MAY 2019
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5 Things Game of Thrones Teaches Us About Employee Engagement

HBO's blockbuster series Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm. An epic on the scale of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, the show unites soap-worthy drama with gritty violence against a backdrop of a world so well-crafted that even the CG dragons feel realHow GoT can help your business.  *No Season 8 Spoilers*

EEOC Will Collect 2017 and 2018 Pay Data 

In April, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") advised  employers subject to the EEO-1 filing requirement to begin preparing to submit Component 2 data (on compensation and hours worked) for  calendar years 2017   and 2018 , by  September 30, 2019 .  More information will be published soon.  Check the EEO-1 webpage. The regular  Component 1 data (race and gender) from 2018 is still due by  May 31, 2019.
When can Employees be Asked about Medical Conditions?

Before a job offer has been made, you can't ask questions about an applicant's disability or questions that are likely to reveal whether an applicant has a disability. This is true even if the disability is obvious. You can ask the applicant to describe or demonstrate how he would perform specific job tasks, but you can't ask about him about his disability.  Click here for what questions can't be asked.

After a job offer is made and after the employee starts working for you, different rules apply.  Read the EEOC guidance.
ICE Worksite Enforcement Continues to Rise

In fiscal year 2018, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) opened 6,848 worksite investigations compared to 1,691 in FY17; initiated 5,981 I-9 audits compared to 1,360; and made 779 criminal and 1,525 administrative worksite-related arrests compared to 139 and 172, respectively; all of these categories surged by 300 to 750 percent over the previous fiscal year.  What happens during a Form I9 Inspection? To help ensure a smooth inspection, if it occurs, and to prevent unnecessary fines  Read these Tips to Prevent Common I9 Errors.
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