Yes, we are fortunate to live in a beautiful environment, but at times “Nature” can be overwhelming. Buzzards are not welcome guests! Therefore Frank Keplinger will be setting off “Buzzard Bombs” or a variety of loud noises to try to intimidate the buzzards. We will try our best to send out an email blast prior to the pyrotechnics, warning you and not the beastly buzzards!

An up-date to the goose control around Glen Lochen Pond. The dogs seem to be helping quite a bit, not perfect but helpful. Therefore expect another “litter” of doggies to arrive soon. They will be placed around other goose areas.

Humans and their pets… We can try to control the buzzards and the geese, but only you the pet parent can control your pets. We are aware that many of the walkers in our community are finding that not everyone accepts their responsibility to “pick up” after their pet. Please respect our community and use the Doggie Dooty Stations - if you need to carry the “treasure” home or to the next station please do so. Do not deposit in a neighbors trash can, or at any of the golf course restrooms. If everyone picks up then the environment is ever so much more enjoyable for all!