GCA Dues Notifications
29 August 2019

Dear GCA member,

Here is your latest newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

GCA Board of Directors
GCA Dues Notification - Due on 1 Sept
Associa - Community Group mailed the 1 September GCA dues notifications. The GCA assessments are paid in two installments of $510 each. The first installment is due on 1 March, and the second installment is due on 1 September.

If you have not received a GCA payment invoice, contact Thelma Washington by clicking Here o r call at 434-984-0700 ext 1.
Horse Rider
Equestrian Center Update
Fencing : We are under contract with Quality Fence of Madison for significant fence repair during the third week in September to include replacement of 419 boards, 54 half round posts and 29 4x6 posts. In addition, the gate near the septic system will be relocated. Please be advised that the new fencing material will not be painted until spring to allow time for the wood to cure.

Cadeaux Show Stables had a great summer with riding lessons and pony camp at the Equestrian Center. Cadeaux had three weeks of pony camp in July and August. In addition, grandchildren and other family members of 20 to 25 Glenmore residents have had riding  lessons throughout the summer.

The after school lesson program will start in September. Seven riders will participate, including four Glenmore residents.  The lessons are tailored to the needs of the rider including show preparation, trail riding and preparation for fox hunting. Beginning riders as well as riders of all levels and ages are encouraged to participate.

Cadeaux riders and horses, including Glenmore residents, recently competed very successfully in shows at Blowing Rock, NC and Lexington, KY. Pictures and more details are posted on the Cadeaux Show Stables page at Facebook. Congratulations to Zach Parks riding “Paper Trail” to win the coveted Reserve Champion prize in the USHJA International Hunter Derby at the Blowing Rock Show.
Update on Resident Gate Access
With recent improvements, our residents’ gate system is accurately reading license plates and correctly operating at more than 99% accuracy. Should you find repeated instances of the resident gate failing to open for you, please contact the Gatehouse staff at  gatehouse@glenmore-community.org or call 434-977-7019.
barrier gate
Disaster and Emergency Preparedness
Are you ready for the next disaster or emergency? The Albemarle Office of Emergency Management is eager to meet with GCA residents to make sure we are ready for the next disaster. Find out the top hazards that impact our area and how to protect yourself, learn how to build an emergency kit and create an emergency plan with your family, and find out how to get involved and connected.  If we have enough interest in emergency preparedness, the GCA will arrange a time and place for a session in Glenmore.

Please email  twashington@communitygroup.com with the subject line, "Yes to Emergency Preparedness Session" if you would like to attend such a meeting. We hope to schedule a one hour session in September or October. 
Wildlife Safety in Glenmore
Glenmore's white-tailed deer are seen with such regularity that residents may not realize that, they too, can be dangerous. Some deer encounter residents so often that they give the illusion that they are ‘tame’ animals. However, deer are wild and do not appreciate being approached. Does will defend their fawns by kicking or running at people or dogs that get too close. And during mating season bucks may become aggressive towards people. There are dozens of injuries by white-tailed deer every year. Many of these occurred while people were trying to hand feed them.

The US National Park Service has a mandatory 75’ safe viewing distance policy for deer. If a deer approaches you, move away to maintain that safe distance. And NEVER feed a white-tailed deer!

Source: US Department of the Interior; National Park Service.
Candidates Forum 24 October at 7 PM
GCA, in cooperation with the Running Deer neighborhood, is sponsoring a Candidates’ Forum with Michael Hallahan and Donna Price, the two candidates for Scottsville District Supervisor in the November election. The event will start at 7 pm on October 24 in the East Rivanna Firehouse. Dennis Odinov will be the moderator, and the candidates will answer residents’ questions and state their positions. 

This is an opportunity for the candidates to address your questions and concerns regarding issues in Albemarle County, especially issues that affect our community. Please mark the date; a large turnout is important.
Latest News on Breezy Hill
What is the latest news on Breezy Hill? The short answer is "no news".
After the 30 July Planning Commission Working Session where several commissioners spoke in favor of letting the 2010 Master Plan guide their decisions on Breezy Hill, we expected Southern Development to alter their application and resubmit it to Community Development staff. That has not happened yet. Absent any submission from Southern Development, no meetings can be scheduled. We'll keep you posted ....
Yard Waste in the Common Areas
Please be mindful of property lines. Residents should not dump yard waste into the community common areas. Yard waste includes grass clippings, limbs, brush, and branch clippings.

In the late fall, the GCA arranges for curbside limb and twig pick-up as well as leaf pick-up after all of the leaves have fallen.
Labor Day Trash and Recycling Schedule
With the Labor Day Holiday coming up, we wanted to send this friendly reminder regarding what to expect for your trash and recycling services. County Waste Residential Operations for both trash and recycling will be running a NORMAL schedule on Monday, September 2, 2019.  Please have your recycling and trash carts ready for service on their normal service day.
 Your County Waste Team
Speed Awareness - Summer 2019
Safety within Glenmore is a top priority. One effort to meet this priority is to ensure safe driving speeds throughout the community. All Glenmore streets are posted at 25 MPH, a safe speed recommended for communities like Glenmore by VDOT and the Federal Highway Administration. Several speed calming devices have been employed, such as the speed bumps in the Scottish Homes, which have been very effective at slowing down traffic on that section of Darby Road. Pole Mounted Speed Displays (PMSD) are also used as another form of speed calming. We have data to share from 9 months of monitoring our PMSD’s on Piper Way and Carroll Creek Road.

Piper Way Inbound just after Gatehouse       
In the last nine months, about 345,000 vehicles have traveled along Piper Way, almost 1,300 per day. The average speed is very consistent at 32 MPH but the average of the highest speed each day is 49 MPH. One vehicle was clocked at 63 MPH! 32% of the vehicles drive at the posted speed. A greater percentage of the speeding occurs in the afternoon and evening hours. 

Carroll Creek Road, off intersection of Piper Way
Traffic passing through this PMSD averages 230 vehicles a day. Traffic volume for nine months was slightly over 64,000, including construction vehicles as new home building occurs in the Highlands. The average speed is 21 mph, while the average of the highest speed each day is 35 mph. The highest recorded speed was 46 mph. 84% of all vehicles drive at the posted speed.  
E-Mail Notification of Annual Meetings
On 1 October, there are some changes occurring to the VA Property Owners' Association Act (VA POAA). One change allows the GCA to provide electronic mail notification of the annual meeting to GCA members in lieu of US Mail. Until this year, notifications were required by to be delivered by US Mail. The law states that the GCA can send notifications electronically provided that the member has elected to receive such notice by electronic mail . The good news is that electronic notification is much faster and less expensive than snail mail. Over the next few weeks we'll ask you if you would prefer electronic delivery or US Mail delivery. If you want it electronically, you must state so.
email picture
GCA Members ... Looking for Answers?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. If you open the Web Page and click on "Contact Us" on the lower left side of the page, you'll see the email addresses and phone numbers for the various GCA committees and points of contact. Just have some general questions? Email Thelma Washington by clicking Here.
Watch These Dates
Sep 2: Labor Day
Sep 19: GCA Board Meeting at 7 PM
Sep 23: Autumn Begins ( click Here for Autumnal Equinox info)
Oct 17: GCA Board Meeting at 7 PM
Oct 24: Candidates Forum for County Supervisor at 7PM at the East Rivanna Firehouse