GC19 Day 3 Wrap-Up
Today, the plenary body convened to consider legislation that had been passed on by the legislative committee. What follows is a brief synopsis of what transpired during a very busy day.

Two Wespath recommendations regarding local churches that withdraw and clergy who end their relationship with the conference were passed.

The previous day, the legislative committee requested that petitions passed onto the plenary be reviewed by the Judicial Council. Approximately, half of the Traditional Plan petitions reviewed were ruled to be unconstitutional. The two disaffiliation petitions were also ruled to be unconstitutional.

Rev. Tom Berlin presented the minority report for the One Church Plan. Before the vote on the minority report, the entire arena prayed together. The One Church Plan was defeated.

During the process of considering the Traditional Plan petitions, a variety of amendments and motions were brought forth. In the end, the Traditional Plan passed 438-384 (54 votes).

Rev. Beth Ann Cook presented the minority report for the Disaffiliated Petition-Taylor, which passed.

The body voted to refer petitions to the Judicial Council for review. A press release from the Council of Bishops stated, " Since the legislation is not the official church law until January 1, 2020, the bishops are urging all United Methodists to stay focused on the mission that glorifies God and reaches new people with the gospel. Bishops will be holding meetings with clergy and laity in their annual conferences on how details will be handled in each area."

In the last minutes, an Omnibus motion not to support included the Disaffiliation Petition-Boyette, the Modified Traditional Plan and the Connectional Conference Plan passed.

Following the passage of the Traditional Plan, there were protests and celebrationsin the arena. The protests continued past adjournment.

Bishop Bledsoe and the NM Conference GC Delegation Chair, Rev. Eddie Rivera have prepared their comments and reflections, which will be available shortly. Thanks to the Bishop Bledsoe who leads us, the NM Conference Delegation who represented us, those who offered their presence, those who served as officials and pages, and all who prayed for the UMC. God bless the people of the UMC.
Bishop Bledsoe in a calmer moment
Bishop Gregory Palmer presided in the morning.
Susan Brumbaugh handled the rigors of calendar work.
NM & NWTX Delegates reflecting on the work before them
Stan Cosby, NWTX & Sid Strebeck, NM Lay Delegate in prayer
The arena prayed together before the minority report vote on the One Church Plan
Bishop Cynthia Fierro-Harvey presided during the contentious afternoon session.
Traditional Plan passed
Protests & celebrations