GCA News & Notes                   21 March 2017
Dear GCA member,
Here is your bi-weekly newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Becky Lindway, GCA Communications Director

Driving in Glenmore

Recently we have had a great deal of discussion as a community as to how to best solve a variety of traffic issues. The best solution is for each of us as a member of our neighborhood to respect the needs of our fellow residents. Speeding has become an issue with residents complaining to our security chair with description of vehicles whose owners are driving in a reckless manner, going far too fast for our roads, passing cars and pedestrians without regard for their safety, “rolling” through stop signs and around corners, pushing the speed limit, and “buzzing” by bikers, dog walkers, and others who might be using the roadway. Each of us is reminded that we can control our own vehicle, that we can have a safe regard for our environment, and most of all enjoy our neighborhood as a community of thoughtful citizens.

Speeding Car
We encourage you to have a discussion with any teenagers living in your home, with workmen you have hired if they appear to be in violation, and even guests who might not be aware of our community rules. Together we can become a more thoughtful and safe neighborhood. Contractors will continue to be monitored by the Safety Committee.
Notices & Reminders
Limb and Twig Pick-up
It must be spring because it is time once again for us to remove all fallen branches and twigs. The community Limb and Twig pick-up will begin on April 3rd. Please have branches arranged for easy curbside pick up
Stables Fencing
As you drive in and out of Glenmore you may notice some of the fencing at the Cadeaux Show Stables is being replaced. Some sections of the fence are in need of repair and replacement. Zach Parks and his staff are doing this and as they continue to repair we will notice more new unpainted boards. The boards will be painted as soon as they cure, this might take a few weeks depending on heat and weather.
Carroll Creek Bridge
The Carroll Creek bridge is still under construction. Please note that if you have a service provider, repairman, or any other form of delivery coming to your home and they would normally use Carroll Creek, please give them new directions to your home. Many use GPS and will find themselves lost without any idea of how to reach your address.
News From the Board
The minutes of the February 16 2017 GCA Board Meeting may be viewed here
Community Playground

Expect to see the building of the playground area begin in early April. The playground will be located behind the Glenmore Country Club Pool, and is for the use of all residents and their guests. Parking is along the pool area. Enjoy and please tell us what you think of this new addition to our neighborhood. 

A special “Well Done” to both Bill Anda and Art Peters for the hours spent on getting the Cadeaux Show Stables lease in place. These two gentlemen have donated many hours of planning for this as well as strong backs to make this a reality for GCA. Zach Parks has a total of 30 horses at the facility, he is a true professional and will make the facility a great place for the horses and riders, as well as those who enjoy seeing the horses on the property. 
Get to Know Your Neighbor
Who is Zach Parks?
Zach grew up riding at The Barracks in Charlottesville, Virginia. He had several successful horses including his 2007 USEF National Champion, Small Junior hunter Cadeaux. Zach has competed at Devon, Harrisburg, Washington International and many more horse shows. Aboard his horse Castleton, he won the 2007 Middleburg Horse Show derby, Maryland Horse Shows Association Medal Finals, and the Bryon Trophy among other awards. In 2007 Zach also received the Francis Newbill Rowe Sportsmanship award.
He is a graduate of Virginia Tech receiving a Bachelors of Science in Animal Studies with an emphasis in Equine Studies. While at Virginia Tech, he competed on the Virginia Tech Equestrian Team. In the summer of 2010, Zach was proud to work with Olympic Gold Medalist, Joe Fargis. Following graduation, Zach was coach of the University of Virginia equestrian team; successfully taking the team to zones as well as having many individuals compete at IHSA Nationals. Following UVa, Zach went on his own creating Cadeaux Show Stables. We are pleased to welcome Zach to the Glenmore neighborhood.
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