GCA News & Notes             27 October 2017

Dear GCA member,
Here is your newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Becky Lindway, GCA Communications Director
Limb and branch pickup begins Nov 13 and leaves Nov 27
Please also use this opportunity to assess and trim any trees in your yard that are encroaching into the street.
Water Restrictions Clarification
The Albemarle County Service Authority has issued a series of Drought Restrictions. The signs are all over the community and advise us to conserve as much as possible.
All of us with irrigation systems received a door tag indicating that “Due to Mandatory Drought restrictions, irrigation through your exclusion meter is not permitted at this time.” While the Drought Restrictions prohibit outside irrigation there are exceptions such as hand watering by watering can or the use of a hose with a shutoff nozzle between the hours of 9 pm and 10 am. The CSA advises that all questions regarding outdoor watering of new plantings be directed to their office. Each homeowner will have specific needs, therefore the ACSA will need individual information. Please call 977-4511 to apply for any variance.
• The play field is a play field and not a dog park. We remind all residents that their dogs ought to be on a leash and they are responsible for cleaning up after their pet.

• We have heard many complaints about barking dogs. Please help your self and your neighbor by contacting the family and letting them know that their dog is making too much noise. A short note ought to help. If you need further help click the link below.

• The Rivanna Trail is closed in some areas due to the river washing out part of the trail. The county is aware and will repair, but we urge you to use caution when using the trail, and not walking in the affected area.
The GCA Board is currently revising our C&R’s
As was in the News and Notes previously, the Board is engaging in the long process of revising the Covenants and Restrictions which govern our community. The main impetus for the revision is to update the reverences to the "Company" (i.e., Glenmore Association Limited Partners, GALP) to the GCA. There are other changes which offer policy changes which represent a shift from a developer focused C&Rs to a set which are focused on running a homeowners association. Language changes with significant policy impact on members will be highlighted for discussion in the forthcoming process.
Professional Management for the GCA
The GCA Board is currently considering a plan to hire a professional management team. A committee of community members has been working on this question for several months. They recently held interviews with interested companies, and are going to make recommendations to the Board this month.
The ARB Architectural Review Board reminds all residents to adhere to the C&R’s regarding landscaping and the removal of trees. Recently several large trees have been removed throughout the community, as well as the removal of landscaping. We remind each homeowner that trees in the common areas are the responsibility of the CARB and are not to be removed by a home owner. Personal landscaping and tree removal ought to go before the ARB prior to implementation. This process is not a plan to restrict the home owner, but to adhere to current guidelines.
Horse usage on Glenmore Property
Recently there was concern that the horses housed at Cadeaux Show Stables were being ridden on private property. Changes to our equestrian trails may result in riders walking their horses on Neighborhood roadways. While we do not anticipate active use, there may be an occasional trace of manure left on the roads. If you would like assistance removing the manure, please call Cadeaux Show Stables and a member of Park's team will be dispatched to your location. The number to call is (434) 996-3419. Please include your name, address, date and time.
The following activities are open to all Glenmore Residents….
Enjoy the Fall Season!!