GCA Dues Reminder
11 Mar 2019

Dear GCA member,

Here is your latest newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

GCA Board of Directors
GCA Dues Reminder
The GCA spring assessment is now due. Associa - Community Group, our GCA Management company, mailed out the spring GCA dues notifications a few weeks ago. If you haven't received it or lost it, contact Thelma Washington (of Associa) at 434-984-0700 ext 1 or click email  here.

The GCA assessments are paid in two installments of $510 each. The first installment is due on 1 March, and the second installment is due on 1 September. Assessments paid after 31 March and 30 September are late.
Three GCA Board Vacancies Filled
Thanks to all who voted and attended the GCA Annual Meeting.

At the 21 February Annual meeting, the Glenmore Community Association membership voted Steve Antonellis, Kevin Fitzpatrick, and Susan Worden onto the Board for two year Board assignments. Congratulations to the new Board members (their pictures are featured on the right).

After the annual meeting, the Board held a short meeting to elect the Board President. Deborah Conway was elected as President of the Board by the new members and the existing Board members including Ray Murphy, Art Peters, and David Swales (GCC Member).

Over the next few weeks the Board will be assigning Board members to the various GCA Committees. The assignments will be finalized at the Board meeting on 21 March at 7PM in the Glenmore Country Club's Pinnacle Room.
GCA Concert at the Fields
We're planning a spring music event at the Sports Field. On Friday evening, 10 May, we'll bring in a local band. The GCA will provide the music (and sports equipment) at the sports field, and residents will provide lawn chairs, wine, and other beverages for your personal consumption. Just a nice spring outdoor music event with friends and neighbors. Please mark it on your calendar.
Volunteers Needed for the GCA
The new Board is in place and we're working on new issues for this year. We haven't sorted out the details yet, but we're looking for volunteers with special skills such as: landscape architects, architects, civil engineers, communications specialists, deed and title analysts, IT specialists, master gardeners, real estate experts, and strategic planners .

´╗┐If you have skills in any of these areas and want to volunteer your time for the GCA, contact Thelma Washington at Associa by clicking Here . Place the words "GCA Volunteers" in the subject line, and state your area of expertise in the body of the email. We'll contact you as we begin to define our needs.
The Dogs of Glenmore
Each Newsletter will feature one of our Glenmore canine friends. If you would like to have your dog featured in our Newsletter, please send a picture, name, breed, and something else we just need to know. We'll randomly select a picture for publication in each edition.

Click  here  to send an email with a photo attached. Include the words "The Best Dog in Glenmore" in the subject line.

Here  is this edition's entry.
Watch These Dates
Mar 20: The Vernal Equinox
Mar 21: GCA Board Meeting at 7PM
Apr 18: GCA Board Meeting at 7PM
May 10: Glenmore Concert at the Fields
May 27: Memorial Day