GCA News & Notes          8 March, 2018

Dear GCA member,
Here is your latest newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Becky Lindway, GCA Communications Director
Annual Meeting Update
Thank you to all of you who helped your association by voting prior to the annual meeting. We are happy to report that both the updated Glenmore C&Rs passed as well as the updated GCA Bylaws. To view these documents use the GCA Website at www.glenmore-community.org and go to the 'Regs & Legal' page. If you are not using this site on a regular basis, you will find that there is a great deal of information kept up to date and at your finger tips. This site is a great resource for all residents.
You also elected of three new members to the GCA Board of Directors…. Deborah Conway, Becky Lindway and Ron Poulsen.
GCA Board Selects New Officers & Committee Chairs
The following people were selected to serve as officers and committee chair people. Their formal election will be made at the March 15th BOD meeting.

                       President: Chuck Axten
                       Vice-President: Kevin Fitzpatrick
                       Treasurer: Ron Poulsen
                       Secretary: Becky Lindway

Committee Chairs:
                        Ron Baellow - Security and Compliance         
                        Deborah Conway - Architectural Review Committee ARC
                        Kevin Fitzpatrick - Common Area Review Board CARB
                        Becky Lindway - Communications
                        Ron Poulsen - Water Resources and Budget and Finance
                        Bob Smith - Roads, Walking Paths & Signs and also Glenmore Farm
Community Group
- our Community Management Team
The community is well aware that the BOD entered into a contract with Associa Community Group in early January. We have a Community Manager whose name is Tim Durrer. Community Group has an office at 1413 Sachem Place, Suite 2, Charlottesville VA 22901.

Currently they are responsible for a very detailed list of financial activities from the mailing of our GCA assessments, paying bills, maintaining the ledger of accounts, to attending board meetings and answering the phone. Tim and his staff can be reached at 984-0700. Tim will work primarily with the BOD, committee members and contractors.
Tim Durrer
One of the advantages of having Tim on board is his ability to assist with the transfer process when a member sells their home. When a home is sold the new owner receives a “Disclosure Packet” with a great deal of information regarding our association, everything from Board Minutes, to Financial Statements but….. Did you know that when you sell your home the property must be inspected to be sure that there are no outstanding issues with the C&Rs? The Virginia Property Owners Association Act 55-509.5 requires - “9. A statement that any improvement or alteration made to the lot, or uses made of the lot or common area assigned thereto are or are not in violation of the declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations, architectural guidelines and articles of incorporation, if any, of the association;”

Having Tim do the walk around and including this information in the Disclosure Packet given to all new home owners will be valuable to the community in knowing that all newly purchased properties are up to the current requirements, and that the new owners realize that we are a community committed to a high level of participation. This will be a most welcome addition to the community. 
Compliance with our C&Rs
After the Annual Meeting several community members addressed concerns with their own ability to use the various committees regarding adhering to the C&Rs. One of the most discussed concerns was related to the ARC, namely how to make an acceptable change to their property. Therefore we will attempt to highlight specific concerns:
ARC Guidelines: Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is responsible for approving all modifications to buildings, structures, and landscaping on private lots within Glenmore. The responsibility, as defined in the Covenants and Restrictions of Glenmore, has been formally transferred from the developer to the GCA.
ARC approval is required for changes to the external appearance of buildings, extensions or alterations affecting their appearance, external structures, fences, landscape design changes, and tree removals (pines over 6" and others over 3" diameter).

Submission Process
All modifications which impact the exterior of your property, including changes in color schemes and landscaping and tree removal, must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for approval in advance of work commencing.
If you wish to submit a proposal for modifications to your property, please deliver a hard copy of the completed submittal form along with plans or drawings to ARC Chair; Deborah Conway, 3219 Melrose Lane, 979-7364.

It is important to note that most requests are approved in a very timely fashion. We request that all residents realize that they are required to submit a request form which can be found at www.glenmore-community.org when planning changes to their property. Most of the BOD concerns this past year were in reference to Tree Removal and Fencing Issues. Remember the old saying “I would rather ask for forgiveness than permission”, this cannot be accepted here in Glenmore.
Walking Paths
The GCA plans to repair our walking paths throughout the community this year. In order to ensure that we fix all of the problems it would be helpful to have all who walk our paths to take note of needed repairs. 

Please send requests for repairs by email to Bob Smith, GCA Roads Committee Chair, at roads@glenmore-community.org . Please enclose a short description of the needed repair and the location, street and lot/home number. Thank you in advance for your help.
The GCA Roads Committee

The GCA Roads Committee is seeking new members to assist in evaluating and maintaining our road system. If you have civil engineering background or experience with road maintenance we would be particularly interested in your assistance. Please contact Bob Smith, Roads Committee Chair at roads@glenmore-community.org .
A Thousand Kudos to Barb Grzymala
Barb Grzymala has served this community for over nine years as our professional bookkeeper/accountant. She has retired from this position and we say a ton of Thank You’s! As one of the new management team members remarked…"Whenever we accept a new client we never receive the financial records in this most complete and professional shape”. She made it all seem so easy. We will miss your cheerfulness, your professionalism and most of all YOU!. We wish you all the best!