GCA News & Notes            30 December, 2017

Dear GCA member,
Here is your newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Becky Lindway, GCA Communications Director
Welcome to the New Year! May this new year be one of Health and Good Tidings for our community! Wishing you all the best in 2018
Professional Management Joins the Glenmore Community
Glenmore Community Association has chosen the Associa Community Group as our Professional Management Company. After many months of investigation and deliberation the GCA has determined that Associa Community Group best suits our needs at this time. As the new year begins you can expect direct contact from the company, but here is just a bit of information about the company and our expectations for them as we begin this new relationship.
First, they are a national company with offices all over the United States. The company has a history of service to other communities which are similar in size and the needs of the Glenmore Community. They currently represent 335 community associations through five offices, (Richmond, Newport News, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach and Charlottesville). Home owners can rest assured that we have entered into a partnership with an industry leader in customer service, financial management and information technology. Their staff of managers have the certification and experience necessary to assist our community on a daily basis.
One of their first commitments to the community will be to assist with our financial needs, meeting attendance and their ability to assist our committee chair people with added phone presence 24/7. We believe that they will become an important member of the GCA team.
Please look forward to an opportunity to learn more about Associa Community Group as they interact with you via email and in person at a later date.
We especially would like to thank the Management Team Committee for their months of service, thank you Josh Levitt, Trevor Joscelyne, Dennis Odinov, Mac Russell, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Robin Boucher, Mark Walin, Bob Smith, and Becky Lindway, Chair.
Glenmore Dog Park to Open Soon!
You may have noticed an area that has been cleared, seeded, and straw put down next to the water treatment plant, across from the parking area at the sports field. For those new to Glenmore, it is found at the base of Carroll Creek Road. 

Glenmore is getting its own dog park. The common Area Review Board, after receiving community input, has cleared some wild common area and prepared it for a dog park. Fencing and proper gating has also been installed.
The grass is expected to be up in early spring, and benches will be added for the humans accompanying their dogs. This will provide an area where the dogs can run free, off leash, socialize, and play. Humans will be expected to clean up after their dogs to keep the area clean and usable.

It is expected that Glenmore dogs will use the dog park rather than the sports field, which will require that the existing leash law be respected. This will hopefully improve the sports field in keeping it cleaner for our children’s and grandchildren’s use.
Recyclables and Garbage Pickup After the Holidays
Please note that we are on a delay once again after New Year’s Day. Pick Up will be recyclables on Tuesday January 2nd and Garbage & Trash on Thursday January 4th. 

Christmas Trees can be put out if they are 6 feet or less on any Garbage and Trash pick up in January.

The Glen Lochan Pond Dog Patrol
To be read with a smile on your face, and a bit of humor in your heart!

In an effort to control the geese at Glen Lochan Pond GCA has enlisted the assistance of Dog Silhouettes. There are five “patrolling” the area, and from our information the geese are not there in as great a number or if at all. We would like to share a humorous comment sent from one of our “real” Glenmore Dogs…
“Dear Sophie's Dad,
Thank you for bringing Sophie to play with me. I recognize I need to work on my inter-canine skills, so I hope I will play more next time.

I took my Mom and Dad for a walk today and got them to go all the way to Glen Lochan Pond! I noticed the guard dogs you hired. Dad told me their job is to scare off geese. I'm not sure how they scare the geese away though. I could not get them to talk to me or move and play with me. I guess they take being on guard duty seriously,...like Buckingham Palace serious.
Whatever they are doing, it seems to be working....I didn't see any geese and couldn't find any goose-poop patè to eat either (darn). And I heard my Dad tell Mom he's never seen the water so clear in that pond.

Thank you for maintaining and improving my community. It is a great place to take my parents for walks. 

Woof, woof, arf
Bear Staton”