Issue - March 11, 2022
SAE WCX™ - 2022
World Congress Experience
Zoom Webinar & In-Person Attendance
12:00 pm - 5:30 pm EST
SAE WCX™ - 2022
Huntington Place, Detroit, Mi
1 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226, US
SAE International Requires GAMIC Attendees to:

Pre - Register on the SAE WCX™ - 2022 Website.

If you are not a SAE Member you can register for a FREE Expo Access Pass up to March 25, 2022.

In-Person Attendees also need to register online at CROWDPASS and complete a Health Screening to attend. See Instructions Below with Links.

Create an Account on SAE WCX using your email and a password for a free account until March 25, 2022.

Once you have created a SAE account you can LOGIN and register on the SAE WCX Website.

As a Non-Member at the top of the registration page, beside "ATTEND AS" you can select the drop down menu and select NON-MEMBER. This will open a page with the option of attending the SAE WCX - EXPO ONLY for Free. Complete the registration process and receive your tickets up to March 25, 2022.

If you need assistance with your SAE WCX Registration you can call Toll free: 1-877-606-7323. Outside US and Canada: 724-776-4970 for additional assistance.

As a SAE Member you can select and purchase access online to the SAE WCX.

Once you complete your registration you will be directed to a SAE partner organization "CROWDPASS" that will provide a Secure and Private Online System for you to upload Health Screening Information.
NOTE: This information must be on file with SAE to enter Huntington Place. You will receive a confirmation to your email address within 24 hours or sooner from Crowdpass
1.Upload Your Proof of COVID - 19 Vaccination. A Booster Shot is not required.


2.Upload A Negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of the GAMIC Event On April 4, 2022.

3.Special Note As of March 10, 2022 Masks will be optional per current Huntington Place Protocol.
NOTE: The information that you provide to CROWDPASS is protected by an encrypted system and will be erased within 30 days after the SAE WCX Event .
Whip Mobility, Malaysia
WHIP’s B2B SaaS platform empowers dealerships to transform their customer experience through a private-label app ecosystem. Dealers can now have their own private-label native iOS / Android customer app that fully connects to the CDK Global / Fortellis ecosystem. Dealers on the WHIP platform are able to quickly migrate over 50% of incoming service appointments in-app and create a new channel of leads for new car sales.
MetroRide, India
MetroRide is an AI-powered urban mobility solution dedicated to “Daily Affordable Commute”.  MetroRide makes Public Transport “accessible & seamless”. We offer first & last mile connectivity to high frequency destinations like Metro stations, Bus stations. Our multi modal mobility app provides daily commuters a seamless connectivity by integrating not just 1st & last mile but also public transport booking.
Circularise BV, Netherlands
Circularise is a supply chain traceability and transparency start-up founded in The Netherlands in 2016. Circularise’s Software system is at the forefront of enabling supply chain actors to trace materials and products, verify the origins, certificates, CO2 footprint and impact assessment data on blockchain. This solution also protects sensitive data without risking privacy and confidentiality.
Naco Technologies, Latvia
Naco Technologies creates specialized nano-coatings and new materials that replace the need for platinum and other expensive materials in the production (electrolysis) and usage (fuel cells) of green hydrogen at a massive scale. Naco Technologies improves: performance of hydrogen systems; provides unique material recipes and coating solutions and reduces significantly hydrogen system costs.
Immaterial Ltd., United Kingdom
Immaterial is an advanced materials company specializing in metal-organic frameworks. MOFs are a class of super-adsorbent synthetic materials with global impact. We use our deep expertise in the design and manufacture of MOFs to deliver solutions across diverse industries. Our materials operate as molecular sponges, tuned to perform specific functions including removing atmospheric levels of CO2, storing hydrogen at reduced pressure, and removing contaminants from breathable air.
coat-it. Sp.z o.o, Poland
At coat-it, we are developing innovative additives for nanocomposite protective coatings. They can be used wherever traditional technologies are insufficient. Our additives extend the life of the coated objects, minimize the number of recalls, allow to use lighter materials, and reduce operating costs. In addition to coatings with excellent anti-corrosion and mechanical properties, we can obtain new materials with the ability to self-clean or self-heal, as well as with antibacterial properties. We can develop as well tailor-made solution, answering the individual needs of our customers.
Hey Charge, Germany
HeyCharge delivers ultra-low-cost, highly scalable charging for indoor and semi-private environments like apartment buildings, offices, and more. Our key differentiators are very low hardware cost, very low installation cost, very low operating cost, and that our system works even in underground car parks via direct, cryptographically secure communications over Bluetooth.
Hypermile, United Kingdom
Hypermile (YC S20) is a UK SME technology provider building cutting-edge solutions to enable efficient driving for fleets using AI. We are developing Co-Pilot, the first AI-powered energy saving advanced driver assist system (ADAS) specifically optimized for commercial vehicles (diesel & electric). Providing a solution for inconsistent driver behaviour impacting fuel/energy consumption and emissions.
Betterfrost Technologies Inc., Canada
Betterfrost’s proprietary technology defrosts and defogs the windshield on EVs with 20 times less power than current technology. Our solution pulses high voltage power to the conductive layer inside the windshield, using only the energy necessary to melt the boundary layer of ice for quick removal. The Betterfrost solution increases driving range by 38km during an average winter drive and reduces the battery pack cost by $724 per Electric Vehicle.
RainIons, USA
RainIons corporation offers a unique air pollution and CO2 remediation technology based on biomimicry, advanced material and molecular science. We remove air pollutants and CO2 directly at the source of exhaust using a safe, low-cost and universal process making us a major player in the decarbonization/net-zero space for automotive, energy and many other verticals. 
EnZinc, USA  
Enzinc is developing advanced high performance batteries for mobility and stationary applications. Its groundbreaking zinc metal microsponge will deliver the power of lithium ion at the price of lead acid, with higher energy density than other zinc-based batteries and none of the temperature limitations or fire risks of lithium ionEnzinc’s innovation will empower legacy battery companies to convert existing lead acid manufacturing lines with relatively little capital expenditure.
AmpX Technologies Inc., USA
AmpX Technologies, Inc., is a technology start-up company specialized in developing disruptive integrated charging solutions for electric vehicles. While commodity markets drive major power electronics companies, AmpX, operated by leading power electronic experts, will address high-risk/high-reward technological innovations.
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