After 2 years of NOT going up to Blue Lotus Farm & Retreat Center because of pandemic precautions, on Sunday, July 23, 2022, Grand Avenue Club colleagues--members and staff-- resumed our annual summer excursion to this beautiful place just outside of West Bend. Two busses and several cars filled with colleagues picked us up in front of GAC at 8:30 am and brought us back to the city at 6:  The very moment that we arrived at Blue Lotus and saw the trees, the sky, the boats on the lake and the swimming pool, we felt at home in the country. Here are some of the things that colleagues said when we asked them what they liked best about our trip.

Imogene Hines: "I like everything about Blue Lotus. EVERYTHING!"

Edgar Ruff: "I am so glad to be able to get out of the city. I brought my saxophone and I really enjoyed playing it near the lake. My sax is my best friend and I loved playing not just for me, but for all my friends."

Dominic Corl: "I liked the trip to Blue Lotus and taking the yellow bus out there. I loved our "walking taco" lunch and walking through the labyrinth. I look forward to this every year."

Breck Tichnor: "I played badminton, volley ball, and kayaked. The food was great. I can't wait until next year."

Maria Elena Lepesquer: "I liked the people I was with and getting out of the city and I loved not being required to do anything so that I could relax."

Maureen Quinn: "I just loved being out in nature. I relaxed in the hammock, walked the labyrinth and met new people."

Kayla Bockhop: "This year I made sure that I did things that I didn't do last year. I had a blast swimming in the pool with everyone. My favorite activity was going on the paddle boat with Mary on the lake. We saw a turtle and many frogs. I am going to leave out the part about our paddle stuck in the weeds while we were trying to be closer to the frogs!"

We look forward to many more years of adventures and memories at Blue Lotus Farm & Retreat Center. It is a wonderful place and we are grateful for the opportunity to be there!


Above: We have had years of making memories at Blue Lotus. Above: colleagues wake up early in the morning to take a 45 minute trip to West Bend to enjoy nature, bike rides, sports, boating, swimming, hiking, music, art, and of course FOOD!

Above: Colleagues paddle boating, some for the first time!

Above: Action shot of Michael Anderson showing off his volleyball skills.

Above: GAC colleagues enjoy laughter during a session of "theater games."

The Colleagues of Grand Avenue Club