her days off, often comes to GAC's Water St. Boutique to browse and purchase clothing.
"Although I was nervous about health and safety during the pandemic, when I found out GAC re-opened (and was following safety guidelines), I was eager to get out of the house and live life again!" Regina Gadow
Above (center): Regina (in bright red), was part of the team that created the Retail & Business Management Unit in 2018 that led to the opening of GAC's Water St. Boutique.
Above: On a recent visit to GAC, Regina posed for Jenny Teuscher, a GAC photographer, in our first floor foyer.
Above: Regina, working in the Membership Education & Employment Unit, where she does data entry and designs outreach cards, feeds the fish, and takes care of the unit's guinea pig, Gus.

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