GCA News & Notes                            24 January 2017
Dear GCA member,
Here is your bi-weekly newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Nancy Gansneder, GCA Communications Director
Community Events:
February 23—GCA Annual Meeting
The 24th Annual Meeting of the Glenmore Community Association will be held on Thursday, February 23 at 7 PM at the Glenmore Country Club. In addition to a review of 2016 GCA operations, there will be an opportunity to pose questions and make comments. All property owners and residents are encouraged to attend. Property owners will soon receive a packet or email containing—an invitation, agenda, the 2016 Annual Report, Candidate profiles, a ballot to elect three Directors to the GCA Board, and an invoice for first half 2017 dues
Notices, Reminders & Updates:
Good News, Bad News

First, the good news—2017 Association dues remain the same as 2016 and are again payable in two semi-annual installments   Now the bad news—an invoice will soon reach you via email or be delivered by USPS. Due March 1, dues for the 1st half of 2017 are $510 per lot. You will receive an invoice for the balance in August or you may pay the total amount, $1,020 now, if you prefer. If you are registered for electronic delivery, watch your inbox for an email invoice. If not, the invoice will be the front sheet in your Annual Meeting packet.
Reminder : Update Your Information
Speaking of email, please take time to update your information—phone number, email, members of your household, and add/change/delete automobiles, and your permanent guest list.  And if you are not using electronic methods to receive GCA invoices and official communications, help reduce GCA administrative cost by clicking the update profile link below this email.
Doggie Doo
Although snow is not in the immediate forecast, dog owners are reminded to continue to place pet waste in the provided waste station when it snows. Snow melts; doggie doo doesn’t.
Dog Walking
From the GCA Board:
Four Candidates stand for election to the GCA Board of Directors
Four nominations to fill three, two-year term vacancies on GCA Board of Directors were forwarded to Board by Ben Benjamin, chair of the Nominations Committee, The candidates are: Chuck Axten, Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, John Norton Moore, and Robert T Smith. Candidate statements are part of in the Annual Meeting packet.  

Elections will be held at our 2017 Annual Meeting on Thursday, February 23rd. Instructions for voting in advance will be included in the Annual Meeting packet that will arrive in your email ‘inbox’ or mailbox later this week.
Done and Done
The open pit stump burn, begun on Thursday, January 19th in section K2B (Carroll Creek Rd), was completed by 6 pm Saturday, January 24th.
Thank you for your patience.
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