(Above) For years now Grand Avenue Club has incorporated a Horticulture Program into our work ordered day, not only to beautify our Clubhouse, but also share valuable skills to colleagues centered on growing and caring for plants. Many colleagues have home gardens as well!
(Above) Rick Knight has been committed to planting and maintaining the plants outside Grand Avenue Club every Spring and Summer for the past decade.
(Above) Tim Voss (left) and Michael Anderson (right) of GAC's Culinary Unit water and transplant the flowers and plants daily as part of the work ordered day. Tim has mentored many colleagues in horticultural matters.
(Above) Because of Tim Voss' knowledge, GAC colleagues have learned to grow herbs in our Baby Grand Cafe. After we grow them, we dry them and use them for all our meals at GAC and the Supper Club Kits that members may purchase and take home on Thursdays and Fridays.
(Above) GAC's Water St. Boutique is proud to be a leading local example of an ethical and sustainable approach to retail and fashion. This is valued by conscientious consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint. The boutique restores and sells quality clothing to a growing base of appreciative customers.
(Above) GAC routinely receives an annual donation of plants and flowers that beautify the entrances to our building from a Milwaukee civic organization.
(Above) The GAC community is very serious about composting! Wanda Jenkins composts her left over lunch scraps into GAC's compost receptacle. These receptacles are on every floor of GAC and they are picked up regularly (minimally, weekly) by Compost Crusader.
(Right) GAC works closely with Compost Crusader, a local organization with a mission "To create a culture around sustainability, that empowers individuals and organizations to divert organic material from the landfill, in an economically and environmentally sustainable way."
(Above) Barbara Davis and Kate Klug routinely collect water from the rain barrel installed in GAC's back courtyard. They use it to water the plants both inside and outside the Clubhouse.
(Above) Just today, on Earth Day 2021,GAC found a beautiful gift of pansies that was just left on our front doorstep by the Woman's Club of Wisconsin in honor of Earth Day. Thank you WCW Community Outreach and Garden Club Committees of the Woman's Club. You have made us smile!

The Colleagues of Grand Avenue Club