GCA News & Notes             22 November, 2017

Dear GCA member,
Here is your newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Becky Lindway, GCA Communications Director
Wishing all members of the Glenmore Community a Happy Thanksgiving!
Leaf Pick-up Coming – Nov 27th
Thanks to all residents who placed their limbs out for pick-up. The program went quite well and very smoothly. We can now look forward to the leaf pick-up to begin this coming Monday, Nov 27 th.
Update on the Covenants & Restrictions (C&Rs)

As mentioned in previous News & Notes the Board is in the process of revising the C&Rs with the main focus of changing the main authority for the C&Rs from the original developer (GALP) to the Glenmore Community Association (GCA).

There are a number of changes/additions of which residents need to be aware. We are inviting all members of the community to a “Town Hall” meeting to be held on December 7th at 7pm at the Glenmore Country Club. The Board would like to take this opportunity to brief the community on the proposed changes, as well as receive comments.
Reminder Regarding Holiday Pick-Ups

With the 2017/2018 Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays quickly approaching, County Waste wanted to remind us regarding what to expect for our trash and recycling services provided to our community.
"As a reminder, County Waste Operations will be closed for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Our recycle service falls on the Christmas and New Year Monday , so please expect to receive service one day behind regular schedule ."
Please be Careful at the Gatehouse...
When entering Glenmore through the residents gate, make sure the green light is on BEFORE proceeding. Recently we had a resident go through when the arm was up but the light wasn’t on, and then the arm came down on their car….
Water Restrictions
The Albemarle County Water Authority has lifted the water usage restrictions. Thanks to all who helped conserve this valuable resource.
Switch Box
A Dominion Energy electric switch box was planned to be located on Glenmore Way in a position which would have interfered with the view of the Equestrian Center property. After working with Dominion Energy and our county supervisor, Rick Randolph, they have agreed to move the box farther south on Glenmore Way to a position where it will be mostly below road level and out of view.

Tree Removal

The GCA Board continues to find that some members of the community do not realize that:

1. Members need to contact the ARC for any major tree removal or landscape changes.This committee works very hard to safeguard the beauty and uniformity of our community, and unless the requests do not fit the C&R guide lines requests, they are usually approved.

2. The home owner cannot under any circumstance plant in the common area surrounding their home, or cut-down trees and other large shrubs in the common areas. A home owner needs to contact either the ARC or CARB with their concerns.

Names, addresses and forms are located on our web site www.glenmore-community.org