(Above, l-r) Jenny Teuscher, Wuanette Exum and Joe Schultz discuss Wuanette's upcoming Transitional Employment position at Outpost Natural Foods on State Street starting in June 2021.
(Above) Wuanette on her first day of Transitional Employment at Derco Aerospace Inc.
(Above) At GAC Wuanette is an active member of the Membership, Education, & Employment Unit. She is currently working on a scanning project for the Membership Team.
(Above) Wuanette and Yari Colby, a MATC Occupational Therapy Assistant Intern, asking everyone at GAC to sign outreach cards. They also ask colleagues the "question of the day" with responses printed in GAC's daily newsletter, The Source.
(Above) This is Wuanette Exum at GAC in June 2006, when she first joined GAC. For the past 15 years she has participated in our Education Program and our Employment Program. Wuanette's current work in the Membership, Education, and Employment Unit has benefited our community. She's currently doing a big scanning project as part of our recently revived membership recruitment efforts.

The Colleagues of Grand Avenue Club