Milwaukee County residents who have experienced mental illness are fortunate to live in a place with a strong network of mental health services that are critical to the pursuit of mental wellness and general well-being. The Milwaukee County Department of Health & Human Services has seen to it that our fellow citizens can access psychiatric and psychological services; general medical support; social workers and case managers; supported, subsidized housing; peer support; therapy for substance abuse issues; domestic violence support, etc. We are fortunate and proud to have access to all of these programs in our community.

We wondered:
How does Grand Avenue Club "fit" into the system of support available in this community?
What do members "get" at Grand Avenue Club?

We asked our members to respond to these three questions:

What is different about Grand Avenue Club when you compare it to other social service agencies?

What do you get here?

What makes Grand Avenue Club important to you?"

Here are some of their responses:

Ricardo Hernandez
"GAC is different. Now I have a personal relationship with my therapist, but it took 8 years for her to win my trust. It took much less time for me to get to know many people at GAC and trust them. I have been in many programs, but these programs did not feel "personal." This place does. Members and staff open up to each other much sooner and much more often."
Amer Aris
"I feel very supported all the time. At GAC I feel as if I am with my family. Everyone takes care of each other here."
Imogene Hines
"This is a place to GO to, somewhere safe. Somewhere to have something meaningful to do. It is very important to wake up every morning and know that you have something to do and that you are going somewhere and have a plan."
Chatisha (Cha-Cha) Jackson
"I really like what I do here. Although I talk with my therapist every Wednesday on the computer, and it mostly works, I really enjoy getting out of the house to see and to work with my friends."
Dominic Corl
"GAC does not focus on my illness. GAC focuses on my abilities. We have a document that lists the "International Standards on Clubhouse Programs" that guarantees our rights! Membership is voluntary and has no time limits; that's my favorite Standard!"
Lynne Schultz
"What I like about GAC is that I don't need an appointment and there are no appointments that can be canceled. When I need help with something, I just come into the Clubhouse and get the help. I also have the freedom to come in and work in any unit with any person. This is empowering. I can be involved in any way I decide to be involved every single day."
Brenda Bauer (pictured on the left with Kayla Bockhop)
"Here at GAC we are not a case. We are not a diagnosis. We are all here together, working and growing."
Barbara Davis
"GAC is different in that I can totally be myself. I can do whatever I want to do, but there isn't a lot of pressure. I can also get help doing what I need and want to do. There are times that I need a lot of help and that will slow things down, but I always find the help I need to do the work I want to do."
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