Milwaukee Downtown Business Improvement District #21 this week resumed its EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION WEEK. Working closely with many businesses and leaders throughout the community, the BID is honoring our downtown workforce with free coffee, games, exercise classes, gifts, kayak rentals down the Milwaukee River, music and much more. 

GAC colleagues have been active participants in this year's festivities and look forward to one more day of celebration, as Friday's events include a giveaway, games at Pere de Marquette Park, a Bucks Basketball Shootout, and Rainbow Summer at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.

Because so many of the events take place at lunchtime and at the close of our Work-Ordered Day, many of us have enjoyed these beautiful, sunny, August days alongside other working people! 

Grand Avenue Club is located in the heart of Milwaukee's downtown business district. We are proud of the partnerships and camaraderie that we have established with our neighbors. As GAC colleagues we are "A Community That Works."

Employment for our members is central to Grand Avenue Club's mission. GAC is proud to be a part of the growing downtown workforce. BID #21 has supported GAC's mission with enthusiasm. Thank you to our downtown friends and neighbors for making our community stronger. 

If you are interested in touring GAC, a historical downtown building, please visit us on Sunday, September 25th for Doors Open!

Walter Heard, Jenny Teuscher, Ben Holt, Joe Schultz, Kim Lamers and Shawndee Dauden take a break at Cathedral Square Park.

People gathering at Zeidler Park for refreshments and conversation as part of "Employee Appreciation Week."  

Walter Heard leaning against a well-known Milwaukee Downtown landmark: Red Arrow Park during Monday morning's Ribbon-cutting event with Mayor Johnson.

Who DOESN'T like fresh popcorn?  Walter Heard, Shaundee Dauden, Kim Lamers, and Joe Schultz smile for the camera before joining others for a lunchtime giveaway at Cathedral Square.  

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