Prepping for the Annual Meeting
26 January 2020

Dear GCA member,

Here is your GCA newsletter. As always, we want to hear your feedback.

GCA Board of Directors
The GCA Annual Meeting - Tuesday 25 Feb 2020
The Glenmore Community Association's Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 25 at 7 PM in the ballroom of the Club at Glenmore. In January, GCA members will receive a meeting packet and instructions for voting (see the article below to receive materials electronically).

We will elect  three  board members for two-year terms (see our three GCA Board Candidates below). We need a quorum (30% of homeowners) to seat new Board members. If we don't have a quorum (252 homeowner ballots either by mail, electronically, or in person) we need to schedule a second meeting with two weeks written notice.

Three current Board Members (Deborah Conway, Art Peters, and Ray Murphy) are completing their two year terms in February. Please mark the annual meeting on your calendar and plan to attend. 
Response Required ... GCA Electronic Voting
If you are a GCA Member in Good Standing*, you will want to cast your vote either prior to or at the GCA annual meeting. 

You can receive your GCA Annual Meeting materials via email and vote electronically if you so choose. However, according to the VA Property Owners Association Act ( § 55.1-1815 G.) , you must declare that you want to receive materials by email and vote electronically. Otherwise we are required to print and mail materials at a much greater cost to the GCA.

If you want to receive the meeting materials by email and vote electronically, please send an email to Tim Durrer (Associa) by clicking here and put “Annual Meeting E-Voting” in the subject line.

* A GCA Member in Good Standing is defined as any resident who has a zero balance on their Association accounts. If you are not sure of your account balance, contact Thelma Washington by calling 434-984-0700.
David Breneman
David has been a Glenmore resident since 2009 and lives on Heathcote L ane. He is a A Ph.D. economist, experienced administrator, and board member of educational and nonprofit organizations . David served on the GCA Board previously (2012/2013) .
Click here for David's Nominee Information.
Vicki Kimberling
Vicki has lived in Glenmore for one and a half years and lives on Newbridge Lane. Vicki recently retired as a Senior Vice President at Bank of America. Vicki's hobbies include robotics, music, working out, and travel.
See Vicki's Nominee Information by clicking here.
Thomas White
A Glenmore resident for three years, Thomas lives on Marsden Point. Thomas practiced law, then was a member of the UVA Law School faculty for 50 years before retiring in 2017. He is a fan of the Glenmore walking trails.
Thomas' Nominee Information is available by clicking here .
No Trespassing Sign
No Trespassing Please
If you ride your bike or walk on Carroll Creek Road near Farringdon Road, and walk or ride around the Large Green Wall to get to Running Deer Drive, you are trespassing on two private properties. We placed four boulders on the gravel path to eliminate vehicular traffic, however, bikes and pedestrians are able to pass. Please respect our neighbors' property, and do not walk or ride around the Green Wall to Running Deer Drive. Want to see where the Large Green Wall is? Click here.
Selling Your Home?
It’s What’s on the Outside That Counts
Wall Street Journal, 23 Jan 2020 by Adam Bonislawski.
A new study quantifying the impact of curb appeal found that the attractiveness of a home can boost its value by 7% or more. According to the article, researchers have developed a "curb appeal" deep learning algorithm and Google Street View to grade low appeal properties with issues such as broken pavement and overgrown grass, and high appeal properties characterized by well kept lawns and attractive landscaping. The researchers then used the data from the algorithms and controlling factors like neighborhood, time of sale, and house size to arrive at their finding of a 7% premium for curb appeal factors. That 7% figure also factors in the condition of the home across the street which accounted for a third of the overall premium. (Need the contact info for the GCA Compliance Officer??)

Click here for the WSJ article. (Note: the WSJ requires a subscription to read the full article. However, you can also read the full article here .)
County Waste Q&A
A resident contacted the GCA stating that the County Waste had changed their policy regarding picking up trash bags with the normal trash collection. We contacted Jonathan Willis of County Waste. Per Mr Willis, their policies have not changed. As long as the trash can is full, the driver will pick up 4-5 bags that are 13 gallon bags or smaller. (Please keep in mind that the driver will have to lift the bags). If this is a recurring event, a second trash can is an option at a discount.
Mr Willis also said County Waste offers BULK pickup on Thursdays for an additional charge if the homeowner contacts them by Noon on Wednesdays.
The Birds of Glenmore
This is the first in a series addressing our wild bird population. Our resident birding experts have identified 137 bird species in Glenmore. Some are transient, some are migratory residents and some are permanent year-round residents. Here are some of our nesting birds and their typical nesting environments.
  • Wood duck - Near waterways 
  • Northern bobwhite - grassy areas. The first breeding pair in 12+ years was noted in summer 2019
  • American woodcock – low brushy areas 
  • Killdeer - In and around the retention ponds. Be mindful of the chicks, which look like cotton balls on toothpicks
  • Belted kingfisher - cavities in river banks
  • Blue-gray gnatcatcher – pine trees 
  • Brown thrasher – low brushy areas 
  • Orchard oriole – small trees and brush
  • Common yellowthroat - small trees and brush 
  • Louisiana waterthrush – low hanging trees 
  • Summer and Scarlet tanagers – tall trees
Despite some aggressive clearing in the new development areas Glenmore contains 1800 acres, much of which is wild and forested. We are very fortunate to have such large common areas for our wildlife to take up residence.
House Under Construction
Breezy Hill Rezoning Application Update
As yet, a public hearing date has not been requested. The GCA Board will keep the community updated as further information becomes available.
Finding info on the VA Property Owners' Association Act?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. In fact, to find information on the Virginia Property Owners' Association Act, go to our web page, and click on "More" on the top line. Scroll to and click "Regulations and Legal". Under Governance, scroll down to the VA Property Owners' Association Act.

Have some general questions? Email Thelma Washington by clicking Here.
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