Breezy Hill Hearing Update | 30 Aug 2020
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GCA Board of Directors
Virtual GCA Board Meeting for September
The GCA Board of Directors is holding the Board meeting via GoToMeeting on 3 Sept from 5 PM to 7 PM. By joining the "virtual" meeting you can listen to the proceedings from start to finish. If the Board schedules an executive session, the general meeting will end and the Board will meet separately to discuss contract and/or legal issues. The agenda and Board packet will be published on the Glenmore website ahead of the meetings and the minutes of the meetings will also be posted.

If you would like to participate in the Board meeting, contact Tim Durrer at 434-984-0700 or click here to obtain information regarding the GoToMeeting link.
Breezy Hill Public Hearing
Our Chance to Have an Impact on US 250 Traffic Sept 2nd at 6:00 PM
Last week, Dennis Odinov forwarded an appeal to the Glenmore Community to engage on this important issue. The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors (BoS) will be voting on a request to increase density at the Breezy Hill development on US 250. The outcome will affect traffic on US 250 for the next two decades. Here is an update from Dennis Odinov regarding videoconferencing at the Breezy Hill hearing. Click here for the agenda. Its agenda item number 19 ... ZMA2019-004 Breezy Hill. PROJECT: ZMA201900004 Breezy Hill.

At 6 pm on Wednesday, September 2, the Public Hearing portion of the Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting will begin. There has been some concern as to just when Breezy Hill portion of the meeting will start. There are two other subjects on the agenda that are ahead of it.

A suggestion was made to have speakers provide their cell numbers to someone who would watch the proceedings on Zoom and then group text the speakers at the right time. I even emailed Donna Price to see if she could get the County Clerk to do this.

While waiting for an answer, and being unsure of whether my attempt to register online as a speaker had gone through, I called the Board of Supervisors office at 434-296-5843 and asked the very nice person who answered if my name was on the speakers’ list. When she told me it was, on a whim I asked her about how long she thought the discussions ahead of us would last. She said joining the Zoom meeting at 6:15 pm would be safe, since they expected Breezy Hill to begin around 6:20-6:25 pm.

I also asked how many people had signed up to speak and she told me that I was the first. By my count there are around 11 people who have indicated they would like to speak. However, we've had a poor email response to the BoS ( from Glenmore. Your emails can be short and sweet. If you are concerned about the 250 traffic, tell the Board about your own personal experiences on a road that has been designated by VDOT as 13% overcapacity during peak hours since 2005, and ask them to respect their Master Plan. I cannot overstate the importance of these communications to the Board. A small group of us have been fighting this battle since 2006. This is the final round, and its imperative that you sign up by Wednesday. The easiest way is to call 434-296-5843 and speak with this very nice lady. One tip; when there are more than 10 speakers each presentation is limited to two minutes....but it doesn’t take that long to express your concern about the traffic.

Hope you will be there on Wednesday, folks....and please send an email to if you haven’t already done so. I have counted 18 so far, but I am sure there are more than that.
Dennis Odinov (Glenmore Resident)
GCA Assessment Invoices - Delivered
Associa mailed the GCA assessment statements in late July for the second half of the year. We received the invoices on 17 August. The Postal Service contacted the GCA and apologized for two things: one the late deliveries caused by backlogs at the Richmond regional distribution center; and two, for originally providing inaccurate information on why the invoices were delayed.

The GCA second half assessment of $518 is due on 1 September. If you have not yet received your invoice, contact Associa by clicking here and include "Missing Invoice" in the subject line.

The Treasurer
2021 GCA Budget Under Construction
Per our GCA C&Rs (Article V Section 7), the GCA Board is required to approve the new budget sixty days before the beginning of the Fiscal Year. That means it must be approved by 2 November. This includes both our annual operating budget and our allocated reserve funding.

Since early August, the Board has been collecting 2020 data, using info from the GCA Strategic Plan, and assessing requirements for 2021. The final step is to determine the annual assessment. In the 2020 budget, we increased the annual assessment by 1.57% (a $16 increase).

According to our C&Rs, the Board may not, without the affirmative vote of a majority of the Voting Members of the Association, increase the annual assessment more than ten percent (10%) in a year.

Click here for a copy of the 2020 Budget (approved 17 Oct 2019).

Test Question: How much is the GCA Operating budget for 2020 including the Equestrian Center?? Click here for the answer.
More Bear Sightings in Glenmore
GCA Nominations Committee 
Board elections are just six months away, and the Nominations Committee is beginning work to find candidates to run for the GCA Board in February 2021.

If you would like to serve on the Nominating Committee, or would like to suggest a candidate to run for a Board seat, or if you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact Tim Durrer by clicking here (Please add the subject line "Nominating Committee")

You may have heard in years past that the Board spends hundreds of hours per month running GCA operations. With the expansion of Associa’s professional management services, we have been transferring the day to day operations to Associa, leaving the main role of the Board as policy and oversight.

Board members serve two years and are expected to chair and/or serve on two Board committees. The Board meets twice monthly for two hours each.
GCA Members ... Looking for Answers??
The GCA Web Site is packed with information about our community. Trying to find the newly released GCA Strategic Plan?

Go to the GCA Web Page, click on "Board" at the top of the page. Half way down the page, you'll see a gray "Long Term Plans" box. Then click on the "2020-2025 Strategic Plan".

As you'll see in the Plan, the Board has identified four Strategic Priorities:
A.     Improve the safety and security of the people in Glenmore
B.     Ensure a high standard of fiscal responsibility and governance
C.     Improve the appeal of the Glenmore community
D.     Enhance the sense of community

Just have some general questions? Email Thelma Washington by clicking Here.
Watch These Dates
Sep 1: 2nd Half 2020 GCA Assessments are due
Sep 3: GCA Working Meeting 5-7 PM (GoToMeeting)
Sep 7: Labor Day (click here)
Sep 17: GCA Board Meeting 7-9 PM (TBD)
Sep 21: Autumnal Equinox (click here).