GCA News & Notes
23 July, 2018

Dear GCA member,

Here is your latest newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

GCA Board of Directors
Planning to Repaint your Home Exterior?? 
Repainting or any changes to your home's exterior requires approval by the Glenmore Community Association. Please ensure that you have received written approval from the GCA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) before starting. 
Storm Debris Clean-up
We finally completed the storm debris pick-up that started on 2 July. After scouting the damage, we originally anticipated that the debris pick-up would take about 3 to 4 days, However, the community took the opportunity to prune and trim which added 3 to 4 days to the schedule. In the end, D&D was collecting yard waste for seven days. 
Next pick-up will be in late fall.
Speed Radar Signs
We are aware that some of the bulbs on the Speed Radar Signs are burned out. We can't replace individual bulbs. so we ordered two new replacement bulb panels. Once we receive them, we'll complete the installation. 

Good time for a reminder ... the speed limit in Glenmore is 25 MPH. With kids on the road this summer, we need to be hyper-cautious regarding our speed. Especially at corners, and around curves. Please, slow down.

Need Volunteers for the Glenmore Fall Sports Field Festival - 28 October
We've set the date for the Fall Sports Field Festival.  Our plan is a series of events to showcase our Sports Field. With our soccer field, volleyball court, bocce ball court and horse shoe court, we're hoping for some fierce competition on the field. We're also considering a farmers market, Halloween pumpkin painting and costume competition, a document shredder, and other events to get the community out to the Sports Field. If you are interested in organizing any of these events (soccer, volleyball, bocce ball, pumpkin painting, etc., please contact CARB at  CARB@glenmore-community.org
Improved Systems for the Gatehouse
Following the recent lightening damage to our gatehouse systems and ongoing problems with CenturyLink's phone service, we took the opportunity to improve reliability of both internet and phone services. We installed a Comcast system which automatically connects the guards' computers to a cellular internet service when there is any interruption in the cable feed. Together with an uninterruptible power supply, the gatehouse staff can now continue to use their cloud-based information systems when either cable or power is out. Similarly, we switched to Comcast for our telephone service, with calls automatically re-directed to a cellular phone when the cable service is interrupted. Improved reliability and at a lower cost than our previous services!
Trees on Common Grounds

The trees on common grounds serve many purposes. They provide shade, beauty, visual barriers, a habitat for wildlife, and they are protected by our GCA Covenants and Restrictions. Do not remove any trees in common areas. If in doubt, contact the CARB. Please note even trees on private property with a 6" diameter or larger cannot be removed without approval by the ARC.
Dogs on a Leash
When walking or exercising dogs in Glenmore, our C&Rs require that your dog be on a leash. Even friendly dogs can be intimidating when someone does not know your pet. For unleashed exercise, please use the Dog Park. 
Are you looking for a not so ordinary volunteer experience?

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital is looking for some kind, caring and compassionate volunteers. Volunteers are needed to work the Concierge desks, serve as Patient Support Volunteer in the Emergency Department and other opportunities in the hospital. Volunteers work closely in making sure patients have a pleasant experience. If you think you might be interested in volunteering please contact Renee Walker 434-654-7327/ rmwalker@sentara.com  or visit the website .