VOLUME 21 | March 12, 2020
March Upcoming Important Dates...
  • March 12: March Madness 5:30pm - 9pm Duffy Center
  • March 13: Lenten Fish Fry: 5-7pm Duffy Center
  • March 15: 1st Communion Retreat parents & students 2pm Duffy Center
  • March 19: End of 3rd Quarter (45 days)
  • Stations of the Cross 1:30pm at the Church
  • PTO Meeting/Science Fair 6:30pm Duffy Center
  • March 20: Lenten Fish Fry 5-7pm Duffy Center
  • March 26: Stations of the Cross 1:30pm at the Church
  • March 27: Lenten Fish Fry 5-7pm Duffy Center
  • March 28: Spring Auction 5:30pm Duffy Center
Come out and join the fun tonight, March 12th, starting at 5:30pm with boys competing with our male teachers/staff and parents. Girls will follow competing against our female teachers/staff and parents. Admission is free, so come on out to cheer on your favorite teacher or your gator team. Lets pack the stands to show our team spirit and support!!

Pre-K…………………………...Gabriela Ulloa

K……………………………......Carson Black

1st……………………………...Christopher Robbins

2nd……………………………..Auston Walton

3rd………………………..……Emma Fenderbosch

4th………………………….….Sofia Wright

5th……………………….…….Noah Walton

6th……………………….…....Ryan Jenks

7th……………………...……..Lisa Thomas

8th………………………..…...John Truluck
English News!
Two Eighth grade students deserve our recognition!

Noel Simmons placed first in the state-wide "Letters about Literature'' contest sponsored by the South Carolina Library Association. She won in the 7-8 grade category. She and her parents will attend a state awards ceremony in late March where her letter will be read and she will receive a plaque and a $100 check. There were over 200 entries. Many of our students wrote compelling letters about their favorite author. Noel wrote about how much her favorite heroine in a series by Sarah Maas helped her get through her difficult recovery following a serious car accident last school year.

On Saturday, March 7, Madyson Fenderbosch competed in the Scripps Regional Spelling Bee and represented St. Michael Catholic School very well, surviving to the round that saw most contestants eliminated. She received a gift bag of all kinds of goodies and a Spelling Bee representative trophy. Sixth grader Ava Reyes was the school alternate as the second place finisher for SMCS.
We NEED your help!

We're still in need of donations for our upcoming auction...please consider soliciting donations from places you frequent. Stop by the school office if you need any letters when soliciting your donations. Any questions???email your auction chairpersons:

Jana Naus: ptopresident2019@saintmichaelsc.com
Jessica Lockney: ptotreasurer2019@saintmichaelsc.com

Want to earn an  EASY HOUR  of Fair Share then sign up TODAY! Help us sell  Auction tickets  after the masses the following 3 weekends. It's super easy and only takes about  15 minutes  of your time right after one of the masses that you would normally attend. Go to the link below and pick your preferred Mass. All you need to do is pick up the tickets and cash bag from the gift shop in the Narthex and stand at the designated table to sell tickets to the parishioners who are exiting the building. Once everyone has exited the building you will then turn the tickets and cash bag into the gift shop so that the next group coming in can sell at that mass. It's super easy!! 

Ticket sales link:

Set up and clean up link:
Semana Santa y Pascua
Holy Week & Easter in Spanish Speaking Countries
This month in Spanish and Religion classes we will be learning how Spanish speaking countries around the world celebrate the Easter season. We will be focusing on the city of Antigua, Guatemala. Antigua is famous for its Catholic celebration of Holy Week, which commemorates the Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The entire city participates in the event, and thousands of national and international visitors flock to Antigua to witness the dramatic happenings. The entire week is full of solemn activities that replicate the Passion and Crucifixion of Christ, culminating in jubilation in Easter. The tradition in Antigua began with the Spanish missionaries from Spain who have been celebrating Semana Santa with processions for hundreds of years. Penitents will carry floats with sculptures of Jesus and His sorrowful mother Mary through the city. The floats can get very elaborate and some weigh up to 7,000 pounds. Each church has its own brotherhoods that are in charge of the upkeep of the floats. Some of the floats are hundreds of years old.

Another tradition during Semana Santa is the making of “alfombras” or carpets. Preparations for the carpets begin weeks, sometimes months, ahead. They are made out of colored sawdust, fruits, vegetables and flowers. Stencils, that have been handed down for generations, are used to make the alfombras. The processions of the floats will walk on top of the alfombra and all the hard work is destroyed and swept away. The making of the carpets is a form of penance for the artisans and they are filled with joy when Christ walks over their alfombra.

This year we will be making alfombras and floats in the classrooms. The children are working very hard on their floats and carpets and would like to share their work with the school and church community. On April 2, 2020, at 1:15 p.m., we will be processing from school to church for Stations of the Cross. Please join us for this special commemoration of the Passion of Jesus.

I have included the following links for you to view and see the love and adoration the people of Antigua, Guatemala have for Jesus Christ and His mother Mary.

Felices Pascuas! Happy Easter!

