Grand Avenue Club is one of over 300 Clubhouses throughout the world that are part of the Clubhouse International network of Clubhouses. All of us have embraced "The International Standards for Clubhouse Programs," a powerful document of 37 principles that have already impacted the lives of thousands of Clubhouse members. The ideas that led to "The International Standards for Clubhouse Programs" began in NYC. However, the first version of the Standards was written by 10 Clubhouses in 1989. The document has undergone continuous revision by colleagues at Clubhouses throughout the world.

Accredited Clubhouses, including GAC, are currently considering revisions that have been submitted by Clubhouses like ours. GAC has always prioritized discussions about the Standards. In fact, GAC authored a popular book, "Together Everyone Achieves ClubHouse," (the TEACH manual), a guide for Clubhouses that is in use everywhere.

This past Monday, the first meeting of the new GAC Standards Review Committee took place. There were 14 attendees--members, staff, a board member, a volunteer, and a former staff member. We found the discussion exhilarating and plan on continuing our work via this committee and our weekly community meetings and daily unit meetings.

We are proud of our active engagement in an important process and a set of ideas that are becoming more empowering everyday for people who have experienced mental illness.
Serge Blasberg
Member Since 2005
“Every two years the worldwide Clubhouse community reviews these Standards and amends them as deemed necessary…The Standards serve 'as a bill of rights for members and a code of ethics for staff, board and administrators.' Ten years ago, I was asked to serve on the Clubhouse International Standards Review Committee. Being a member of Grand Avenue Club, home of the TEACH manual (Together Everyone Achieves ClubHouse), helped prepare me for the important role of studying and analyzing proposed changes to the Standards from Clubhouse all over the world. There are 3 criteria which must be met before proposals to the Standards are sent out to all accredited Clubhouses around the world for review. Proposed revisions must be of universal concern, universally applicable, and support the principles of the Clubhouse Model. It is an honor and responsibility, as a member of Grand Avenue Club and the Clubhouse International Standards Review Committee, to guarantee that any change to the Standards adhere to the fidelity of the model."
Brenda Bauer
Member Since 2021
"I love our discussions about the International Standards. They have given me a sense of purpose and make me more confident. The Standards are powerful and unique and offer a framework that guarantees our continuity. I have never encountered an organization or program like GAC. The Standards are the source of so much camaraderie at GAC. What I love is that I am an important part of the process. GAC is fully participatory, rather than hierarchical. We set the direction of our community. Every single person at GAC is engaged and has a say in what we do. I am looking forward to upcoming meetings of the GAC Standards Review Committee. The more I learn about the International Standards, the more I learn about more possibilities for my life."
Darren Griffiths
Member Since 2011
"Reviewing the Standards over the course of the year is challenging, yet extremely rewarding. Potential revisions are considered with the guidance of the Clubhouse International Standards Review Committee. We always discuss each Standard and the meaning behind it, as the Standards are the heart of our community. The Clubhouse insists that members are decisive in the interpretation of and proposed revisions to the Standards. This process makes the 'International Standards for Clubhouse Programs' a document of which we are all very proud."

The Colleagues of Grand Avenue Club