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December 2017
GAGEtrak Lite 8.1 is now available!
This release includes several great new features such as performance reporting, support for label printing and a new interactive dashboard as well as an optional stand-alone Report Viewer and Custom Report Designer. Additional enhancements include new interface themes, auto-fill typing, enhanced control over gage status values, record cloning improvements and field length increases and now, batch calibration record creations are supported from both calibration entry and the dashboard, allowing users to create multiple records at one time.

Ready to download the update now? Click here!

If you have any questions about GAGEtrak Lite 8.1 or would like a personalized demonstration, please contact us at 1-800-777-7020 or by email.

A full list of enhancements and resolved issues is available upon request.
GAGEtrak Training 
training image

We now offer a Web Training Suite!  
The Web Training Suite is a series of four interactive online training sessions which cover the same topics as our regional training classes. Register for the full suite and you'll learn to use GAGEtrak like a pro.

GAGEtrak Regional Training

A two-day, hands-on regional training class will take you step by step through planning, preparation, setup and successful operation of GAGEtrak. You'll learn how to save time, avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your software. You'll also learn about advanced topics like data filtering, system maintenance, security and more.

Web Training - Getting Started with GAGEtrak or GAGEtrak Lite
This online training option explores the basics of getting started with GAGEtrak. You'll learn how to install and configure GAGEtrak, navigate the interface and create a starter database to get up and running quickly.

View the full training schedule here .
To register, contact Angela Johns, GAGEtrak Training Specialist
at 1-800-777-7020 ext. 134 or
Did you know that we also offer onsite training? Contact us for details.

Free Calibration Management Webinars
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Real-world Industry Solutions for Quality Management Professionals

Please join us for a free educational calibration management webinar to learn how to improve efficiency, increase measurement reliability and assure compliance with industry quality standards and regulations.

Keep your calibrations on point - December 14, 2017

View the full webinar schedule here
What is a Trigger Code and how do I get one?

A trigger code is a unique code number required to register your GAGEtrak license. If you don't obtain a trigger code within 30 days of installing GAGEtrak, you will receive a message from GAGEtrak saying that your trial period has expired. Obtaining a trigger code will remove this expiration date. You may also require a new trigger code after reinstalling GAGEtrak because of a workstation upgrade or if GAGEtrak is moved to a new workstation.

Click here for trigger code instructions.
Referral Rewards Program

For each referral you make, you'll receive a $100 reward* in the form of a Visa gift card, or if you are unable to accept such gifts, you may choose a discount on a future purchase with us. You can refer anyone to us to earn rewards - even your in-house quality, maintenance and supplier inspection teams.

*Click here for more information and start earning rewards now!
GAGEtrak 7 Tech Tip
Certificates of Calibration in GAGEtrak 7

Evidence of calibration is significant when you need to prove the gage you are using has been verified. Typically that evidence is documented in the form of a Certificate of Calibration; the certificate number is used to track the validation of the gage.

GAGEtrak allows you to generate/record a certificate number for each calibration; this is done within the Calibrations -> Calibration tab. If you perform your calibrations in-house or if you provide calibration services for satellite facilities, GAGEtrak can generate automatically incremental certificate numbers for you. If you outsource your calibrations, you would manually enter the number and then attach the certificate in the User Def and Attachments tab.

certificate number field

To generate a certificate number, click the button to the right of the Certificate No field. By default, the incremental numbering format starts at 000000000; however, this can be customized within the Setup -> Settings -> Automatic Numbering tab:

calibration certificate numbering scheme

The Format shown above uses the date (in the form of the month and two-digit year) followed by an incremental number. The Last Number Issued is either your starting point when defining a new format or it's truly the last number issued when the format has already been used. Using such a format, the incremental number will reset itself when the date unit changes. For instance, if you issue 75 certificates in October of 2015, the last number would be 1015-075. On November 1st, the number would start at 1115-000.

Within the Automatic Numbering tab, you'll find instructions on how to further customize your numbering.

We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your GAGEtrak software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.
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