Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

No more tickets are available for the Save Guana Gala on April 8th! Our Gala is already a success, and we haven't even begun to party yet! Thanks so much for your enthusiastic and generous support!  

"Tickets" are not being sent in the mail - just check in at the door when you arrive.

Please understand if we have to refund a ticket payment.  Unfortunately, we have space limitations. Checks and online payments received AFTER March 30th will be returned (with regrets!) and those people will be notified promptly. (We'll keep you posted on future events

If you sent a check and would like an email confirmation, please reply to this email. All online purchases were confirmed by email.

If you're tempted to purchase one of our 40+ Silent Auction items at the Gala, you can check out much faster at the end of the evening if you bring a personal check. (Credit cards will also be accepted.)  Some mad money for raffle tickets may come in handy too!

Parking update:  we will have two "lots" on Neck Rd. right by the event where you can park. One on the corner of Neck and Guana Drive, and one at the end of Neck on the left. If those are full, park on Neck Rd. - but not on a manicured lawn.   Allow enough room on Neck Rd. for two lanes of traffic. Do not park in the round-about at the end of Neck. And do not park in Magnolia Hammock. 

A golf cart will be giving rides to those who need a lift from their car to the Gala - and back - if you need to park a bit further away. 

If you have special needs and require a very close parking space, reply to this email and we can accommodate you.

If you purchased a ticket and plan to transfer it to another person, please inform us of the person's name by replying to this email. 

See you at the Gala! Drive slowly and safely on Neck Rd. April 8th (and every day)!!

Nicole Crosby and Gary Coulliette

P.S.  We're now on Facebook!  (< Click that link.) Check there or our website for any further updates.

View of shoreline of Outpost property that Save Guana Now is striving to save from development.