GCA News & Notes                          5 December 2016
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Nancy Gansneder, Communications Director
Community Events:
Freedom 5K Run

Join the throng of runners, walkers, strollers for the 5 K Freedom Run Saturday, December 10, 9:00 am.  

View the route at:

NOTE: Advanced registration required at:
(No on-site registration)
Notices ,  Reminders & Updates:
An ounce of prevention…
During this busy holiday season, please take time to secure your cars and their contents. Electronics and holiday shopping are attractive targets.
  • Remind guests and family members to lock un-garaged vehicles.
  • Better yet, remove valuables from your cars to the security of your home.
  • To deter mischief, keep your outdoor lights illuminated when cars are parked overnight.

Please report any vandalism or theft issues to 911 and keep Security in the loop by calling (434) 977-7019 and letting them know you’ve had a problem.

Leaf Pickup - Ongoing
Leaf pick continues throughout the community. Two crews are at work and will meet in the middle. Bremerton Cottages is done. The Scottish Homes is nearing completion. Work continues on Darby West and the crew will work its was down Piper Way. Sections S, Q & Q2 - Carroll Creek to Piper are complete. The second crew is working its way up Piper. We expect to finish leaf collection by the end of the week.

Sound Curtains at Glenmore Water Resource Recovery Facility
FYI! Earlier this fall sound curtains were installed to reduce the sound coming from the aerators at the (newly-named) Glenmore WRRF, reducing the noise pollution to residents and sports field patrons.
From the GCA Board:
Draft minutes - November 2016 GCA Board Meeting now available here.
Traffic Calming measures

The plan to install speed cushions on Darby Rd East has been reviewed and formally approved by the County, following consultations with the County Engineer, Frank Pohl, and Director of Community Development, Mark Graham, including a site visit.
Orders have been placed for the cushions, painting and signage, and installation is expected within the next couple of weeks. Two additional stop signs for the junction of Ferndown Rd and Darby Rd have also been ordered.

Painting of road lines to narrow the roadway and create a bike/cart path on Piper Way between the gatehouse and the undivided section of Piper Way, as well as refreshing/painting/signing of cross walks, stop bars, etc., will proceed as weather allows.
Speeding Car
Help Wanted
GCA Board Member Nominations
Your GCA needs a few good people!  

The Nominations Committee is looking to fill at least three vacancies on the GCA Board of Directors for a two-year term beginning February 2017. Elections will be finalized at the Annual Meeting on February 23, 2017. You may nominate yourself or any other Glenmore resident who will agree to serve, if elected. Send your nominations to committee chair, Ludy Benjamin, at nominations@glenmore-community.org
The role of this committee is to ensure that enough suitably qualified candidates are available, not to endorse or reject any specific candidate. Please review Criteria and Attributes as you consider nominating yourself or others to stand for election. To be included on the ballot, the Committee must receive nominations by January 8, 2017. 
Mahalo to Nancy Gansneder...
...for her tireless effort as President of the GCA over the past two years. As was noted in the last ‘News and Notes’, Nancy has resigned as President but will serve the balance of her term, fulfilling her responsibilities from Hawaii.
Aloha Nancy!
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