Summer 2021 is drawing to a close. It has been a very good one for Grand Avenue Club colleagues--full of productive meetings about the Clubhouse approach, art workshops and a major art show, new recipes, the return of our Thursday Supper Club, productive unit work, well-attended work support groups, an increase in Transitional Employment opportunities, and all members back at work at their Supported and Independent Employment jobs. We have recently recruited 5 new members to GAC, all of whom have energized us with their enthusiasm As of Labor Day, we will be opened for all holidays, and as of October 1 we will resume our Saturday programming.

We continue to follow all public health recommendations in regard to the on-going pandemic. We have also enjoyed a resurgence of energy and imagination here at GAC. We can't say that we are pleased to say goodbye to summer, but we can say that we are looking forward to the future at Grand Avenue Club.
Above: Art Collective colleagues proudly showing off their finished art pieces at one of our many summer art workshops.
Above (l-r): Tim Voss, Kate Klug, and Avi Hellman at our first Wednesday recreation night in over a year.
Above: Belinda Washington on one of her first days at her Transitional Employment position at Renaissance Child Development Center.
Above: Colleagues gather to prepare for one of our weekly Tuesday morning House Meetings.
Above: A group of colleagues curating our first in-person art show, "Treasures," in over two years.
Above (l-r): Leroy Doyle and Tiru Moten taking a quick break from serving lunch for a photo.
Above: Paul Lindstrom on his first day at his Transitional Employment position at Foley & Lardner, LLC.
Above (l-r): Robert Fondren and Angela Burian working hard in their positions at Redeemer Lutheran Church Group Placement.
Above: Tiru Moten putting his charcuterie skills to the test while preparing for a recent catered event GAC.
Above: GAC colleagues using fans to "stay cool" at the weekly Employment Development meeting.
Above: A group of colleagues meeting on a Thursday morning to review and consider revisions to the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs, the foundational document for all accredited Clubhouses.
Above: Ricardo Hernandez doing what he does best: grilling delicious food for lunch for his colleagues.
Above: Colleagues making art together during Wednesday night recreation.
Above: Shawndie Dauden proudly displaying his thank you sign on the last day of the UWM Nursing Students' internship.
Above: Waunette Exum at her Transitional Employment position at Outpost Natural Foods.
Above: Michael Anderson smiling in front of his artwork.
Above: Jenna Houillon, a Culinary staff member, showing off the unit's efforts for a GAC event.
Above: Looking fashionable together, Kayla Bockhop and Rachel Forman wearing matching outfits, without having planned to do so!
Above: Barbara Davis greeting guests at the opening night of "Treasures," our successful art show on Wednesday, August 25.
Above (l-r): Barbara Davis, Jenna Houillon, Jenny Teuscher, and Amer Aris all had floral prints in mind when getting ready one morning.
Above: Anne Fleury, one of the two featured artists (along with David H. Brumder), at our art show.

The Colleagues of Grand Avenue Club