Dear Saint Michael Catholic School Parents:

Believe it or not, the SMCS Spring Concert is only a few weeks away! I’ve continued to have a wonderful time with your children during my second year at SMCS. I can’t wait to showcase them in this more Pop oriented Spring Concert titled, “Memories”. Please see below a repeat of important reminders in order to ensure that the program runs smoothly:  

The Concert is scheduled for Thursday, April 2nd at 7 PM in Duffy Center. All Pre-K through 8th grade students must report to their classrooms by 6:30 PM. 

Pre-K report to Pre-K room
K - 1st report to 1st grade room
2nd - 3rd report to 6th grade room
4th - 5th report to the 5th grade room
6th - 8th report to the music room

Parents should then report directly to Duffy Center to get their seats and relax before the Concert begins!

I need K and 1st to help me by providing various water props (one each) for “Splish, Splash,” (i.e.: yellow rubber duckie, swimmies, swim ring, shower cap, or a bath towel). Please email me with what props you are able to provide so I don’t double up. For 4th and 5th, I need Brandon Welch to have lion ears, and Noah and William Walton to have warthog and meerkat ears. Let me know if you’d like me to check with the Morais and Marquez families to see if you could borrow the ears the students used for Drama Vignettes. I would love for Cade to find a real cane, if possible! Other than those props, the students may wear appropriate bright spring clothing. Bring props in by Wednesday, March 18th.

The combined rehearsals for the concert are during school hours on Wednesday, March 25th from 9am - 11am and Tuesday, March 31st from 12:30pm - 2:30pm. Please try to avoid doctor’s appointments during that time .

Every voice matters, and every child adds to the group. It isn’t the same even without one!!!!! However, if you know that your child will be unable to participate, please contact me now so I can rebalance sections and reassign solos! If your child is ill and absent from school the day of the concert, they will NOT be allowed to participate. That is school policy. 


Becky Hale, Music teacher
Dear Parents,

Can you believe that Easter is only a little over 4 weeks away?

Every year we collect baskets, candy, and toys to make Easter baskets for Help 4 Kids. We ask each student to send in an Easter basket, grass, and a bag of candy. WE also collect stuffed animals and will accept lightly used and cleaned stuffed animals to put in each of the baskets. Anything you are able to give would be appreciated.

Please bring in donations by Thursday, April 2nd . This will give us two days to get the baskets put together before Help 4 Kids picks them up for delivery.

WE are always amazed by the wonderful and humble volunteers at Help 4 Kids and anything Saint Michael Catholic School can do to provide assistance for these needy families is appreciated. Thank you for your generosity and being a part of helping needy children during this Easter season.

Thank you again and God Bless,

Ms. Brenda and Mrs. Bleakney
It's that time again!

Create your 2 Free Custom Yearbook pages for Saint Michael Catholic School

To purchase & customize your yearbook: (Must be parent or student 13 years or older)

1) Go to www.treering.com/validate
2) Enter your school's passcode: 1014110543963172

Yearbook Price: $25.00 (does not include sales tax, if applicable)

Deadline: April 3rd

NEED HELP? Contact www.treering.com/help
Parents we are in need of help with uniforms. Miss Erin is doing the best she can making sure the uniform shop is organized for all of us to be able to shop with ease, but she is in need of some assistance with organizing the uniforms. You can click on the link below in Signup Genius under Volunteer Opportunities.

Thank you!

PTO Officers Name & Email contact:
President, Jana Naus: Ptopresident2019@saintmichaelsc.com

Vice President, Diana Jenkins: Ptovicepresident2019@saintmichaelsc.com

Secretary, Tara McGaha: Ptosecretary2019@saintmichaelsc.com

Treasurer, Jessica Lockney: Ptotreasurer2019@saintmichaelsc.com

Volunteer Coordinator, Lora Alot: Ptovolunteer2019@saintmichaelsc.com
Volunteer opportunities:
Uniform Shop: Uniform Shop
Spring Auction:
Spring Book Fair: Spring Book Fair
Mothers Day Tea: Mother's Day Tea
Field Day: Field Day 2020
NOTE: To search for SMCS active SUGs visit findasignup and "search by sign up creators email" and use ptovolunteer2019@saintmichaelsc.com



Visit  http://shoparoo.com  to sign up and assign St. Michael’s to receive your reward points. Once completed, Shop (shop for a product at any store), Snap (take a picture of the receipt) and Earn (Shoparoo donates to your school). It is that easy. Please pass this on to friends and family members.
By shopping through Amazon Smile, St. Michael’s will receive .5% of all qualifying purchases. This is a simple way to help St. Michael’s earn easy money and it only takes a minute to set up! Visit  http://smile.amazon.com/ and use the search option to locate our school. Please pass this on to friends and family members who make purchases through Amazon!


  • Click on Enroll in Cart to Class
  • Enter in your rewards card information
  • Click on Search for school and enter in: St. Michael Catholic School
  • Click continue 

You can enroll St. Michael's in all three of the pull downs.
Have any questions? Feel free to email us anytime.