GCA News & Notes           22 January, 2018

Dear GCA member,
Here is your newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Becky Lindway, GCA Communications Director
Alert on Professional Management
An important heads up to all members of the community. As we indicated in an earlier News and Notes, Associa Community Group will be working with the Board of Directors as our Professional Management Team. They will be assuming the duties of mailing out our semi-annual invoices later this month to all home owners. Please make note of the new address that you will be using to mail in your payment. For those of us who use a bank bill pay (pay on-line) please remember to change the address. Within that mailing you will also find phone numbers, staff names and numbers, office hours and other needed information.

We hope this transition will be easy and helpful to the community. You will be able to meet our team manager at our GGA Annual Meeting on February 22, 2018 at 7:00 P.M.
Annual Meeting Coming Soon
You will be able to vote on-line or by ballot - either at the meeting or in advance. Most of us are registered for electronic document delivery and on-line voting, and will receive an email with voting instructions and links to more information, so please watch for it and read the information carefully*. Voting by all the Members of the Association is especially important since changes to the C&Rs and Bylaws require at least 30% of the membership to vote which is higher participation than is usual during annual elections.

*Note: The rest of us will receive a packet by regular mail including ballot forms. We do encourage all of members to sign up for on-line document delivery and voting if at all possible.