November 15, 2019
 GC Congratulates NCC Administrators for Completing ACMS Project

November 15, 2019 | St. Croix, US Virgin Islands | NCC Staff | Royston Philbert

On Thursday, November 8, 2019, Pastor Desmond James, President of the North Caribbean Conference, delivered breaking news to all pastors, “I greet you with the fantastic, great news that the NCC is the second, of only two fields, to have completed the ACMS, in the Caribbean Union.”
Mr. Fernando Salazar from the General Conference (GC) assigned to the Inter-American Division, traveled to St. Croix to congratulate the administrators and host a workshop to train individuals who will be assigned to assist clerks and pastors with administering the system. Salazar was the main presenter during the workshop. He gave a thorough review of the online software, along with guided practice.
The Adventist Church Management System (ACMS) is an administrative tool used by church clerks, treasurers and auditors to facilitate the management of members’ information. It is a global platform for online membership transfer, real-time statistical reporting, tracking member-related actions by clerks and providing pertinent information to assist the process of selecting church officers.

The Secretary of the Conference, Pastor Wilmoth James, used an insightful approach to energize the clerks and pastors to complete the task in 2019. Clerks spent sleepless nights inserting information, as instructed by the NCC, into the database in time for the transition. As part of a structured approach by the NCC Administration, the Conference delivered fruit baskets to thank clerks who completed the task.

He shared, “We have a problem with the accuracy of our church membership. The matter of the transfer of membership can be a time-consuming activity since it now takes weeks and months for the transfer of membership. Hence, the system (ACMS) has been introduced to correct that and this can now be done in a matter of minutes.”  
Pastor James added, “The ACMS has been created to manage the membership of congregations across the globe in matters of adding and removal of members, transfers, and many other clerical-related activities and it will provide a great deal of convenience for executing clerical work at the local church.

“Record keeping will be significantly enhanced,” he continued. “Auditing can now be done from the Conference, without the church clerk sending any books or doing anything - when all the data is input. The system has come to help the church clerk and once the information is [inserted] on a timely basis, at the end of the month, the church clerk will have nothing to do [regarding report submission].”

The GC leader declared the ACMS active and ready for use in the North Caribbean Conference at the end of the workshop. “We thank all of you for your most excellent efforts in realizing this great achievement,” said Pastor Desmond James.
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