Barbara Davis working on Grand Avenue Club's courtyard which has had a Little Free Library for many years.
Here in Milwaukee, you feel can feel summer in the air. And it feels good.

Indeed, the warmer weather feels wonderful. And downtown Milwaukee is beautiful this time of year, especially since the unveiling of our new mural at our Water St. entrance!

We wish everyone could see the flowers, landscapes, and green spaces throughout our City.

For the past 15 years--including the pandemic years--our home, a beautiful and historic building, has been surrounded by lush, colorful flowers at both our Michigan and Water Street entrances throughout the summer. This year these flowers include Sonic Orange New Guinea Impatiens, Dreams White Petunias, Dreams Night (actually, purple) Petunias, and Graceful Grasses King Tut--all of which were donated to us by one of our many community partners.

Right after the flowers are donated, we solicit the help of GAC colleagues to plant them and care for them. Much of the planting took place today. The smiles on the faces of our gardeners tell the story. Every one of them enjoyed getting the dirt under their nails.

This summer activity complements the horticulture work that happens inside our Clubhouse all year round. GAC boasts a beautiful collection of plants on every floor and especially at our second floor windows in the dining room and throughout our very well illuminated "Baby Grand Cafe," a smaller, colorful room that accommodates 6 diners and attracts colleagues throughout the day. Periodically our Culinary Unit dries the spices that it grows on what looks like clothes lines in "Baby Grand."

Certainly GAC is a workspace, but it is more than that. From the International Standards on Clubhouse Programs, the foundational document for all accredited Clubhouses, we find this: "The Clubhouse is designed to facilitate the work-ordered day and at the same time be attractive, adequate in size, and convey a sense of respect and dignity."

Our sense of dignity and respect is enhanced by impatiens and petunias... as well as by our wonderful long-term community partnerships and the efforts of our colleagues to plant, water, and fertilize.

Next week we will write about a community partnership that has enabled many GAC colleagues to live in great apartments near the Milwaukee River. In the interim, do enjoy the sun, the rain that makes our crops and flowers grow, and please come downtown to see Milwaukee's latest mural!
"Building Community With Compassion"
Colleagues Jenny Teuscher, Joe Mallory (right) and Ricardo Hernandez (left) working on the flower beds at Grand Avenue Cub's main entrance.
Rick Knight, a proud GAC member and main caretaker of GAC's historic building, setting up a water supply so that our newly arrived plants can be cared for throughout the summer.
GAC's Shelby Manuel and Kayla Bockhop posing amidst the plants at the main entrance to GAC.
This beautiful, colorful, array of flowers was donated to us by a long term community partner in the Milwaukee area.
Ricardo Hernandez, a proud colleague and landscaper, shares his knowledge of horticulture with colleague Joe Mallory.
Left to right: Joe Mallory, Rick Knight, Shaleigh Fitzpatrick, Wanda Jenkins and Ricardo Hernandez receiving a generous flower donation from our friends.
Michael Anderson, who is typically found in the GAC Culinary Unit, smiles as he waters the newly planted flowers near the entrance of GAC's Water St. Boutique.

The Colleagues of Grand Avenue Club