GCA Dues are Overdue
12 April 2020

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Be safe, during these unusual times!
GCA Board of Directors
Volunteers Needed at the Glenmore Farm
Looking for something to do outside? Where you can maintain safe social distancing? Then the Equestrian Center Committee has many outdoor volunteer spring jobs for you!
The Committee completed a comprehensive survey of spring maintenance needs. Many tasks are appropriate social distancing jobs for volunteers such as clearing the paddocks, cleaning up the barn kitchen, removing hay from the run in sheds, cleaning out the seven pony stalls, and the like. All volunteers are welcome, and there are many skill levels available for all ages.

There are tasks for families (who can work in groups) or for individuals (who will work solo); for those with just an hour to spare; and for those who have more time available. Its a fun operation to see and understand, and a great outdoor opportunity. If you would like to help, please contact equestrian@glenmore-community.org.
GCA Dues Notification
The GCA spring assessment is now past due. Associa - Community Group, our GCA Management company, mailed out the spring GCA dues notifications in early February. The GCA assessments are paid in two installments of $518 each. The first installment is due on 1 March, and the second installment is due on 1 September. If you haven't paid yet, your first installment is now past due. Please make payment soonest.

If you have not received a GCA payment invoice, contact Thelma Washington by clicking  Here  or call at 434-984-0700 ext 0.
Landscaping Modifications? Contact the ARC
With the warm weather upon us, many are considering changes to our landscaping such as replacing old and damaged shrubs or removing damaged or diseased trees. The Glenmore Architectural and Landscape Guidelines require the Owner to seek approval for:
●     Modifications or additions to an existing home (including changing exterior colors)
●    Construction of secondary structures
●    Landscaping, landscape changes, tree removals
●    Fences, Pools, Basketball goals, swing sets or play equipment
●    Driveway and parking areas
●    Terraces, Garden walls, Retaining walls
●     Awnings, Exterior lighting, Satellite Dishes
●     Lot drainage changes

The approval request form and an explanation of the process is found  here . The Architectural Review Committee will process your application as quickly as possible. Last year we processed 148 applications and all but 2 were approved. The Committee very much appreciates your cooperation in following the Guidelines designed to maintain the beauty of our community.
The Architectural Review Committee
Glenmore Farm Nature Trails
The Common Area Review Board (CARB) is happy to announce the reopening of the nature/hiking trails that surround the Glenmore Farm area. These trails had, until recently, been off limits to Glenmore residents. The restrictions that limited our use of these farm area trails are no longer in place and you're free to explore the perimeter of the farm fields. You'll see the new Glenmore Farm trail addition to the trails maps on page 6.   New Glenmore Hiking Trail Maps-Rev 1---3-6-2020.pdf  

Please note to keep on the outside of the field areas (outside the wooden fences). Please respect the privacy of private homes inside and outside of Glenmore including the Manor House property that you'll see highlighted on the new map addition. You can reach the CARB here .
Reminder, No Dumping in Common Areas
Please, do not dump your yard debris into the adjoining common areas. Also, contractors sometimes find it easier to dump your yard waste into common areas rather than hauling it away. We recently observed a landscaper rolling old bushes down a hill into common area. Please ask your contractor to remove yard debris when they complete work in your yard.
Breezy Hill Rezoning Application Update
The Breezy Hill developers have re-submitted their request for approval for 160 homes. That number violates the Master Plan regarding lower density in Breezy Hill. County Staff has recommended 65 units.  The developers justify their request for increased density by pointing out that the original number of housing units approved for Rivanna Village was reduced. However, the "Village of Rivanna Master Plan" calls for no more development approvals until Rte 250 East is improved. The plan states: “It is essential that all of the US 250 improvements be constructed before new development occurs in the Village."  

A hearing before the Planning Commission was scheduled for May 5, 2020, but has been postponed. To track the Albemarle County planning documents for Breezy Hill, click here .
House Under Construction
barrier gate
Be Patient at the Gatehouse Entry Gates
We recently had a resident anticipate the opening of the resident gate arm at the Glenmore gatehouse, but the gate arm didn't raise. Unfortunately the resident drove through the gate and snapped the arm. The arm was replaced the next day.

Please be patient and wait for the green signal light and the raising of the gate arm before proceeding.
School's Out, Children are Biking
The Glenmore speed limit is 25 MPH. With schools closed, more children are out walking and biking. The Glenmore community is in full control of the safety of our roads, it just requires that we all slow down. 

Please remember only licensed drivers can operate motor vehicles (including golf carts) on Glenmore roads. 
How can I find the Contact Info for my Neighbors?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. In fact, to find contact information for your neighbors, go to the web page, then click on "Gatehouse" on the top line. Click on "Access Gatehouse Information". Input your name and password. Then scroll down to "Residents Directory". In the text at the top it says "To search by street name, click here". After clicking, a new box opens and you can scroll down to the name of your street. You'll then see a list of names, addresses and phone numbers for your neighbors.

Note: We are required to provide resident's access to this information per the VA Property Owners' Association Act,  § 55.1-1815 .

Just have some general questions? Email Thelma Washington (Associa) by clicking Here.
Watch These Dates
April 16: GCA Board Meeting - postponed
May 5: Albemarle County Planning Com Mtg - postponed
May 21: GCA Board Meeting
May 25: Memorial Day
June 18: GCA Board Meeting
June 20: Summer Solstice at 5:43 PM