GCA News & Notes                            6 January 2017
Dear GCA member,
Here is your bi-weekly newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Nancy Gansneder, GCA Communications Director
Community Events:
Notices, Reminders & Updates:
Recycling Reminder

Click here to review things that can be recycled. Recycling guidelines are specific to County Waste, so please do not go by other recycling protocols with which you may be familiar.
Winter is Coming!!
Although we have had mild winter weather to date, snow is likely in our future and snowplows will be on your street at some point this winter. To do their job well means that there should be no vehicles parked on the roads.

Your cooperation is appreciated.
Christmas Tree Pickup - Last call.
Final pick up of Christmas trees by County Waste is Wednesday, January 11.

Please have your tree at the curb.
•    It should be stripped of all ornaments, tinsel, etc. 
•    It should not be bagged. 
•    If it is over six feet in height, please cut it into two sections.  
Please Return
Three orange safety cones, used to mark the recent road work on Darby Road East, have gone missing. If anyone finds them, please return them to the fenced yard behind the Gatehouse. Cones are costly and used to temporarily mark hazards in our community. 
From the GCA Board:
Help Wanted: Secretary to the Board
After three and a half years of outstanding service to the community, Gerri Wyer, Secretary to the GCA board is stepping down to other pursue interests.

If you have time and talent to serve in this capacity, review the position description and contact Board Secretary, Mike Monticello via email secretary@glenmore-community.org.
Carroll Creek Bridge Replacement Project Update
Mr. Don Sours, GCA resident and members of both the Roads Committee and the Common Area Review Board is the GCA's primary contact for this project.
As you may have noticed this project is progressing. The creek has been diverted and construction of the box culvert is underway with a planned completion for late February 2017.  Per the current plan, dirt will be imported from the K2B Phase II development parcel during the 2nd and 3rd week of March. Currently we anticipate the Carroll Creek crossing and multi-use trail to be closed to traffic from March 7th thru April 14th. These dates may change due to weather.  In addition, supervised stump burns will be conducted in the K2B Phase II subdivision during the first two weeks of this month, as permitted by the County.
Mark your calendar
The Glenmore Community Association Annual Meeting is Thursday, February 23, 2017, 7 pm in the Glenmore Country Club Ballroom. 
Last Call
Sunday, January 8, 2017 is the deadline to receive nominations for election to the GCA Board of Directors .

Please review Criteria and Attributes as you consider nominating yourself or others to stand for election. Send your nominations to committee chair, Ludy Benjamin nominations@glenmore-community.org.
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