Although GAC does not have its own housing, over the years we have assisted many of our members to identify attractive, affordable housing throughout Milwaukee County, in places where they genuinely want to live. This week, GAC members will tell their housing stories, and then we will tell you about our "housing partners." We have many housing partners, among which are River Park Court, Jewish Family Services, Community Advocates, and Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee.
"I moved into River Park Apartments in 2015 with Grand Avenue Club's help. Prior to this, I lived in an all women's residence on Milwaukee's East Side. River Park Apartments was my first independent apartment. GAC staff helped me every step of the way; they put me in touch with River Park Apartments staff. Together, GAC and the housing staff made the transition really easy. With their help, the process was very pleasant. The location is local, right next to a park, walking trails, and a large supermarket. It's also an easy bus ride to GAC! I see myself at River Park Apartments and Grand Avenue Club for a very long time. Safe housing is important to every person. I am so happy to be at River Park Apartments and grateful to GAC for helping me get there!"
-Beth Warrington
(on the left)
"I have been living at River Park Apartments for a little over a month. I had to move out of my previous apartment because there was mold rapidly growing in the walls. When I first told my GAC colleagues about the mold problem, a GAC staff member showed me pictures of River Park Apartments online. I was a bit reluctant at first, and it took some convincing to get me to apply, but then Jenny Teuscher helped me fill out an application. At first I didn't want to be there because I thought there would be stigma if I lived in housing for the aged and disabled. And now that I have moved there... I'm happy and safe in my new apartment. I have made new friends, and they have told me a lot about the area. Most of them have lived there for over 20 years! I am grateful to GAC for helping me find the apartment, for helping me move, and for getting all of my belongings out of storage!"
-Barbara Davis
(on the right)
"We have had a 20 year long, successful relationship with Grand Avenue Club and hope to continue it in the future. The 10 GAC members who live here are wonderful tenants." Susan Sellin, River Park Apartments
"I moved into River Park Apartments in October of 2014. A friend of mine used to live in the building and recommended it. My social worker took me there to fill out the application and then I had help with the move. Before River Park Apartments, I lived in an apartment that was moving people out to develop luxury apartments. My social worker and former employer were very helpful as well as the office staff at River Park Apartments. GAC colleagues have been very helpful in the past 9 years- dropping off furniture, removing items I no longer need, and helping me rearrange my apartment when needed. River Park Apartments is for people like me and with the help of GAC, I see so many people doing really well. The residents are nice, it is well kept. I can say I am very happy."
-Louis Poore
"I moved into the Golda Meir House in 2019. Jewish Family Services helped me get into the apartment. They were welcoming to me and right away said they'd help me. I had been rejected by another place and was frustrated in my search for a decent place to live. With Golda Meir House, the application process was easier and they said I could move in almost immediately. This news made me really happy! This apartment is spacious and also affordable. I feel more secure because they have a locked lobby. They have laundry and a patio too! The location is great too, because I can get to the grocery store, it's close to my doctor, and within walking distance of GAC. During the pandemic it was easy to connect with several GAC colleagues who live in the neighborhood. GAC still helps me make my doctor appointments, my cat's veterinarian appointments. My thriving social life--plays, festivals, and concerts-- mostly happens with GAC colleagues."
-Cathy Litwin
Above: Jenna Houillon and Beth Warrington filling out a lease renewal.
Above: Paul Holmes standing proudly outside of his brand new apartment.
Above: Barbara Davis and Paul Holmes standing outside of River Park
Apartments, where so many GAC members have established real homes.
"I have lived in my apartment for over 20 years. I was living with friends and family on and off for years, and I wanted my own place. I was tired of staying with other people. I went to a GAC staff member and she helped me look for an apartment. After finding my apartment on the Southwest side of Milwaukee I finally had a place to call "home." In the past 20 years there have been some issues. I have been able to turn to my GAC community for help. My colleagues have helped me deal with maintenance issues, cleaning and organizing, and even dealing with conflicts with other tenants. To this day, I am grateful for a safe place to live and the support my colleagues continue to give me."
-Walter Heard

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