Hi GATE Parents - 
We want to welcome all of you to the Association of GATE parents for the 2022-2023 school year. We hope you are having a wonderful summer and are looking forward to a wonderful new school year.  Our GATE teachers are as eager for a new school year with all they have planned for our children. We are lucky to have such excellent teachers in our program!
For 6th graders and NEW 7th and 8th grade GATE students, please RSVP for the Incoming Student Picnic on Sunday, August 21 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Details are available in the evite - http://evite.me/fPF4EdzPcd
We also want to plan activities this fall to keep students in all grades connected to their classmates. If you have any great ideas, please submit them to [email protected]. Also, please see below for instructions on submitting your contact information for an opt-in database to help our GATE families connect with each other.
Thank you for your patience, understanding and kindness as we all work together with each other and the broader AE Wright community to meet the needs of our amazing children.
I look forward to meeting you all soon. Enjoy the rest of summer!
Susie Ming
AGP Chair
[email protected]

6th Grade:
Lianne Beerman  [email protected]   
Bridget Katz [email protected]

7th Grade:
Nee Zartoshty [email protected] 
Robin Larsen [email protected]

8th Grade:
Deb Navins [email protected]

We would like to provide an option for parents to submit contact information to a class list database so parents and students can reach out and connect with each other. By submitting your information you are agreeing to the following:
1. You opt-in to this shared database of contact information for you and your student
2. You will not share the this database or the information contained in the database with anyone
3. You will not use information contained in this database for anything other than arranging non-school-sponsored social plans 
4. You will be considerate of others’ feelings when planning such events

Please click here to access the submission form: 
6th Grade: https://forms.gle/4t1GAGLqwogmqRbY6qRbY6
7th Grade: https://forms.gle/j9mpGToCH8dStCuQ7
8th Grade: https://forms.gle/gqYUZZcPfVTcatBm8

And, as always, if you have GATE-specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Susie Ming
AGP Chair

Contact us any time at [email protected]

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