at the Ponderay Garden Center, Ponderay Idaho  (just north of Sandpoint, Idaho.)

This will be our fourth year and it is better than ever.   The show opens Friday at 1:00 TILL 5:00, then an hour break and POAC, our area art's council, hosts the Opening Reception, no ticket and the public is invited.  Saturday from 10:00 until 5:00, Sunday from 10:00 until 3:00.  It looks like 40 amazing artists with an incredible variety of styles and subjects.  Check out our facebook page Garden of Artistry to view the artists and some of their artwork.   The Garden Center is located just north of the city of Ponderay  on Highway 95, you can't miss us.  I'm still painting signs for the show.  If you have any questions, please contact me.
New work for you to enjoy
CLASSIC     wax/clay original     Ltd. Ed. of 30
21" long and 16 1/4" tall 
Precast price $2400.00  Issue price $3200.00
This is the classic beautiful stallion, neck arched and proud, the wind in his mane and tail as he dances for you, full of himself in his glory.  Of course, your choice of patina.  And your absolute satisfaction guaranteed.
We have an order for number 1 so he is headed for the foundry this Tuesday for casting.  No, he hasn't been bid yet, but I will honor this pre-cast price even if the bid is higher than I expect.
You will love this addition to your art collection.  I'd prefer one half down to start your order, but payment plans can always be discussed.  Just let me know. 

wax/clay original   Ltd. Ed of 20
15 1/2" long and 11 3/4" tall
Pre-cast price $1500
Issue price $2000
You've asked for more moose so here he is.  A bit of attitude, but after all, he is a moose.

 Ltd. Ed of 20
10 1/2" tall  14" long
Okay, he is already cast, but may of you haven't seen him yet.  Something has made him a bit unhappy and he is ready to do something about it.


Ltd Ed. of 30
18 1/4" tall  17 1/4" long
He is magnificent, poised to go.  He is saddled with a wolf skin, shield and war club.  The feathers in his mane flutter as he moves.  He looks as if he were already starting to leave his base and run the prairie.

It has been an interesting summer up here in North Idaho.  They say the corn should be knee high by the 4th of July.  Mine was over my head and already tasseling.  This isn't Kansas but some days it is hard to tell.  My garden has kept me pretty busy  especially keeping it watered.  Plants designed for our area don't know what to do.  And don't even mention my flowers, except those that are trying to take over the vegetables.  The flower garden itself is on speed, things bloom and are gone, stuck in fast forward.  And the deer are acting like it is August with where they want to browse.  Unfortunately, with all the hot dry weather I'm not going to be surprised if the bears hit my orchard, the wild berries may be scarce.  It is time to be getting in the winter's hay and firewood but the heat makes it hard to be outside most of the day.  My sons have a huge pile just waiting for me to stack it in the wood shed..  that is my job.   Another one of my summer exercise programs.  Maybe this week
right?                   On another note, having lost my red heeler sidekick some months ago, a mature blue heeler lady has signed on to be my new shadow.   Boogie navigates in the vehicles, keeps the bad guys out of the garden when I am out there, (no Boogie, farm cats are not bad guys) checks for mice in the flowerbeds, thanks a lot, and in general makes sure we are running this place right.  And I am getting some short rides in on the horses, but only very early in the mornings.  Sonny and Feather would rather decorate the shade most of the day.
And this place is just busy with fawns this year.  They are everywhere!
I hope to see you at our show if you can make it.   If you have any questions about any of my sculptures, don't hesitate to email or call me  208 265 9613.  I will be happy to work with you.  More photos of all sculptures are available if you'd like them, just let me know.
Have a great summer,